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The First Planet OUTSIDE Of Our Galaxy.


Scientists have found signs of a planet transiting a star outside of the Milky Way, potentially representing what could be the first-ever planet to be detected in another galaxy. Researchers found evidence of a planet in the Messier 51 galaxy, located some 28 million light-years away from the Milky Way, as they detected a dip in brightness in the luminous “whirlpool” system. They used NASA’s Chandra X-ray Telescope to observe transits, which can sometimes occur when planets pass in front of stars and block out a portion of the light. The transit technique has been used by astronomers for years to aid the discovery of exoplanets and exoplanet candidates — all of which have been found in the Milky Way up until now. It’s a method that has produced successful results, though it also presents a few challenges, particularly for scientists wanting a second viewing to confirm their finding. “Unfortunately to confirm that we’re seeing a planet we would likely have to wait decades to see another transit,” said Nia Imara, who co-authored the recently published paper, presenting data that is consistent with a model of a planet candidate. “And because of the uncertainties about how long it takes to orbit, we wouldn’t know exactly when to look.” While attempts to confirm the observation may be thwarted, the study’s lead author, Rosanne Di Stefano, recognized that the potential discovery may help to broaden future studies and “open up a whole new arena for finding other worlds by searching for planet candidates at X-ray wavelengths, a strategy that makes it possible to discover them in other galaxies.”

The Saves Are Untitled.

The artist known as “Untitled Save” hails from Porto, Portugal, and has developed a fantastically unique yet simple style of artwork fit for any frame. Merging traditional and classic artists with modern stylings may not be the newest concept, but the way it’s done is key. These blends of figures like Marlyn Monroe, Mona Lisa, and even Salvador Dali are transposed onto contemporary templates. By criss crossing different photos, paintings and drawing Untitled Save creates all new delineations that are just plain awesome to behold. Check the Instagram at and purchase any of the works you love here.

Food Cubes?



In 2014, Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant contacted conceptual design studio Lernert & Sander to create a piece for a special documentary photography issue about food. Lernert & Sander responded with this somewhat miraculous photo of 98 unprocessed foods cut into extremely precise 2.5cm cubes aligned on a staggered grid. Looking at the shot it seems practically impossible, but the studio confirms it is indeed the real thing. The photo is available as a limited edition print of 50 copies printed on 40 x 50cm baryta paper signed by the artists for about €500.



Trey Ratcliff Photography

4070581709_a1c668a779_o-X3 trey-ratcliff-milford10-X3 Trey-Ratcliff-China-2013-acbd-X3 Deep in the Guangxi Province of China-X3

Everybody sees the world in a different way, some people can find the beauty in anything and anywhere. With only having one good eye people must have thought that he had a disadvantage. Little did they know that his view of the world would be spectacular to follow.

I grew up blind in one eye and this might have changed the way I view the world. I don’t know. It’s hard to be objective about the way one’s brain was wired. My background is in computer science and math, so I bring an algorithm-like process to capturing the scene in such a way that it evokes memories in a palpable manner. Whatever that means. My promise to you: One New Photo Every Day. Probably.

The Long Road in NZ-X3 Trey Ratcliff - Aurora Australis - Landing on the River - Queenstown - New Zealand-X3 Trey Ratcliff - New York - Inception-X3 Trey Ratcliff - Death Valley - Mysterious Rocks - low-X3 thepark-X3

Katy Perry ft. Juicy J – Dark Horse (Official Video).

70111374049834Katy Perry’s newest video ‘Dark Horse’ (aside from being well put together, and just all around interesting to watch) is being criticized by some members of the Muslim community.  Apparently there is some symbolism surrounding a certain necklace in the video, and it’s destruction.  Criticisms aside, we think the video is just fine. But if you can pick out what all the fuss is about, let us know what you think.

Siberian Tundra Twerking?

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 5.36.59 PM

When you think of Russia, you don’t think of masterful twerking. However, this video could very well change your outlook. It’s a girl who has obviously mastered the art of the twerk. With Tyga’s “Rack City” playing in the background, she pulled off some noteworth booty shaking moves.

Tamed the Storm

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Tamed the Storm is a creative photo project that was created by Sonia and Mark Whitesnow from Kirov, Russia.

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Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings by Christiane Vleugels

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If your first thought was “It’s a photo” then you’re totally wrong. These are hyper realistic oil paintings created by Belgium based artist Christiane Vleugels. At the age of twelve, Christiane studied the academy of fine arts and was educated in the art of drawing and sculpting by the inspiring artist Herman Cornelis. Wonderful, stunning and simply beautiful paintings. Each of them unveils a certain aspect of life and inspires people to dream.

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Coney Island NYC

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These photos were taken by Matt Mawson. He really has a way of capturing Coney Island.

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Usain Bolt’s Golden Nissan GT-R Is Off The Market.


