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‘Cocktails & Condoms’ Cover Art.

Tons of people have seen the announcement banner for “Cocktails & Condoms” produced by the master photographer Unni R. and featuring the lovely Allie Marque.  But while trying to figure out the final packaging scheme for the CD, I ran into a little issue, all the photos I have are a bit too good for me to decide which one should be coupled with the front cover.  I haven’t released the front cover as of yet, but I’ve already got that one down, what I need YOU to do, is take a vote on which of the 4 photos you like the best.  The winner will be the back cover of the CD.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

15 Stunning B&W Photos

Photo by: Aundrea de Plessis

Photo by "Michal 42"


Photo by: "Robert"

Photo by: Ilhan Marasli

Jim Jones “Doin’ It For The Kids”

It seems that Dipset’s Jim Jones can’t totally be described by the rap lyrics he spits about “b*tches, cars, money and h*es”.  Recently, Lindsay Meeks produced a short video documenting Jim Jones teaching a class full of high school seniors… and keeping his street cred in tact at the same time.  Click the pic to watch the video.

Click the pic to watch.

Tokyo 24 @ ‘Medicine Agency Gallery’

Flyer by: 'Lee+'

Before you get your grub going for this 4th of July, come check out a performance on the 3rd by Tokyo 24 at the Medicine Agency Gallery, located on 1262 Mason St. San Francisco, C.A. 94109.  Ironclad, Duckworth, Beatstreets, Jetman, and yours truly will be in the building.

Charlotte McKenna

Charlotte McKenna was born Chichester, West Sussex on April 10, 1987. Charlotte is best known as a British glamor model who moved to London after winning FHM high street honeys competition

She started modeling about a year and a half ago, and was voted recently best bums of 2008. She also won FHM high street honeys. Charlotte has also appeared in men`s magazine ZOO magazine.


So, I’m pretty sure we all know I happen to be a massive nerd.  But thats not the reason for this post.  The newest, and last of the ‘Harry Potter’ movies, may be one of ,the only shows in the running to beat Avatar for opening weekend sales.  Technically, although “Deathly Hallows” takes place over two movies, part 1 is estimated to not only dwarf the $158 Million record set by ‘The Dark Knight’, but combined with part 2, is said to outsell Avatar.  Click the pic to see the brand new trailer.

Click to watch the trailer

Classic Freestyle Battle.

Tons of people may have already peeped this freestyle battle from Smack DVD, its well over 2 years old, but watching again last night brought back memories of how rowdy me and my boys used to get watching Smack.  Check out this old classic from start to finish and let me know who you think took this battle.

(To me personally, I think Iron Solomon took it.  It’s evident that Math thought Solomon was planning on using numbers in his verses, and started talking about it when there was none of it going on.  But no matter how much you like Iron Solomon, you can’t deny that Math had some hilarious and very inventive lines.  But I still feel like Solomon was the realest with it all.  If you disagree, let me know.)

Don’t Call Them ‘Skirtboarders’

People may not expect it at first sight, but its very true that most of my crew spends a majority of their free time on a skateboard.  I’ve even tried to bomb a few hills myself, but if I fall on my hands, or break a wrist, I cant work… So 99% of the time, I just leave it to my boys.  But being around skateboarders on such a regular basis heightens my awareness of the skill required to look good on a board, so I’m always impressed when I spot a female tearing it up in a skate spot.  The pics below are from ‘Skateboarding’ and feature some very skilled chicks doing what they do best on a board.

Park Hotel: Tokyo

Its been quite some time since I’ve done some Tokyo chillin… (unless you count rehersals with Tokyo 24 before a concert)  But the next time I go back to Japan’s capital city, I think I’ve found a place I’d love to stay.  In a country renowned for its dedication to cutting edge technology and high-paced business, the Park Hotel Tokyo places itself at the core of Japan’s new networked generation. Occupying 10 floors of the Shiodome Media Tower in downtown Tokyo, the Park Hotel is an integral element in the “city in the heart of the city”; a high-rise powerhouse of international media organizations and television companies, combined with elegant metropolitan living.

Guestrooms project towards Tokyo’s magnificent skyline, connecting guests to the world via broadband internet access, while curved forms and fabric-covered walls cocoon from the maelstrom of activity in the district below. The Park Hotel Tokyo also shows respect for local traditions of nature, translated in the hotel’s glass-roofed atrium. A soothing haven of trees and greenery, it stretches between the building’s 25th and 34th floors, creating a well of warming sunlight that augments.

