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The Artwork of Juan Francisco

Artist Juan Francisco has the ability to create incredibly large, detailed, and almost photo-realistic portraits.  The only reason they may not be totally photo-realistic is because all his work is done in the same color… Bic blue.  His entire collection is crafted entirely with ballpoint Bic pens.  Check the method below.

1, 2, Here’s What We’re Gunna Do.

Its a pretty well known fact that I’ve worked with KRS-1 on a program to educate inner city children on the importance of non-violence, and since then I’ve had much more appreciation for his work as an artist, and his influence as a driving force in hip hop.  When I heard he released a collab with Rza, I had to throw it up and represent.  Click the pic below to hear “1, 2, Here’s What We’re Gunna Do”.  (courtesy of

KRS-1 and DJ Storm

Who Said Taking BART Was Boring?

Recently somebody decided to make the world just a little bit more interesting, and three red swings appeared on the BART Public Transit System in San Francisco for the public to enjoy.  The photos below were taken by Audrey Penven.

Lloyd Banks, Fabolous, and Joe Buddens Mix It Up.

Lloyd Banks And Fabolous Talk Possible Collabo On Joe Budden’s mixtape “Mood Muzik 4”

Melina Pitra

Melina started her modelling career at the age of 20. During summer of 2005, a rumour said that she was having an affair with argentinian producer Adrian Suar. But shortly after,  the rumour was dismissed, but that was enough to launch her to fame.  She appeared in the most important argentinian magazines, such as Hombre, Claro, Paparazzi, Gente and Caras.  Until 2007 Melina hosted the television show “Planeta Moda” (Planet Fashion), wich started in 2005 on an America TV channel.  The show dealed with topics like current trends, campaigns and interviews with fashion designers In 2007, she made a stop in her modelling and hosting activities, and participated in the “Gran Hermano Famosos” show (Big Brother: Celebrities), replacing Pachu Peña. After two weeks of competition, she self-nominated and was eliminated by the audience vote.  In 2008, Melina established a relationship with Big Brother 5’s winner, Esteban Morais, wich continued and ended in the media.

Cipher, The Phychic Drinking Glass.

An empty glass resembles a meaningless colorful mosaic, until a liquid is poured into it, revealing its name. Each side of the glass is reserved for a specific drink. The dekrypt glass though complex in appearance in fact runs on a very simple idea. Differently colored shapes are scattered across the glass surface in a seemingly random pattern, however their position is hardly accidental. The true purpose of the glass mosaic is revealed when colored liquid is poured into it (orange juice, milk, Nescafe or coke) The pattern of shapes and empty spaces on the glass combined with the color of the liquid inside the glass end up forming a textual sign, revealing what exact drink or refreshment you are having, with each side of the glass reserved for a specific drink. Besides being a novelty item with entertainment value it can also serve as a marketing item for beverage companies as it has a promotional potential.

Attack of the Shadow People

I recently got the chance to peep some insane artwork from the very talented Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita.  Kumi uses small metal objects and the percise positioning of light to create her pieces.

 “Since I was a child I had always been drawn to the beauty in nature. It is complete yet ephemeral and does not require an explanation. Like a warm yellow afternoon light or magnolia flowers glowing under the moonlight. I drew and painted light and shadow that I saw in nature until one day I realized that I could use a real light instead.”

“In my work I find shadow to be the essence of human being and of everything else in the world that most of us don’t recognize. Once at my exhibition an old man stood in front of one of the artwork for a long time. Suddenly he jumped back in shock as he recognized the silhouette of a woman that he didn’t see until now. It made me laugh but at same time I realized how oblivious we all can be. How much we are missing in our lives because of that. In my work object and shadow are equally important. They reveal many faces of reality. Separated objects can be connected in shadow. It shows me that we all are connected and share the same essence. But mostly, I’m drawn to its ephemeral beauty.”Kumi Yamashita