Shay U.K.

Shay U.K. has enormous…. potential, huge… work ethic, and a large… portfolio, so instead of writing my own piece on this one of a kind 30JJ- 26- 37,  5’8 beauty, I’ll let her tell her own story.

I was born in Kenya and I’m the youngest of 6 kids, I moved to the UK, London when I was two years old with my family. I come from a very cultured background and we were always taught to never forget where we came from so I do speak more than one language, hearing me speak you’ll find that I don’t have the ‘typical’ British accent. I’m a mix of Kenyan, Italian, Arabian and Portuguese. I grew up being a tom boy, the person that who was always one of the firsts to get chosen for a team. I’m very good at sports and I do believe that deep down I still am 🙂 My first appearance on TV was for my art work! I was on Blue Peter, a kids programme here in the UK. I have always been good at art and using my vision as well as imagination very well.

I always did get good grades at school, but I wasn’t perfect. I messed around but I knew my education is part of my priorities and I can not forget that. I guess I was one of the trouble makers in class, most of my friends were guys, I’ve always been one of the popular people. When I hit highschool, things changed. I guess ‘puberty’ kicked in, I didn’t really like my body. My boobs grew and I was chubby (fat), I was a fat kid/teen, I was a size 36 DD when I was only 13 years old. People always used to take advantage out of me in school because I was too nice and humble but they knew that once I turn the other page it’s a complete different me. I have kept friends from when I was really young and I do believe I’m a very honest, humble, trustworthy, kind, hardworking and a go getter.

I started dancing when I was 16 years old, joined dance schools and even took Dance as a course in school. One day after my dance session at Pineapple Studios, I was approached by Luire Magazine. I was suprised because I never thought that I had ‘model’ potential, Luire Magazine is a Japanese fashion magazine and they snapped me for London Fashion Week. I was so excited, I remember the feeling. After the shoot, I guess love came into my life and I’ve been inlove since but there was a problem and that problem was MY WEIGHT. I noticed I was starting to lose weight and the weight I was losing was my body but NOT breasts. I knew that I weren’t a plus size model anymore. I left modelling for a bit. When I turned 18, I began a myspace page and added my pictures etc…

The internet is a CRAZY place! You’d be suprised what you can do by just using the internet. I got approached by a whole lot of people on the internet and had my first proper photoshoot as Shay The UK Bombshell. I got the name UK Bombshell because a lot of people started called me that on myspace and I thought “Hey let me not just stick to my name.” When Shay The UK Bombshell came out I think that’s when life really began for me… The love was always there.

I made a lot of connections through the internet especially being from an ethnic background and living in the UK it’s harder because there are MUCH MUCH more opportunities in the USA for women of an ethnic background. Since my first glamour photoshoot, I have carried on having numerous photoshoots, became Jumpoff’s MISS JUNE and appeared on the CD cover, published in magazines such as Juice Magazine, ZOO magazine etc… I did my first music video in 2009 which was for a UK artist.

The FIRST UK model to be featured as KING Web Girl of the week, featured on Soulja Boy’s website and I’m the FIRST coloured skin from the UK.

I plan on making my way to the USA soon. I don’t intend to always do modelling, I believe that looks fade away but when you have a brain and know how to use it IT WILL GET YOU VERY FAR, your brain doesn’t age you just start knowing things better. I see “Shay” as a brand, hopefully be able to have my own merchandise, become an actress etc… Business orientated.

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