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Shirley Manson’s Guide To Cussing.


As a person who uses obscenities on a fairly regular basis, (besides when I’m on radio) I was extremely enthused to hear some swear words from my old home.  The United Kingdom.

Meme Monday.

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Meme Monday.

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Meme Monday #1.

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In my downtime there are several sites that I cruise, but the one thing that always keeps my attention is internet memes.  The internet has its own pseudo-culture that I just can’t ignore anymore, and every Monday from here on out, I’m going to post 20 of (what I consider) some of the funniest memes I’ve seen onto the blog.  Enjoy.02-412608929-21 -24 -36 -43 -45 -51 coffee-shop1-580x773 -7 3119958-3344257727-tumbl 02-1919950719

Don’t Let Your Halloween Taste This Bad.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 8.47.44 AMWith the first round of Halloween parties already passed, and the 31st of October fast approaching, everyone has candy on the brain.  Trick-or-Treat-ing usual results in lots of treats, but Crest took a bit more heavily to the ‘trick’ side of things when they created veggie-flavored candy for kids.  Take a look at the hilarious video below.

How Animals Eat Their Food

Picture 5

Well, it’s not exactly Animal Planet but this guy really has some hilarious animal instincts and shows us how certain animals would eat their food.

Worst 100 Pick-Up Lines of All Time

Young couple drinking wine and having fun

Working in a night club you hear some of the worst pick up lines ever. In a crushingly futile eight and a half minute cringe-fest which could have easily been renamed “100 surefire ways to get maced in the face by strangers you’ll definitely never have sex with”. 18 year old Brisbane comedian is completely incapable of feeling shame by trying his hand at some of the most ineffective pickup lines of all time to show you how its not to be done.

Scotch Tape Photoseries


This is a photoseries called Scotch Tape by photographer Wes Naman. With the help of his assistant Joy Godfrey, the models’ faces are manipulated using Scotch tape. There’s a lot of squished noses and lips, stretched eyebrows, and smashed faces.

tape-face-2 tape-faces-3 tape-faces-4 tape-faces-5 tape-faces-7 tape-faces-8 tape-faces-6

T-Shirt Designs

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Check out these t-shirt illustrations, they are pretty funny and very creative.

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Airplane Passengers Incite Mile-High Pillow Fight Pillow Flight Sparked on CO1905 Flight


Air travel is boring. Why not make it interesting by inciting a pillow fight? That’s exactly what passengers did on a recent Continental Airlines flight from Phoenix, Arizona, to Everett, Washington. They even ganged up on those in first class with the chant “Throw them all into first.”

Hidden Camera Show Pulls Scariest Elevator Prank Ever

Brazilian variety show Programa Silvio Santos is known for fairly run-of-the-mill hidden camera gags like “Magnetic Soup” and “Pig Grinder.” But its latest prank is notable not only for being far less lighthearted than the others, but also for being actual torture. Titled “Ghost in the Elevator,” the so-called prank starts out normally enough, but soon the elevator lights start to flicker and out pops a little girl reminiscent of Samara from The Ring clutching a doll and starts to scream bloody murder and playtime is officially over. The worst part? The dystopian laugh track playing over scenes of random people losing a good ten years off their lifespan.

The World’s Greatest Beer Ad.

Unless your granddad used to brew his own beer and take you through the process at a young, slightly bored age, chances are you have little to no idea about how it’s all made.  From now on, we’re taking the below advert as gospel.  The process has been broken down in this new commercial from the Hahn Brewery, who make beer over in Australia. It involves a number of stages with just one thing in common: total awesomeness.  We don’t want to ruin it so take a look below. You can then join us in manically Googling how we can import Hahn Super Dry as soon as humanly possible.

Clever And Quite Bitter.

Sometime post just speak for themselves. These clever and quite bitter illustrations are pretty funny. Check them out.

Caller I.D. Can Kill.

Have you ever got someone’s number, and needed to find a way to remember some outstanding details about them?  I always put a little something extra into that contact’s info on my iPhone for that very reason, but just be aware that being too descriptive can always get you in trouble.

Patrice O’Neal’s Rating System For White Women.

I’ve always been an immense fan of stand up comedy.  On rainy days when people are sad, couples are cuddling, and art school girls are sitting at home drinking exotic teas, I’m normally at home, engineering music, and running a stand up comedy marathon on my big screen.  It’s just something that always puts me in a better mood.  Patrice O’Neal (rest in peace), became one of my favorites after his untimely death, but his comedy still makes me, and millions of others none the less.  In one of his many funny bits from “Elephant In The Room” he talks about missing persons, and how it it relates (in HIS head) to race, color and beauty.

Chicago vs. Chicago: Round 2 (Extended Version).

