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When’s The Last Time You Saw Photos Like This?

Young Woman Dimly Lit with Closed Eyes Young Woman covered in multicolored lights Young Woman's Face Covered by Flowers Woman Covered by Futuristic Patterns of Light Woman in Abstract Lighting Looking to the SiteThe concept of projecting images onto a screen or a subject may not necessarily be a brand new way to create incredibly imagery, but Gem Fletcher, and Mads Perch have elevated things to a new level.  Their incredible collaboration gallery titled ‘Moving Time’ is visually stunning, and a masterpiece of concept and photography.  Check the method.

Young man Covered by Abstract Patterns of Light Young Woman with Multicolored Light in her Face Young Woman Covered by futuristic Lines of Lights Young Man with Abstract Lights Young Woman and the Univers

How About A Solar Powered DJ Booth In Your Local Park.


Have you ever found yourself wandering through a suburban park and wondering “this experience would be better with music”?  Well, your prayers may about to be answered, as Dutch sports company Yalp have developed a solar-powered DJ booth that is popping up in parks all over the place. Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Australia are the early adopters, and the booth has been positioned in public, absolutely free spots for anyone to wander up and start jamming their favorite tunes.


It’s a simple enough device – you bring your mobile device and rest it on a special pad, which picks up the musical output without any wires (seriously, it’s like magic). Then you can muck around with the various effects (bitcrusher, delay, pitch shift etc) using the platters as controllers, and crossfade as necessary. Obviously if you wanna get the most out of it as an amateur DJ then you’ll need two devices, but we reckon that collaboration is being encouraged here.  One thing that does seem a bit iffy to us though is that with your phone sitting on the booth, relatively unguarded, how long will it last before someone snatches it? They are in public parks, after all.


Feel The Rainbow.

gabrieldawecomoitaly-chicquero2 gabrieldawecomoitaly-chicquero9

Artist Gabriel Dawe is showing his incredible new installation that just opened to the public last October 6 in Como, Italy. As part of Miniartextil, an annual exhibition of contemporary art, Dawe created Plexus no. 19, a stunning thread installation that’s beautifully spread across two balconies in the atrium of a historic villa. The early 19th century neoclassic house, called Villa Olmo, was acquired in 1924 by the municipality of Como and is now open to the public only during cultural events and art exhibitions like this.

gabrieldawecomoitaly-chicquero1 gabrieldawecomoitaly-chicquero8 gabrieldawecomoitaly-chicquero3
This year’s Miniartextil exhibition is called Agora, taking from the Greek word that describes an important public place where people come to share ideas. The visitor is invited to not just look at the artwork but to be actively involved in it.Plexus no. 19 consists of two thread structures streamed across an upper and lower balcony that is meant to be experienced from different angles or at different times of the day. As Dawe tells us, “When the sun comes in in the morning, it is fantastic. Having those window-shaped light beams add a dimension to the installation. I always like when I get direct sunshine on them because it emphasizes the layering of the thread in very interesting ways.”

gabrieldawecomoitaly-chicquero6 gabrieldawecomoitaly-chicquero4 gabrieldawecomoitaly-chicquero5
With two assistants, Dawe constructed this installation in about a week. His greatest challenge was working to the confines of the space. “Because of the historic nature of the building, I wasn’t able to touch ceiling, walls or floors to screw in my structures,” he says. “So I resorted to fixing them to the railings, which in great measure restricted what I was able to do. In the end, it worked out pretty well; it really exceeded my expectations how well the installation inhabits the space.” – via Chiccquero

gabrieldawecomoitaly-chicquero7 gabrieldawecomoitaly-chicquero

DJ’s Eye View.

In a mesmerizing point-of-view video, DJ Angelo demonstrates the intricate process of blending tracks from seven vinyl records. “Turntablism” was coined, apparently, to distinguish between a DJ who simply plays full records and a DJ who manipulates their sounds in various ways. It’s pretty amazing to see the various elements of the track come together over time, so make sure to watch full screen, with the sound up.

Augmented Reality Glasses. (For Real).

At CES got to see some new Android smartphones, tablets, and TVs, but there were quite a large amount of awesome accessories. One company I definitely saw a stunner from was Vuzix, who unveiled their SMART Glasses Technology. High prices and bulky designs have slowed the adoption of wearable displays among the average consumer, but Vuzix hopes to change that with their latest products.

