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Animals Your Children May Not See.

We live in a world of diversity and wonder. Nature has endowed our blue planet with an abundance of plants, animals, and insects. Yet, we have for far too long taken our world for granted.  Now we risk mass extinction of some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic creatures. From pandas to dolphins, elephants to macaws, these animals come from across the globe. They have little in common. Their habitats differ. They come from different continents and oceans. This infographic exposes the fate of some of the world’s most endangered species.  This was demonstrated when the Yellowstone wolves were hunted into extinction. Beavers almost followed, because the elk that the wolves had hunted, thrived and overgrazed. This left nothing for the beavers to eat. In 2018, the world lost the last male northern white rhino. Around the world, awareness grows of the need to take urgent action to prevent the extinction of yet another of Earth’s precious creatures.  We must preserve the world for the next generation. We can do our bit by protecting wildlife habitat and using sustainable and recycled products. Avoid products made from endangered or threatened species. Let’s take action to preserve our earth’s diversity.  

Exotic Beetles

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Chinese artist Kebel Li exposes the magnificence of earth’s insect species in his sculptural work with beetles. The already deceased bugs are reproduced to appear as if in their habitat, closely mimicking their instinctual gestures. Li collects extremely rare and visually fascinating beetles from around the world, which exhibit incredible physical characteristics like gleaming metallic exoskeletons and razor sharp horns. In order to properly and optimally conserve the specimens, they undergo a lengthy preservation process: the dried insects are put into a relax chamber filled with wet paper and anti-molding chemicals, which makes their joints movable again. They are then carefully pinned and posed onto an organic branch base and left to dry there for 4-5 days. The insects are chemically stable and, without physical damage, will stay preserved in this state for hundreds of years.

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Louis Vuitton Animal Sculptures.

Louis Vuitton hosted a cocktail party on Monday night at the storied Paris taxidermy store Deyrolle to celebrate the launch of the My Monogram service on Small Leather Goods.  To set the mood, British artist Billie Achilleos transformed the maison’s signature wallets, coin pouches, belts, and bag hardware into a menagerie of animals.  The hardy armadillo, for instance, paid homage to the durability and quality of the leather, while the lively chameleon showed off LV’s wide spectrum of colors.