Oh My God, Becky Look At Her Backpack.

Got some junk in your trunk? Need a backpack with some extra back? Well let me ASSk you something.  Would you be caught with your pants down without one of these “female form” inspired backpacks dubbed “The Peach” by Yen-Hsiang Skeet Wang?  (YEAH… the man’s last names are Skeet and Wang.)  The designer felt it necessary to tell us that he is enphatuated with the female form.  So what better than to design a backpack that he thinks is really erotic. (Personally I like the asses on the women I walk around with to be a bit more well rounded)  But Yen says a woman’s gluteus maximus was designed to be attractive to men, we would not procreate if we were not lured by their subtle charm.

The idea behind this project is to recycle products in a new and novel way. We were asked to think freely in the use of materials and applications for the project such as creating art pieces, user experience and enhancing the way we work. For Peach I used mannequins, I decided to use human like display forms and breathe new life into them to add a sense of fun to an otherwise spiritless form. I used the discarded lower torso of a female mannequin and combined it with something unrelated.

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