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Creating Art With Technology


Have you ever heard of projection mapping? It looks amazing on large structures, and even more incredible on a moving human face. The following video has a rather bland title (REAL-TIME FACE TRACKING & PROJECTION MAPPING), but I promise you, your mind will be blown. This is an absolutely fantastic use of technology to create beautiful art. This worked so well because the people that designed it managed to achieve very low latency tracking. If the system couldn’t track her face quickly, then the effect would have been greatly diminished. Instead, it looked a little like magic. As Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law states… Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

3D Facial Recognition Airport Security

3d-face-scanner-sochi-olympics-designboom00 3d-face-scanner-sochi-olympics-designboom01

The broadway 3D facial recognition system – installed for airport access control – provides the highest security level available on the market. The system captures the geometry of a human face – one of the most precise biometrics that is impossible to fool or fake. Developed by artec group, the security measure was selected to be installed in the Sochi Airport for the 2014 winter olympics. The system eliminates access of an unregistered person or unauthorized employee. In less than a second it captures surface information. Having analyzed about 40 thousand points on a user’s face it builds a mathematical model and compares it to the database. It is capable of identifying a person while walking, wearing hats or sunglasses and can also decipher between identical twins.

Weird Beauty

weird-beauty-by-alexander-khokhlov-chicquero weird-beauty-by-alexander-khokhlov-chicquero7 weird-beauty-by-alexander-khokhlov-chicquero6 weird-beauty-by-alexander-khokhlov-chicquero5

Alexander Khokhlov is a Russian photographer who loves to use the human face as his canvas for creating graphic, black and white face painting with makeup. From the WiFi icon to the pop icon, Mickey Mouse, or a QRcode across his model’s faces, Khokhlov’s project is quite interesting. Rather than relying on canvas, paper, or any other synthetic material, Khokhlov relies on the beauty and lines of the feminine face to form this project.

weird-beauty-by-alexander-khokhlov-chicquero4 weird-beauty-by-alexander-khokhlov-chicquero1 weird-beauty-by-alexander-khokhlov-chicquero2 weird-beauty-by-alexander-khokhlov-chicquero3 weird-beauty-by-alexander-khokhlov-chicquero8