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The Eternals Got It Right…

The final trailer for Marvel’s “The Eternals” features a quite hilarious sequence featuring some of the titular characters having a bit of, what some might call a “discussion” about IKEA furniture. Our lead writer was blessed enough to have a relative who speaks FLUENT IKEA, and we thought we’d post up the 70 year evolution of the center piece of the IKEA catalog over decades… the living room. Above is a look at the years spanning the 1970’s to the 2020’s at just how the IKEA living room, and all its goofy names has evolved. TRUST us, for the interior designer, its a bit more interesting than you may think.

Read Your Book Case.

Read your bookcase, a modular typographical bookcase by Saporiti, is an awesome looking piece of furniture.  Although the customization options are non existant, it’s still quite a unique show off piece.

Ikea Science Fiction.

I recently helped my assistant move into a new place in the city, and half the time, all I could think about was NOT wanting to set up some bookshelf from Ikea with its notoriously overly complicated directions.  After a while of thinking to myself, I wondered what are the most complex set of instructions one could find from Ikea…