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Hotdog Mustard Pump!

b8d577ebddb843a8752fdfd9580bc5c1Personally, when it come to fashion, my eye is a little mute, it takes something that jumps out of the page, and pops visually to catch my attention.  With distinct colors and style, the ‘Hotdog Mustard Pump’ display definitely fits that bill.  Nicolle Clemetson’s photography encapsulates the wild viusual style of Will Bryant and Kristin Lane to display the clothing that in itself stands out wildly from anything else out there.  Check the method.

8936603bd8b50a38f5caaf248aeb2ef2 30a8fa9069bbc2919adc366a4320d277 0fb4911a47bc3b8eafae117a71d280f2 34c345d689649ffad9fef81bcfd695d4 3c199a48359b5a4b9103e71c063dac02 eb6184436459305d6b91a4dcb59621d7 a9da630ba103e177e38eb7231e46b86e 27e983c959f3495c9bb33946c48880e1 d2fb11fa51f466415ea10a02e9e338a3 e36d524cac5a531f80986b09ad7989b7 33af3cad8bd309397523c9da03b349d5 cf7fea0995ac58ccf9b0e41c7a58c98c 15268f3f06f4f9ab8138a3e07a1ae07a 2f9224f66eec4edb96f05d3048a9554d

Red Bull Superheroes

RedBull_Diego_Fonseca_01-580x869 RedBull_Diego_Fonseca_02-580x869 RedBull_Diego_Fonseca_03-580x869 RedBull_Diego_Fonseca_06-580x580 RedBull_Diego_Fonseca_07-580x580

Diego Fonseca is a New-York-based designer and art director who grew up with comics books and superheroes. He created with Red Bull and DC Comics, a wonderful series of cans wraps with the symbols and colors of the mighty Justice League superheroes. 

RedBull_Diego_Fonseca_04-580x434 RedBull_Diego_Fonseca_05-580x434

Miguel Sousa


Miguel Sousa is a portuguese illustrator and art director. He currently lives in Madrid, Spain. He is graduated in graphic design and has a master in illustration and animation. He draws everyday on his sketchbook and likes to play sports. He has a very personal way of drawing which makes his work very unique and creative.

miguel-sousa-viking-hipster miguel-sousa-topless-girl miguel-sousa-man miguel-sousa-deer miguel-sousa-beard-guy

Benoit Challand – Typography

Benoit-Challand-Typography-Reach-your-Goal-580x322 Benoit-Challand-Typography-SFW-580x696 Benoit-Challand-Typography-Renovate-3-580x326

Benoit Challand is a 3D artist & art director originally french but working in Madrid, Spain and with a highly impressive talent. Here’s a selection of his creations of 3D typography.

Benoit-Challand-Typography-6th-Floor Benoit-Challand-Typography-Fancy-Mood Benoit-Challand-Typography-Fancy-Wood Benoit-Challand-Typography-Lost Benoit-Challand-Typography-Reach-Your-goal-2 Benoit-Challand-Typography-Renovate- Benoit-Challand-Typography-Robust

Kian Eriksen – Dakar 2013

Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-580x386 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-3-580x386 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-2-580x386 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-10 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-16-580x386

The Dakar, 8000 kilometers through sands & roads between Peru, Chile & Argentina. Kian Eriksen, photographer and art director from South Africa, travelled over the ocean to see and capture the amazing shots offered by the Dakar race.

Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-9 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-8 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-7 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-19 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-6 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-15 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-5 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-4 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-13 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-18-580x386

Street Fighter Motion Sculptures | 2013


For Dan the Ad Man – an Ireland-based video director and art director — the desire to learn CINEMA 4D and Vray in his spare time lead to an inventive, pop-culture influenced dimensional short film. Building on the characters within the iconic Street Fighter 2 video game, Dan was able to render dimensional executions of each character into a video that is set to sampled Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 in-game sound effects. Blending his personal passion in the world of 4D graphics with the nostalgia of one of his favorite video games, the Street Fighter Motion Sculptures video renderings represent the colors, moves and shapes of a variety of the game’s characters.

Beautiful Balloon Dresses


These dresses are made totally from balloons. Daisy Balloon is balloon artist Rie Hosokai and art director/graphic designer Takashi Kawada. Making the world their stage, this balloon unit travels the globe to exhibit their art.

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