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Charge Your Phone ANYWHERE.

helion_solar_battery_2 helion_solar_battery_5

As much as I’d like, Solar Power hasn’t become mainstream yet. I guess not many people have really seen how useful it can be. Apart from solar panels on your roof, no one has really explored alternative uses for these panels. Why? Because they’re bulky, expensive, and for the longest time, they were breakable. But now technology’s solved all those problems for us. The Heli-on is a testament to that.

helion_solar_battery_8 helion_solar_battery_7 helion_solar_battery_6

Designed to fit into the grip of your palm, this pocket sized wonder has its own flexible solar panel rolled up cozily into a cylindrical outer casing. It also has its own inbuilt battery that allows you to charge your devices when Mr. Sun is a’hiding. Use the solar panels to directly charge your devices, or to charge the Heli-on itself. Stuck without sunlight? The Heli-on is still a good investment because it charges via USB too. Don’t ever run out of batteries on your phone because you played too much Two Dots ever again.

Designer: InfinityPV

helion_solar_battery_4 helion_solar_battery_1


Boompack By GivingShape Studio

boompack-1 boompack2-Copy

Boompack is a portable audio + projecting system. Conceived by an Italian design studio “GivingShape”, the Boompack packs everything you’d need for your party. It features 8 (100 watt) speakers and an integrated projector. The audio can be delivered using iPhone. Once the user puts an iPhone on docking station, it automatically sync the content on one or multiple Boompack. It can take commands via remote controls, bluetooth. The best part is its ingenious design that have this much possibilities. The hard case is made of impact-resistant, waterproof composite material and this whole thing can be wore using adjustable straps.

41_121218boompack6-Copy boompack-2

Oh My God, Becky Look At Her Backpack.

Got some junk in your trunk? Need a backpack with some extra back? Well let me ASSk you something.  Would you be caught with your pants down without one of these “female form” inspired backpacks dubbed “The Peach” by Yen-Hsiang Skeet Wang?  (YEAH… the man’s last names are Skeet and Wang.)  The designer felt it necessary to tell us that he is enphatuated with the female form.  So what better than to design a backpack that he thinks is really erotic. (Personally I like the asses on the women I walk around with to be a bit more well rounded)  But Yen says a woman’s gluteus maximus was designed to be attractive to men, we would not procreate if we were not lured by their subtle charm.

The idea behind this project is to recycle products in a new and novel way. We were asked to think freely in the use of materials and applications for the project such as creating art pieces, user experience and enhancing the way we work. For Peach I used mannequins, I decided to use human like display forms and breathe new life into them to add a sense of fun to an otherwise spiritless form. I used the discarded lower torso of a female mannequin and combined it with something unrelated.

The Meiosis Backpack.

The Meiosis backpack designed by Davidi Gilad, is an equipment bag which was developed to utilize the physical properties of the elastic materials in which the bag is made.  Sounds complex, but its just a complicated way of saying the bag is strong.  It is constructed from rugged geometric polygonal shapes that harness the tension of the elastic fabrics, which is gained by attaching the rugged parts to the while they are stretched on a frame.  When released, the geometric shapes prevent the fabrics from shrinking back, resulting in the bag’s form and structure.  The tension and flexibility of the design maintains its shape while it is opened and closed.  The bag’s strength and shape is maintained when opening and closing, and it just plain looks cool.

Duckworth on Team Backpack 2.

Duckworth getting vicious on the mic.

Not too many people may be aware that I try not to blog on the same topic too many times, unless some aspect about it drastically changes, or the issue takes an inescapable turn.  But when I saw my good friend, the emcee Duckworth on the new Team Back Pack cypher, I had to post it up.  I know some people had to remember his first cypher appearance just a month ago, but this is an entirely different beast.  Team Back Pack is proficient in supply a wide variety of beats for artists to spit over, and is prolific in the way they showcase talent.  check the method in the video below of Duckworth doing his thing, the way he does it best… (SWAG)