Thanks to internal developments and a recent licensing relationship with Nokia Corporation, Vuzix was able to produce a 1.4 mm thick polymer waveguide lens that fits into the temples & lenses of a conventional pair of eyewear. The new glasses are designed to work with connected devices like smartphones and allow the user to watch big screen movies or interact with augmented reality apps.

The current STAR 1200 glasses from Vuzix retail for $4,999, so hopefully they can bring the price down quite a bit and bring their wearable displays from today’s battlefield to the average consumer. Check out the video below for an idea of what see-through augmented reality can do.

Stuffed With The Paper Cuts.

Jen Stark uses piles of paper and than cuts them to reveal colored layers.  This is by far one of the most interesting style’s I’ve ever come across.

The Google X Augmented Reality Glasses.

The existence of Google X was first disclosed late last year and reports that the researchers there were exploring augmented reality surfaced in February.  This is the first time Google has officially acknowledged this particular project.  Writing for the New York Times, Nick Bilton notes that Babak Parviz is known for creating contact lenses embedded with electronics, which suggests that Google’s augmented reality might be available in a form factor smaller than sunglasses at some point.

Google has posted a video on YouTube that explores how the glasses might work. The scenes shown are not actual production footage of the glasses in the field. They’re augmented with post-production graphics that show how Project Glass might work. But the video conveys what Google hopes to achieve: a seamless experience where the technology enhances activities and doesn’t interfere with them.  The future you’ve seen in movies over the last decade is starting to get closer.

Loop Lab – The Online Music Producers Tool.

Looplabs is the web’s premiere online music mixing application and platform. Since 2000 they have connected millions of web users from around the world to the art of music mixing through our extremely intuitive and easy-to use software interfaces. Loop Lab developed successful online music campaigns for Bacardi DJ, Lebron James/Sprite, ESPN, Microsoft, Sony/PSP, Calvin Klein, Miller Brewing, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Dodge, Toyota, Maverick Records and many more. They’re technology has been used to help launch the BacardiDJ program, empowered Sony PSP users to customize and remix in-game soundtracks, enabled fans to create the soundtrack to the Lebron James Sublymonal Sprite TV spot, created music from sounds from a MINI, recut ESPN highlight reels and learn about IPR by creating ringtones with Microsoft. The site has received top Interactive awards and been featured on TechTV, Cre@te Online and live at MacWorld where Steve Jobs used it during the launch of Safari to illustrate the robust power of the new Browser for Mac OSX.

Here's a special one...

Sexting Tip For The 21st Century.

When it comes to “sexting,” there is a fine line between fun and filthy, phone-play and phone porn. Done right, however, sexting between two consenting adults can be a great thing. A press of a button or a stroke of a touchpad and you get instant sexual tension (which will hopefully lead to other kinds of touching later on).

It “can definitely spice up your sex life,” says “Texpert” Shawn Marie Edginton, author of Read Between the Lines: A Humorous Guide to Texting with Simplicity and Style. “A good sext is worth a thousand words… without all the talking.”

Just use common sense (especially if running for political office) and let the fun begin!

Only sext those with whom you share a committed, trusting, adult relationship.
“Otherwise bad breakups can leave your ‘personals’ exposed for everyone to see on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc…,” warns Edginton. “Inappropriate correspondence between the two parties seems to always make its way into the wrong hands.”   In other words, it may seem like harmless fun but do not sext your boss, a one-night stand, a guy with a wife or girlfriend or anyone who isn’t really yours or available to you.


Erase Sexts Regularly

You don’t know panic until the day you lose your phone and realize that you had an entire gallery of sexts and racy photos on there. Make it a habit to routinely clean up your cell (it’s sort of the equivalent of washing your mouth out with soap). If you don’t want to lose some sexts because they turn you on, forward them to yourself via email and keep them in a locked or hidden file/document on your personal computer for future viewing.


Keep It Personal

This one may also seem obvious but it’s worth repeating. “Your company owns the content and has the right to review what’s been sent using company property,” says Edginton. So unless you want your boss knowing your sexual fantasies, it’s best to keep your sexting limited to your own private cell. . Also, “If you don’t want bystanders to get an eyeful, change your phone settings so you don’t accidentally expose more than you want to.” warns Edgington. Disable automatic pop-ups or “previews” of texts on your personal phones anytime you’re in a sexting relationship.


Check the Number

“Double check to make sure you’re sending your message to the correct recipient,” says Edginton. “Nothing worse than sending a sext to a coworker by accident.” Or your mom…


Test the Water

If you sext something too hot, too fast… you might get tech burned. If you’re thinking of diving into the sexting realm, a simple “Hey! So, what are you wearing?” or “Hey good lookin’ — I’m sitting here thinking about how hot you make me” can indicate your intentions subtly and save you from embarrassment (i.e. if he doesn’t respond in kind, you can always pass it off as a joke).