A special one-off ‘Bolt Gold’ edition of Nissan’s flagship supercar has fetched nearly double the list price at auction.  The car, complete with unique gold paint job and Usain Bolt interior gold plaque bearing the 100 meters star’s autograph, was the star lot of an auction that also included items of Usain Bolt merchandise such as racing helmets, special driving suits and boots, all of which helped to nudge the overall total up to $193,191.  The auction, in aid of the six-time gold medal winner’s charitable organization — The Usain Bolt Foundation — saw fierce competition from bidders around the globe when it was launched on eBay Motors on November 22.  As well as being one of the fastest and best-handling cars currently available, the Nissan GT-R is also one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road.


Each engine is built in a hermetically sealed chamber that enables ultra-high precision and ultra-low tolerance manufacturing techniques more common in Formula 1 and the aviation industry.  Commenting on the money raised by the auction, Usain Bolt said:”My partnership with Nissan greatly benefits the work of my Foundation. This donation will help many kids get access to better facilities, play areas and educational materials in Jamaica.”  The Olympic star has been working with Nissan since October 2012 when he was appointed the Japanese carmaker’s honorary “Director of Excitement” and is a brand spokesman for the company’s “What if _” global brand campaign.


Fantastic Landscapes by Kokoszkaa


Beautiful photo manipulations was created by Polish artist Barbara Florczyk aka Kokoszkaa. Barbara creates stunning and slightly dramatic landscapes based on her own photography.

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Inspiring High Speed Photography

A high speed photo is a image captured at an amazingly quick shutter speed. These images capture scenes which are often too quick for the eye to have seen. This phenomena makes them very popular, and leads to photographers spending countless hours trying to get the perfect image. You can shoot a high speed photo using almost any SLR camera, though more expensive cameras can often reach faster shutter speeds. Budget and compact cameras are likely to struggle with capturing action at such a fast speed. These images freeze time, and allow us to observe scenes that the naked eye would struggle to capture. It’s definitely worth a look.

Marat Dupri: The Russian Daredevil.

These are the dizzying pictures of Dubai taken from on top of the tallest skyscrapers in the world by a daredevil Russian teenager.  Student Marat Dupri has made it it his mission to scale the highest buildings he can find before dangling precariously over their edges to take his extraordinary shots.  The fearless 19-year-old, who only bought his first camera just two years ago, started by sneaking past guards and climbing on to the roofs of Moscow landmarks, before setting his sights even higher – on Dubai’s towering structures.

Mr Dupri then travelled from Russia to Dubai after being enticed by the extravagant high-rise buildings. There, the teenager and his friends enthusiastically climbed the buildings until they had captured these amazing images.  The student said:

‘When I’m on the roof I have a feeling that the whole world is by my feet. All my problems and trouble are left somewhere down.  The height exhilarates me. It gives me energy and fills with enthusiasm to make new and great shots.  I had always been interested in photography and a couple of years ago, I bought my first proper camera.  I wanted to try and get the most spectacular pictures I could – pictures like no-one else had taken before.  I began by taking pictures from my own roof, but soon I wanted to get bigger and better pictures.  So I went with my friend to the top of a 33-storey building. It was about 120 metres high and we went right out to the edge and I started taking pictures.  It was such a thrill, we couldn’t wait to do it again.  I’ve taken a lot of the photos by sneaking past guards and getting access to structures illegally.  But I think the risks are worth it to take such amazing pictures.’


Eva Simons – I Don’t Like You (Official Video).

Check out the official video for Eva Simons’ new single “I Don’t Like You”. This track has recently started getting a lot of airplay, so make sure to download it where you can… DJ’s put in your sets.

Camera Lingo Necklaces.

The more and more time I spend around photographers, the more I get familiar with the lingo and terminology they use on a daily basis.  A JPEG, or a PSD file is nothing that I’m a stranger to, but some of the more advanced acronyms and symbols, I need some more getting used to.  This collection of jewelry from Photojojo might just help.  Photojojo’s Camera Lingo Necklaces feature laser-cut acrylic words and symbols on an 18″ silver chain. Designed by a graphic designer/photog, the lightweight plastic icons have the kind of sharp angles and crisp edges you only get from lasers. It comes in 4 designs: JPEG, CR2, NEF, and a no-flash symbol. Perfect gift for photo geeks.

Kristy Mitchell’s Wonderland.

Kirsty Mitchell is a fashion photographer from Kent, England. The beautiful vast of lavender hues draw you in with her overwhelming concepts labeled ‘Wonderland’.  The vibrant colors, the intricacies of every foreground and background, the costumes and the concept all make ‘Wonderland’ an immensely intriguing body of work.  Check the method below.

Infiniti “Emerg-e” Electric Sports Car Concept.

Infiniti has announced further details of a major new sports car concept set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show.  The Nissan-owned brand revealed February 3 that the model will be called ‘Emerg-E’, promising a low-emission, high-performance and high-technology car, with several firsts — and a new design direction for the brand.  The concept will use a range extender drivetrain, meaning that it will contain an electric motor and a gas-powered generator, as opposed to Nissan’s proven 100 percent battery technology used by cars such as the Leaf.

