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Famous People Hanging Out.

Many people consider being a celebrity like being in some sort of elite club.  An upper echelon of a big circle of friends.  In some respects that may be true, but there are still certain people in the “celebrity community” that you may not necessarily expect to spend time with each other.  Check out the series of photos below.

Woody Allen and Michael Jackson

Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein

Colonel Sanders and Alice Cooper

Barack Obama and George Clooney

Elvis Presley and Tom Jones

George Lucas, David Bowie and Jim Henson

Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson

Dave Grohl, RuPaul and Kurt Cobain

The Beatles and Mohammed Ali

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart

Michael Jackson, Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas

Charlie Chaplin and Mahatma Gandhi

Prince and Prince Charles

Stephen Fry and Lady Gaga

Nancy Reagan and Mr. T

Eartha Kitt and James Dean

Bob Marley and the Jackson Five

Dustin Hoffman and Lawrence Olivier



Slaughterhouse Studio Footage.

Its rare to find a person unaware that every member of the rap group Slaughterhouse is a lyrical beast.  The BET cypher this year has a special 9 minute finale that includes all the members of Shady 2.0, along with Em himself.  The video below picks up before the start of the BET awards and shows a studio session in ATL with the group.  I was surprised at what an honest, genuine look at the way this group interacts.  Who knew you could have so much fun in the Slaughterhouse?

Curren$y feat. Fiend – Televised.

I’ve said it many a time, that I’m enthralled with the behind the scenes aspect of creating music.  Luckily for me, I get to live in that world almost everyday, but seeing it through the eyes of other people and getting a chance to see how they work in the studio is still infinitely interesting.  Currensy and Fiend teamed up recently linked up to record and shoot the video for Televised.  Check the method below.

Cassidy vs. Game?

Some dope studio footage of Cassidy and Game collaborating on a track yet to be released.