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Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo – Boneless (ENFERNO Live Remix).

0903_arts_enfernoThe art of DJ’ing has been undoubtedly convoluted with actors, and pretenders who just pre-mix sets, and dance around on stage.  It’s a trend I feel like will only get worse before it gets better.  There are of course turntable warriors like DJ Enferno who not only do everything live, but are more than happy to demonstrate their skills.  Check out Enferno’s amazing live remix of ‘Boneless’ from Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, & Tujamo.

The Greatest Music Video Ever Released.

IMG_0327When we say ‘The greatest video of all time’, we’re only half serious.  When it comes to the history of music videos, there are entries like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, (or “Remember The Time”) that were more short films than what we typically consider music videos now a days.  There are also those music videos that inspired us, like Christina Agulara’s “Beautiful”, videos that reminded us what innocent love was, (Rihanna ft. Drake – What’s My Name), and videos that blew our minds visually, like Michael and Janet Jackson’s “Scream”… the most expensive music video of all time (to date).  But Lil Jon and DJ Snake have pushed the boundary in an entirely different direction.  The brand new “Turn Down For What” video has none of the aforementioned traits.  It doesn’t necessarily inspire us, reassure our confidence, or change our outlook on our own lives.  However, this video is still one of the most original, ratchet, beautiful, hilarious, and memorable pieces of music-related film we’ve ever seen.  It starts on a roof in some third-world country, and moves down floor by floor as more people catch the “turn up”.  The party grows the more floors people punch through, until the police catch the turn up.  Check the method below…. PREPARE YOURSELVES.

Behind The Scenes With Steve Aoki: Emergency.

Go behind the scenes of the music video for Steve’s single “Emergency” with Lil Jon and Chiddy Bang. Your EMTs Steve Aoki, Lil Jon, and party starter Chiddy Bang come rushing to the scene of a party going wrong…Nothing a beer bong and some fire hoses can’t fix.

Yelawolf ft. Lil Jon – Hard White (Up In The Club).

What happens when you take a gutter, down south club filled with people, god-like ass slapping, an inflatable pool full of dirty water, Lil Jon, a slow motion camera, two hot chicks wrestling, a white guy with half his head shaved, and tons of drinks?  You’d either have the most random fiasco ever, or the new Yelawolf video featuring Lil Jon.   A backwoods night club and some incredible videography sets the backdrop for what I think is one of the more memorable videos of the year.  For some reason, I’m completely infatuated with this video.  From all the slow motion shots, to the two half naked chick’s fighting, to the raw look-and-feel that sets this video apart from many others to drop in 2011, this one is one of my personal favorites.  Oh, and wait till the end of the video to see the most epic ass-slap ever in life.

Turbulence (Sandro Silva Remix)

After the brutal beating by the original, here come the remixes. Today Ultra dropped the remix EP for Steve Aoki’s mega collaboration with Laidback Luke featuring Lil’ Jon.  As if the original didn’t already make you punch your ceiling. Now there’s even more muscle with all of these artists on board.

Not the usual sound you’d expect coming out of Sandro Silva. This remix feels broken and that’s good. The synth is loud and obnoxious, stumbling onto the kick giving you the impression that something isn’t right, something just isn’t in time. And that is what makes Sandro stand out amongst all the big players on this release.  By no means is this remix typical, it’s alien and rebellious.

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Throwback Video: Busta Rhymes – Break Yo Neck.

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When it comes to classic hip hop videos, Busta Rhyme’s “Break Yo Neck” stands out as one of my all time favorites. From the spontaneous dancing red men, Busta humping a steam-roller cruising down the street, to the uber-random headbutt-battle in the middle of the video, “Break Yo Neck” was one of the greatest of its time.  The video featuring appearances from Spliff Starr, Cee Lo Green, Diddy, Timbaland, Lil Jon, Ludacris, Dr. Dre and a small hand full of others, (unfortunately the d*cks over at SME won’t let me put the video on this page) so click the pic above to check out the 2001 video for “Break Yo Neck”.