Be a “Lady”

Sexting can be a fun way to push the envelope a bit with your relationship, but if you cross the line into gross, there is no pretending that it was auto-fill’s fault. “Sending sleazy or obscene texts will only leave you lonely and sextually frustrated,” says Edgington. “No one appreciates receiving messages that are raunchy or disgusting.”


Time It

This one is for the women… If you want to turn him on, don’t send your sext when you know he’ll be preoccupied (i.e. while he’s out with the guys at a baseball game — he’ll either think you’re acting desperate or share it with his posse…neither of which you want). Really hot times to sext? How about at a party when you know you can’t really sneak away. You can drive him crazy by sending him hot messages about what you’re thinking (i.e. “Your ass looks so hot in those pants I want to rip them off and have my way with you”), what you plan to do to him later (i.e. “As soon as we get out of here, I’m going to lick your neck and who knows what else in the cab home”), or what you’d like him to do to you (i.e. “I am quivering at the thought of you touching me in naughty places later”). Remember, this is about building sexual tension…and timing is everything.


Use Innuendo

Part of the thrill of sexting is the buildup. But even that should be in good taste. In other words, think more “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” and not “I’d like to dip you in cheese whiz and spread you on my cracker.”


Be Mysterious

“Fun with the camera phone” is great (especially since men are visual creatures). But if you’re snapping sexy pics, do yourself a favor and eliminate your face in images that include nudity. “This might be how Brett Favre doesn’t get caught with his pants down,” says Edgington. “Plus, you don’t have to take it all off- be sexy and leave them guessing.”


Let Them Know They Turn You On

Girls and guys alike want to know you’re hot for them. Try a simple “Thoughts of being naked again with you as soon as possible are seriously making me nuts over here” or “I just don’t know what you do to me and my body, but I like it and I want more… immediately.” Showing off a little bit of your feeling will definitely get the receiver’s creative juices flowing.



Sexting is an art. And the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it (just like sex itself…practice helps the two of you find your rhythm). Try reading some passages from romance novels and rewording them in ways that tell the intended recipient what you’d like to have done to you. This form of play-giarism is totally fine.


Get It On.

Sexting is a tool to use in addition to (not in place of) an in-person relationship “Watch the warning signs that you may be sliding into an unhealthy relationship with technology,” says Edgington, which include sexting 24/7 and ignoring the face-to-face relationship or sexting that interferes with work and other commitments. Keep communication balanced. “Remember, communication is almost always better when it’s face-to-face or by telephone where you can hear the tone and pick up the vibration of what this person is feeling towards you,” says Edgington. In other words, sexting is supposed to be the warm-up… for the fun things yet to come in person.


Women Can Initiate

Girls, at a loss of where to begin? Try these naughty touchpad strokes and you’ll find yourself in a sexting frenzy: “I had to get out a ‘toy’ last night thinking about you. Bet you would have liked to watch.” (Men love the idea of a woman pleasuring herself…especially while thinking about them). “I went to Victoria’s Secret today. Wouldn’t you love to know what I bought?” (Of course he would). “I seem to be having a problem getting out of my bra. You are really good at unhooking it…any suggestions?” (Men want to think they possess skills and also like the idea of you being in a state of partial dress while texting them). “Wow, it’s so cold in here… my _______ are so hard. Could you find a way to beam here pronto and warm me up?” (Teasing is good. So is letting a guy know you’re aroused). “You know, you are trouble. I’m not usually this naughty.” (Men want to think they possess some special sexual power over you that no other man has ever had. Be ready to back this one up with naughty thoughts).

Samsung’s Transparent Smart Window.

Samsung, among other companies are always trying to create the next wave of future tech for the public.  The CES show is a place where all those companies come together to show the best of what they have, and the 2012 show, Samsung went above and beyond with their ‘Smart Window’.  Check the method below.

The Prada LG 3.0 Phone.

LG and fashion label Prada are collaborating for the third time to release the first LG Prada smartphone, the Prada phone by LG 3.0.  The phone combines Prada’s style with LG’s innovative technology, including one of the biggest and brightest screens in the world with 4.3inch and 800-nit screen.  Menus and the user interface are also influenced by Prada with black, grey and white menu and icons.  The Prada Phone by LG 3.0 adopts LG’s “tri-dual” design meaning it has a dual-core 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM per core, bringing a total of 1GB.  The 8 mega-pixel camera is a real highlight because it can record 1080p video at a smooth 30fps.  The PRADA Phone also supports  WiFi , 3G and Bluetooth.  On-board memory weighs in at 8GB, which is upgradable through the use of microSD cards.  The phone runs Android’s Gingerbread OS. It is planned that the handset will update to Ice Cream Sandwich in the future.