Dearly Beloved

Check the new freestyle by Pusha T of the ‘Clipse’ entitled “Dearly Beloved” dedicated to the Jamaican drug runner “Dudus”.  Click the pic to listen, (Courtesy of hip-hop-game.)

Click the pic to listen.

Jeopardy vs. Auto-Tune.

If you heard someone mention “Auto-Tune the Jeopardy” last week and figured it was the funny new conceit from the Auto-Tune the News bunch, well, not quite. Last Wednesday, on a real Jeopardy broadcast, Alex crooned “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “The Farmer and the Dell,” and more, all with the help of Antares’ Auto-Tune software.

They have some wacky settings that screw up Alex’s voice to the point that you can’t even recognize it, and all his vocals are accompanied by goofy Songsmith-esque backing tracks, so listening to the Auto-Tuned clips isn’t as painfully awkward as you’d assume it would be. In fact, Auto-Tune Alex’s “Oh Susanna” is kinda hot and I wouldn’t be at all opposed to hearing R. Kelly hop on the remix.

That New New: ‘Cocktails & Condoms’

DJ Storm Presents: 'Cocktails & Condoms'

So many people outside of my close circle of friends have been wondering exactly what I’ve been talking about when I keep mentioning ‘Cocktails & Condoms’. Well I’m finally allowed to give out some details, so here’s the skinny… ‘C&C’ is a mix CD I’m going to be releasing for the summer party season. Its a crazy blend on Electro, Hip Hop, Dancehall, and Slow Jams. (yes slow jams).

‘C&C’ features music from Gyptian, Busta Rhymes, Steve Aoki, Drake, Vybz Kartel, Tiesto, T.I., Hyper Crush, Rihanna, Tokyo 24, Fabolous, Boys Noize, Gucci Mane, LMFAO, Jay-Z, Elephant Man, N.E.R.D., Ratatat, Usher, Michael Jackson, Armand Van Helden, G.O.V., Jadakiss, Rye Rye, and like a billion others. There are some brand new original DJ Storm remixes, remixes of remixes, and mashups of originals remixed with other mashup remixes the likes of which most humans on the planet have never dared to phathom. So needless to say I’m putting 1000% of my talents into creating a project that will truly be a unquestionably impressive work of music.

Many people saw the video behind the scenes of the make up shoot, featuring video by Unni R., and showcasing the work of the production team, Allie Marque, Joana Casanova, Ashley Forrest and myself. (and if you didn’t, click here). The purpose of that video was to give people a short taste of some of the music on the CD, and give a little insight into the process behind putting this type of project out. As things progress, I’ll be dropping a few more videos of integral parts of the creation of ‘Cocktails & Condoms’ and dropping previews of some of my favorite mixes from the CD at the same time. So be on the lookout for updates and notifications from now till the release date.

Its going to be a good one.

Jay-Z on Letterman

Get Back In Your Book!

“Get Back In Your Book” by Lissy Laricchia, is series of photos where different fairy tale characters getting sucked into their respective titles.


Although I’m obviously an avid fan of all different types of art work, it does take a specific type of diferenciation from the herd to catch my eye.  To me, art has to be unique to truly impress.  Below are some works from the artist Byroglyphics, who’s style is both intruiging and demonstrate a different level of digital artwork.

“For my Graphic work I compile as much source material as possible in the form of textures , random marks and scribbles etc and scan it all, the primary image is drawn and also scanned. I then manipulate the constituent parts on the computer, I keep the amount of layers to a bare minimum so the results are as spontaneous as possible. I dont use any filters at all to keep the ‘digital’ nature of the image to a minimum.”

He also claims to take some influence to past masters like Van Gogh, Picasso, Pollock, and Basquiat.

Click to Enlarge

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Brit Bliss

Brit Bliss is an aspiring model born in southern California who grew up in souteastern Ohio. While the beginning and the vast majority of her modeling was spent as a hobby, a career was her desire after leaving the United States Air Force Academy. She began shooting again. When her 19th birthday rolled around in March, she submitted photos to Maxim’s photoblog requesting a post about her. Maxim’s Kelly Stuart accepted, and a post was done on March 22nd. Brit gathered comments from family, friends, and admirers of her work. It was enough to convince Maxim to shoot with her, which came in the summer of ’07. Since her trip to New York for Maxim, Brit has been published in the magazine a number of times since September of 2007. She has also been a girl of the day mutiple times. Her determination will only let her continue to become the most that she can be, and she hopes that she can continue to prosper.

