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Caskey Signs With Cash Money Records.

Cash Money’s newest artist was just announced…  Check out how it all went down.


While looking up some info on Amsterdam, I came across the work of Canadian stencil artist Roadsworth (Peter Gibson), and really liked it.  When it comes to something so simple, so raw, and so unique, I knew I had to throw it up.  He’s been doing his thing since 2001, using stencils to adapt the existing road graphics, mainly on the streets of Montreal, initially as a protest against the lack of cycle lanes, but increasingly as a commentary on car culture, oil dependancy and authoritarianism. I’m not sure how successful it is on those counts, but as a way of injecting a little wit and lyricism into the urban landscape, it’s the sh*t.  Check the method, and both of the videos on his work.

Brand New Tron Trailer 11/9/10

The new Tron: Legacy trailer was one of my very first posts on this blog, and the movie still hasn’t come out yet… disappointing.  But what I am happy to report is that the final trailer was released via the web today, and is wilder than I ever would have thought.  Olivia Wild (13 from the Fox show ‘House’) and the “younger/villainous” Jeff Bridges (from the original Tron) are displayed in a little more contextual depth than any of the previous trailers, and “The Grid” is display in some pretty ridiculous ways.  So check the method below, and PLEASE comment if the video stops working.  If YouTube shuts it down, I’m not going to know unless someone says something, and I get a chance to find a new one.  Enjoy.

The Most Interesting Man In The World Strikes Again.

There are quite a few people I take daily inspiration from, my father, my sister, my boys, and… ‘The Most Interesting Man In The World’.  I’ve stopped entire mixing sessions dead in their tracks just to run out of the room and watch one of those Dos Equis commercials with the catchy song and the most ridiculous one liners on the planet.  So when I came across the newest commercial online, I just had to throw it up.  Your welcome Jeff.