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Here Comes The Full ‘Spectre’ Trailer.


Since early last year (2014) I’ve been “helping out” with some sound design aspects of Spectre, and since the original teaser trailer 2 months ago, I’ve loved seeing more compiled secenes of the film in action.  Earlier today the full trailer was released, and it is amazing.  There is a seeming return to Bond and Q discussing gadgets, (as well as an odd reference to Bond ‘disappearing’, which may be attributed to the coming departure of Sam Mendez from the franchise).  However, this new trailer finally gives us some action, car chases, Christoph Waltz’s villain, Dave Butista, Daniel Craigh seemingly blowing up a building in Mexico, and Bond undressing Monica Bellucci.  (Something I’ve wanted to do for some time now.)  Check the method below, and go see ‘Spectre’ in November.

The First Official Trailer For James Bond’s 24th Adventure.


During my brief time working with Sony, I’ve had to marvelous opportunity to see some of the best work put out under their umbrella.  My closer friends know my particular connection with this movie, but now that it’s been officially released, I’m proud to present the first teaser trailer for Spectre… the 24th adventure in the James Bond series.

Fake Trailer – ‘Where’s Waldo’ as Government Action Thriller

“Of all the men in our agency, you’re one of the few who knows how to blend in completely.” With MGM snagging the rights to a Where’s Waldo movie late last year, it appears at least some people are still keen on seeing the striped vagabond hit theaters. However, we still don’t know what kind of story will be crafted to adapt the classic book series. Well, others can’t wait for the studio to get going and have taken the character into their own hands in an unexpected way. Alex Goyette and his Joule Thief crew have crafted a trailer making the character a specialized assassin who goes so rogue, he would make Jack Bauer blush. Here’s the fake trailer for Where’s Waldo from Alex Goyette and Joule Thief via Vulture.