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‘Cocktails & Condoms’ Cover Art.

Tons of people have seen the announcement banner for “Cocktails & Condoms” produced by the master photographer Unni R. and featuring the lovely Allie Marque.  But while trying to figure out the final packaging scheme for the CD, I ran into a little issue, all the photos I have are a bit too good for me to decide which one should be coupled with the front cover.  I haven’t released the front cover as of yet, but I’ve already got that one down, what I need YOU to do, is take a vote on which of the 4 photos you like the best.  The winner will be the back cover of the CD.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

15 Stunning B&W Photos

Photo by: Aundrea de Plessis

Photo by "Michal 42"


Photo by: "Robert"

Photo by: Ilhan Marasli

Jim Jones “Doin’ It For The Kids”

It seems that Dipset’s Jim Jones can’t totally be described by the rap lyrics he spits about “b*tches, cars, money and h*es”.  Recently, Lindsay Meeks produced a short video documenting Jim Jones teaching a class full of high school seniors… and keeping his street cred in tact at the same time.  Click the pic to watch the video.

Click the pic to watch.

Tokyo 24 @ ‘Medicine Agency Gallery’

Flyer by: 'Lee+'

Before you get your grub going for this 4th of July, come check out a performance on the 3rd by Tokyo 24 at the Medicine Agency Gallery, located on 1262 Mason St. San Francisco, C.A. 94109.  Ironclad, Duckworth, Beatstreets, Jetman, and yours truly will be in the building.

Charlotte McKenna

Charlotte McKenna was born Chichester, West Sussex on April 10, 1987. Charlotte is best known as a British glamor model who moved to London after winning FHM high street honeys competition

She started modeling about a year and a half ago, and was voted recently best bums of 2008. She also won FHM high street honeys. Charlotte has also appeared in men`s magazine ZOO magazine.


So, I’m pretty sure we all know I happen to be a massive nerd.  But thats not the reason for this post.  The newest, and last of the ‘Harry Potter’ movies, may be one of ,the only shows in the running to beat Avatar for opening weekend sales.  Technically, although “Deathly Hallows” takes place over two movies, part 1 is estimated to not only dwarf the $158 Million record set by ‘The Dark Knight’, but combined with part 2, is said to outsell Avatar.  Click the pic to see the brand new trailer.

Click to watch the trailer

Classic Freestyle Battle.

Tons of people may have already peeped this freestyle battle from Smack DVD, its well over 2 years old, but watching again last night brought back memories of how rowdy me and my boys used to get watching Smack.  Check out this old classic from start to finish and let me know who you think took this battle.

(To me personally, I think Iron Solomon took it.  It’s evident that Math thought Solomon was planning on using numbers in his verses, and started talking about it when there was none of it going on.  But no matter how much you like Iron Solomon, you can’t deny that Math had some hilarious and very inventive lines.  But I still feel like Solomon was the realest with it all.  If you disagree, let me know.)