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Shirley Manson’s Guide To Cussing.


As a person who uses obscenities on a fairly regular basis, (besides when I’m on radio) I was extremely enthused to hear some swear words from my old home.  The United Kingdom.


Meme Monday.

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Meme Monday.

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Meme Monday #1.

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In my downtime there are several sites that I cruise, but the one thing that always keeps my attention is internet memes.  The internet has its own pseudo-culture that I just can’t ignore anymore, and every Monday from here on out, I’m going to post 20 of (what I consider) some of the funniest memes I’ve seen onto the blog.  Enjoy.02-412608929-21 -24 -36 -43 -45 -51 coffee-shop1-580x773 -7 3119958-3344257727-tumbl 02-1919950719

Don’t Let Your Halloween Taste This Bad.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 8.47.44 AMWith the first round of Halloween parties already passed, and the 31st of October fast approaching, everyone has candy on the brain.  Trick-or-Treat-ing usual results in lots of treats, but Crest took a bit more heavily to the ‘trick’ side of things when they created veggie-flavored candy for kids.  Take a look at the hilarious video below.

How Animals Eat Their Food

Picture 5

Well, it’s not exactly Animal Planet but this guy really has some hilarious animal instincts and shows us how certain animals would eat their food.

Worst 100 Pick-Up Lines of All Time

Young couple drinking wine and having fun

Working in a night club you hear some of the worst pick up lines ever. In a crushingly futile eight and a half minute cringe-fest which could have easily been renamed “100 surefire ways to get maced in the face by strangers you’ll definitely never have sex with”. 18 year old Brisbane comedian is completely incapable of feeling shame by trying his hand at some of the most ineffective pickup lines of all time to show you how its not to be done.