It will also have the drivetrain mounted in a mid-ship package, between the two axles, which the firm says is a first and significantly helps the weight distribution to improve handling — a concept which could be transferred to future production models, assuming it tests well.  The first partial photos of the model appear to show a low-slung form, with a two-seater cockpit and a shape which appears to have been at least partially inspired by the Infiniti Essence concept, revealed at Geneva in 2009.  The Essence was designed to celebrate Infiniti’s 20th anniversary, and while there have been no noises from Nissan on whether the Emerg-E will hit production, the trend seems to indicate that Infiniti is working towards a very specific goal.  The Geneva Motor Show runs March 8-18 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Miraculous Manipulations Of Michael Oswald.

When it comes to digital art, people have many different opinions as what qualifies.  Oswald is a digital artist with a unique style. His technique involves a combination of photo manipulation and digital painting techniques and the results are often stunning. No matter what you call his style, it’s awesome.  Check the method.


Amalgamate 1.0

Under Her Skin

The Bonsai Tree


Amalgamate 2.0



Trophy Wife


Amalgamate 3.0

Soul Searching

Giulini Wever.

Giulini Wever, the actress, model, tv host and martial artist is originally from the island of Curacao.  Her ethnicity is a mixture of Dutch, German, Chinese and Latin. (Damn).  Aside from English, she happens to be fluent in Spanish, Dutch and her native dialect, Papiamento.  Her ambitious, determination and focus has landed her in roles like ‘Dem Girls’ from David Guetta and Nicki Minaj, Kush by Dr. Dre and Snoop, and not to mention Jamie Fox and Kanye West’s ‘Digital Girl’.  She’s also graced the screen in videos with Britney Spears and Akon.

The Life Sized Pin Toy.

Bag designer Lulu Guinness created this human-sized pin toy as part of Clerkenwell Design Week in the UK and placed the interactive sculpture for passers-by to have fun with. Passers-by were encouraged to step up to the screen and press their bodies against the pins to set an image of themselves. Inevitably, many cheeky ideas, like the one above, were floated.

Eminem & Yelawolf Talk About Race In Hip Hop.

Check out a small excerpt from the Vibe magazine article with Eminem and his newest artist Yelawolf.

Eminem, what advice do you offer, if any, on being scrutinized for being a white rapper. Do you guys ever talk about race in that way?

Eminem: We make jokes about it, but I don’t think we talk about it in depth. As I was listening to his music, I am not even thinking about any of that shit. It’s just the music. That’s one of the things that’s great about it. I’m not even thinking about it when I hear the music.
Yelawolf: We do poke fun of it because it’s funny. Like, he calls me White Dog.

Oh, you called him that on the BET Awards Cypher. I didn’t realize it was an ongoing joke?
EM: Yeah, or Beige Sheep. [Laughs]
YW: Cracker Nuts. Whatever, I think it’s kinda unspoken.
EM: We deal with it enough as it is. So now, let’s make music.
YW: Let’s make great records. At the end of the day, that’s all there is to do.

The Devil Wears Prada… The Virgin Mary Wears Louis.

The devil may well wear Prada, but at a biennial exhibition of sacred art in Italy, a statue of the Virgin Mary is donning Louis Vuitton.  The veil traditionally covering the Virgin’s head bears the French luxury brand’s trademark “LV” logo in golden letters.  Francesco De Molfetta, 31, said he created the work to “denounce a society based on the cult of appearance through the use of a brand that represents the search for ephemeral happiness.  This new way of interpreting sacred art is along the lines of the famous work presented (in 1999 in Venice by Maurizio) Cattelan that showed a wax icon depicting Pope John Paul II being crushed by a meteor,” the curator of the biennial Giuseppe Bacci told Il Centro.  “It is a way to hit the visitors’ unconscious,” he added.  The biennial is held at Isola del Gran Sasso in the central region of Abruzzo.  Milan native De Molfetta’s works have been on show in Tokyo, at the T20 contemporary art gallery of Murcia Spain and at the museum of Besancon in France.

Heidi Dupre.

The ever so lovely Heidi Dupre is a model living in LA.  She is an aspiring singer who has actually recorded a few songs.  When she’s not working, she enjoys traveling reading, and fashion shows.  But she’s not all about relaxation.  Her resume hold some pretty impressive projects including being a Lowrider Cover model for August 2008, she’s been seen in Streetlow Magazine (issue 52), and a slew of other magazines.  She’s danced on Telemundo, and been on Playboy Radio.

The New Hamburg Science Center.

The Office for Metropolitan Art (OMA) has just revealed their final design for the New Hamburg Science Center and Aquarium. The structure, which will be 23000 meters square of space, will house a science centre, aquarium, theatre, offices, laboratories as well as commercial and retail facilities. The structural design consists of 10 interconnecting blocks that will form the shape of a ring. Not only is the design of the structure trying to encourage new structural forms, but also as being a leader in adapting new environmental technologies included in its’ construction.

Rihanna x Armani.

Shortly after launching its men’s campaign with tennis player Rafael Nadal, Armani has released long-awaited images for its jeans range starring pop star Rihanna.  The singer is taking over from actress Megan Fox for the campaign, with the second batch of images (for the brand’s underwear line) yet to be brought out.  Rihanna is upping her advertising game at the moment, also having just been named the new face of skincare brand Nivea.