The first LG Prada, also known as LG KE850, was the world’s first mobile phone to use a touchscreen display.  Dr. Jong-seok Park, CEO of LG Eletronics Mobile Communications Company, said, “Our working relationship with PRADA is unique in its longevity and success, something no other phone company and luxury brand have been able to replicate.”  Designer labels attached to phones is not a novelty these days considering the Hugo Boss Samsung Galaxy Ace or the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 devices.

The Craziest Stunt Reel Ever.

Click the pic to see more.

First and foremost, let me give my sincerest apologies for the fuzzy picture above, but this is the only photo I could find of stuntman Damien Walters that comes anywhere near to his true level of bad-assery.  He’s appeared in movies like ‘Kick Ass’, Ninja Assassin, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, one of my all time favorites, ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ and Ninja Assassin… (let that last one sink in for a second.  In ‘Ninja Assassin’, when the ASIANS’s couldn’t do their stunts, they called in a white guy.)   Walters hails from Durby in the U.K. and as you can tell from the video below, is no man to be taken lightly.  Check the method below, and click the picture aboce to check his official YouTube page.

Swimsuit Models x And The Nissan 370Z.

I’ve recently developed a fascination with the Nissan 370Z, and in an attempt to look up some performance and tuning videos, I came across this gem…  An epic video piece put together by SI and the new Nissan 370Z featuring Melissa Haro, Damaris Lewis, and Jessica Hart who all hopped into 370’s.  The girls thought they were going on a leisurly ride through Vegas but the Drift Alliance picked them up instead at the Luxor Las Vegas Casino and took them for a spin they soon won’t forget.

Steve Forstner x Gravis Footwear.

Steve Forstner the German skater came together recently with Gravis Footwear to produce a super sick skate video on behalf of the shoe company.  Check the method below.

Sexual Innuendos In Popular Cartoons.

Everyone knows that certain cartoons are riddled with sexual content.  Family Guy, and South Park both warn viewers that although they’re cartoons, there’s nothing childish about their themes.  But every so often, (like in the case of Disney) people have peeped some below the radar innuendo that might be a little frightening to parents.  My intent of this post isn’t to warn the parents that the cartoons their children may be watching have subliminal themes hidden deep below their fluffy exterior… It’s to point out how absolutely hilarious it is to think that I watched some of these shows, and had NO idea how good the jokes they threw in were.

The Legacy Machine.

Maximilian Busser and Friends (MB&F), an independent watchmaker known for its extreme designs, has taken the wraps off its new Legacy Machine 1 watch.  Jean-Francois Mojon developed the design of the model’s movement, while Kari Voutilainen took care of its impeccable finishing.  The Legacy Machine No 1 is based on the idea of what if MB&F designed a watch not in 2011, but 1911. The end result is a watch that is traditional in shape.  Beating inside the new MB&F watch is a hand-wound three-dimensional movement. It supplies a 45-hour power reserve.

The caliber comprises 279 individual parts, including 23 jewels. It operates at a frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour.  Integrated within the mechanism is a 14mm balance wheel with four conventional regulating screws, floating above the movement and dials. The balance spring is a traditional Breguet curve, which terminates in a mobile stud holder.

The movement incorporates gold chatons with polished countersinks. It also boasts fine finishes, which include extraordinary hand-crafted finishing, created in the spirit of respect to the 19th century style; Geneva waves and hand-made engravings.  The caliber finds its natural home in a 44mm case made of 18k red or white gold. It is composed of 65 individual parts.

The top of the new MB&F Legacy Machine 1 watch is protected by a domed sapphire crystal, with internal and external glare-proofed coating. Its back part is fitted with sapphire glass with anti-glare treatment on a single side.  The movement animates hours and minutes, displayed on two independent dials. The left dial is controlled by a crown at 8 o’clock.

In charge of the right dial and winding is a crown at 4 o’clock. Moreover, the watch face demonstrates a unique vertical power reserve indicator.  The new MB&F watch is worn on a black or brown hand-stitched alligator leather strap, finished with a gold tang buckle. Pricing will be set at $92,000.