Creative Chronicles Profile: DJ Storm

Creative Chronicles, Produced by: Christopher Richardson

Hosted by: Young Dolo

Lamborghini Madura

From the darkest depths of the design mind of the one called Slavche Tanevski comes THIS! The Lamborghini *Ankonian. It’s black. It’s sharp. It’s just fabulous. It’s named after a bull famous for its black hair, which follows the Feruccio Lamborghini (creator of the auto brand) tradition of naming cars after bulls. This bad boy is a proposal for the first Lamborghini hybrid scheduled for 2016.

Its Flashy, I don’t mean flashy in any kind of bad way. This car is of a cab-backwards style, which is new for the modern Lamborghini. It’s got a narrow body and complex aesthetics mixed with a combination of soft and angular surfaces.

It’s not quite “green,” but it’s does have that sort of environmental friendliness in mind with it’s downsisedness. And hows it look so hot roddy and light? That fabulous tail on the back, the classic headlight graphics, and those very thin OLEDs embedded between the surfaces. Eccentricities on top of mystery. Two big exhausts as eyes and diffuser for a mouth.

Unnikrishnan Raveendranathan.

DJ Storm. Photographed by: Unni R

Over the course of my career I’ve worked with many a photographer, but recently, the works of Unnikrishnan Raveendranathan (Unni R. for short) have caught my eye in a major way.  Unni has graced me with his talents, helping put together the visuals for ‘Cocktails & Condoms’, and I’ve also had to good fortune to work with him on some future projects.  Born in Pondicherry, India, he’s won multitudes of awards in photography, and specializes in documentary photography.    Click the pic to see more of Unni’s amazing work.

Behind The Scenes: ‘Cocktails & Condoms’

Recently I set plans under way to shoot the cover of Cocktails & Condoms. My lead photographer Unni R. was also on hand to shoot a short video of our model getting her eye and cheek makeup done.  The footage looked amazing, and I thought it’d be a good way to get some more people interested in the music that will make up the final version of this new project.  So below is the video I edited together of the make up session.  I know everything may be a bit vague, but more details about Cocktails & Condoms will be coming VERY very soon.

Long Exposure Photos.

There’s just something about long exposure photography that makes it dazzling.  Maybe it’s the ability to see things from a different perspective.  Or maybe it’s the ability to experience time in a different fashion.  Whatever the reason, long exposure photography is an incredibly popular and difficult form of photography.  Not only does it require a perfect subject, but it also requires mastery of light and dark, and the ability to see beyond the face of an image, and to see what it can become.  Here are 15 of the most stunning and unbelievable long exposure photographs from the most talented photographers in the world.  Whether you’re a photographer, or just an admirer, these images are incredible.

Who Says You Cant Skate Standing Still

Drunken Art.

A company called Bevshots has produced a series of shots of booze under the microscope at the Florida State University’s chemistry labs.  This is Tequila at 1000x magnification.


The process consists of letting a droplet of liquor dry out completely on a slide in an airtight container, and photographing the result with a 35mm camera. The entire process can take up to three months and as many as 200 attempts to properly capture the drink’s constituent parts.  Cocktails can have fruit and soft drinks in them which contain citric acids and complex sugars which dry out well and look great photographed.  The incredible shapes and colours of the boozy artwork are highlighted by shining natural light on top and through the bottom of the slide. Just like images of snowflakes, each drink is different.  Bevshots estimate that they have sold over 20,000 examples of their alcoholic art works.


Pina Colada






The Artwork of Mike Tudor.

ALT/1977… They are not time travelers.

What would you do if you could travel back in time? Assassinate Marilyn Monroe? Go on a date with Hitler? Obviously. But here’s what I’d do after that: grab all the modern technology I could find, take it to the late 70’s, superficially redesign it all to blend in, start a consumer electronics company to unleash upon the world, then sit back as I rake in billions, trillions, or even millions of dollars.  Graphic designer Alex Varnese explored that idea in this series by re-imagining four common products from 2010 as if they were designed in 1977: an mp3 player, a laptop, a mobile phone and a handheld video game system. He then created a series of fictitious but stylistically accurate print ads to market them, as well as a handful of abstract posters just for s*ts and giggles.  All the works in the series are beyond awesome.  Check the method.