The iBottleOpener?

Oh, third-party accessory makers; is there anything you won’t make for the iPhone?  You’ve made it into a wallet, you’ve made it into meat thermometer and now you can also make this thing.  For just $19.99, white boys can go h.a.m. by turning their $500 phone into a 50 cent bar tool.  Given that the name is “iBottleOpener“, this thing probably warrants no explanation… but here goes: Because nothing mixes with alcohol like expensive gadgetry, the iBottleOpener converts your boring, not-covered-in-beer iPhone into a bottle opener. It’s one part bottle opener, one part protective case, and all parts swag.  Still perplexed as to how it works? Check out the promo video below. At the very least, it’s worth it for the “Yeaaaaah, buddy” about 15 seconds in.

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