Paper Donut Makes Anamorphic Graffitti?

I know I for sure threw some people off with the name of this post, but so will these incredible pictures.  French collective Paper Donut has painted a series of walls with three-dimensional shapes.  The image above is part of an ad campaign for fashion store Sqwear, and the other two visuals are personal projects.

Dennis Calvert’s Light Paintings.

It’s always wild to come across someone’s work that is truely mind blowing, but when that person comes from your old alma mater, it almost makes me proud.  Dennis Calvert, a reported Academy of Art graduate, has some pretty incredible ideas when it comes to the style of light painting.  Check out just a few of his works below.

The iBottleOpener?

Oh, third-party accessory makers; is there anything you won’t make for the iPhone?  You’ve made it into a wallet, you’ve made it into meat thermometer and now you can also make this thing.  For just $19.99, white boys can go h.a.m. by turning their $500 phone into a 50 cent bar tool.  Given that the name is “iBottleOpener“, this thing probably warrants no explanation… but here goes: Because nothing mixes with alcohol like expensive gadgetry, the iBottleOpener converts your boring, not-covered-in-beer iPhone into a bottle opener. It’s one part bottle opener, one part protective case, and all parts swag.  Still perplexed as to how it works? Check out the promo video below. At the very least, it’s worth it for the “Yeaaaaah, buddy” about 15 seconds in.

Jeb Corliss Can Fly.

There are only a select few things I know for certain that I will never do, or even want to attempt, and as most of my closest friends know, jumping out of an airplane is one of them.  That being said, I have the utmost respect for anyone who will.  But Jeb Corliss took that experience just a bit further in the insane video below.  Check him out pulling one of the most ballsy stunts I’ve ever seen.

Surfing With Fire.

Some surfers reach great heights. Some stay up for great distances. And some, as of just very recently, attach freaking flares to the back of their boards in a fiery cataclysm of curl. Those last ones are my favorite. Sure, it amounts to not much more than a stunt. But what a stunt, especially in the hands—and feet—of surf pro Bruce Irons, who was able not only to keep the flames out of the water but to do so in pitch darkness. As someone who can barely get in and out of the shower every morning without tripping and bashing my head against tile, I feel like Irons doesn’t just have fire riding shotgun; he may as well have invented it.

Lamborghini Carbon Fiber Bags Collection.

I’m as against man purses as much as the next straight guy, but when Lamborghini claimed to be the first company to utilize carbon fiber material in fashion accessories with their new line of fashion bags, I still had to take a look.  The bags will come in various styles (Travel, Messenger, and Envelope) with each completed in hand-stitched leather with palladium-finish galvanized brass accessories, hand-mounted studs, and cotton lining.  The colors of the bags are then highlighted by the diagonal graphite reflections, turn reflected by carbon fiber.  The Carbon Envelope bag retails for €850, which comes out to around $1,230US, while the Carbon Messenger bag sells for €1,050 (around $1,720) and the Carbon Travel bag costs €1,450 ( about $2,100).  Together with the travel bag collection, Lamborghini also released a new range of clothes and accessories for men and women for the fall 2011-winter 2012 season.

The ‘Smart’ Surfboard.

I love surfing, and as most true surfers can tell you, surfing is a sport governed by feelings.  But the driving forces behind the joint project, PUKAS and TECNALIA, aim to “turn feelings into facts and figures” and provide as yet unquantified data that can be directly applied to improve the features of surfboards, the technical performance of surfers and/or measurement of parameters during competition. Check the method below.

Downhill Salt Mine Skating.

Few things aside from street hockey make rollerblading redeeming. This guy manages to maintain his dignity and more as he glides down a mineshaft around curves and even a jump. He ends it all with a little flair, stopping on a dime before he crashes face-first into the wall at the end of the tunnel (which may have actually made the ending better).

Long Exposure Photos of Spinning Records.


Towards the end of every shift at work, there’s a time period named “Last Call”, where I ask my assistant to go grab me as many drinks as she can carry, so we have something to sip on while we break down our equipment and prepare to leave.  There have been a few times, where as a result in the sudden boost of alcohol, things get a little blurry… including the records I spin.  However, I was unaware that there are photographers out there that capture this effect and make stunning Chromatic RPM pictures using long exposure.  I stumbled across a series of said photos yesterday, and have been trying to decide which record I’d like to buy the most.  (Photos by Paul Octavious)

The Theme From Unforgiven

The Story Of Johnny Appleseed

The Beatles

The Versatile - Burl Ives

Lunasea - Fire Fall