Last summer New Era paid homage to the bitter rivalry between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox with a series of commercials featuring comedic actors Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski.  This spring, the sports apparel company has shifted its focus to the Windy City where Chicago White Sox fan Craig Robinson (Daryl from “The Office”) and Cubs fan Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson on “Parks and Recreation”) can’t seem to agree on anything.

The Kobe System.

If you haven’t experienced the Kobe System for yourself, you must not know what it feels like to be over the top.  This is because the Kobe System isn’t just about getting to the top, it’s about going over the top.  Success for the Successful is Kobe Bryant’s winning, results-oriented philosophy on how to adapt to succeed.  To commemorate the release of the Kobe System, Nike has released a few viral videos to help get Kobe’s Message across. The Kobe system is basically VII sneaker with 2 separate inserts.  One insert helps with speed while the other helps with performance. It’s up to you to decide which one.  In the videos, Kobe plays a motivational speaker that manages to motivate without making much sense to anyone but himself. The videos feature an all star cast that includes Kanye West, Serena Williams, skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, comedian Aziz Ansari, and even Virgin CEO Richard Branson.

Take a look at some of the Kobe System “motivational speeches” in the videos below.

The Best E Cards Ever.

Around the holidays, everyone is looking for that perfect card to say exactly what they want.  Some folk write their own cards, others buy them, and then there are the few that pick from e-cards and just email them to people.  Until this morning, I was under the impression that the e-card sender were weak… but when I saw my mind was blown.  Regardless of the intent you may have, they have a perfectly twisted card for you.  For the first time in life, I’ve seen a collection of cards that sound just like things I would write if I knew no one would read them.  Check out all the 20,000 + cards they have.  Brilliant.

Smart-Ass Remarks To Everyday Signs.

Amongst my friends I’m know for having a somewhat… acquired taste in terms of my humor.  I love to say and do things that most would find crass, but I personally think are hilarious.  So seeing a collection of every day signs that others have decorated with the intent of sarcasm was refreshing to me.  I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one with a odd sense of what’s funny.

Japanese Fanta Commercials Are The Greatest.

I’m sure many readers remember the “Fantanas”, which were Fanta’s attempt at using sex appeal to sell flavored soda.  There have been a few different changes to the line up of Fantanas, but to me the originals were always the best, especially the red one (who’s actual name is K.D. Aubert… the walking Viagra pill).  But it never occurred to me that in other countries, marketing directors may have gone in other directions to try and sell Fanta… until I saw the old school Japanese ads.  The set of ads for Fanta below were all exclusively created for the market in Japan, and feature a different direction than the ones I was used to growing up.  That being said, I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard ever in life.  Check the method below, and keep in mind that there are TONS more of these ads scattered around the web.

Dear Blank, Please Blank.

No matter who you are, at one point in life, you’ve received a letter.  Everyone has.  But not many letters read like these short, clever, comical works known as “Dear Blank, Please Blank”.  There are even entire websites dedicated to this format of humor, but the ones in these pictures are some I thought were among the best.  Check the method.

The Regular Show.

I’m not really one for cartoons, but when someone you live with keeps chanting the same thing you get a bit curious.  One of my boys kept saying “I don’t mean to brag, I don’t mean to boast… But here goes some Hummus for these Mini-Toasts!”, so after hearing this no less than 90 times, I had him introduce me to the “Regular Show” on Cartoon Network.  Check the clip, but if you find yourself with a bit of spare time, watch the show, it’s actually pretty funny.

Family Feud F*ck Up.

On a recent episode of Family Feud, host Steve Harvey asked contestants to name, “Something that gets passed around.” Simple enough.  When the straight-laced, WASPY looking dude in the tie buzzes in first, you’re more or less expecting him to say something along the lines of “the flu!” or “a birthday card for your boss!”, but his answer ends up being a little less family friendly.  Watch Steve Harvey oscillate between shocked and amused after the jump.

How To Win R.P.S.

For those of you who were wondering what R.P.S. is, it stands for ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’.  Now for those of you who are wondering why on earth anyone would give a sh*t, I know I would normally wonder the same thing. But this is the fashion in which most of the arguments between some of my oldest friends are settled. So just incase you ever decide to give being a grown up a rest, and find yourself engaged in a vicious ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ battle, hopefully this short and informative infograph will be of some help.

The Gayest Car Commercial Ever.

So in the process of finishing some mixing/mastering some music at home, and while searching for a Marilyn Monroe sample, I came across a a Monroe commercial outtake that is (as of now) officially the funniest thing I’ve seen year.  Its a cross between an old school 60’s PSA, and Jeremy Piven in “Rush Hour 2”.  Check it out and try to tell me you weren’t cracking up.