‘The 355’ Trailers. (And A Bit Of The True Story)

Now we have to say this straight off the bat, that it doesn’t matter which of the trailers that you prefer, they both have our favorite thing in the whole world of spy/espionage action films in them… That bit where someone is passed by a bus, or a train, and just magically vanishes into thin air. (It makes no sense, it’s illogical, and its always a damn good time.) That being said, the new film “The 355” starring Jessica Chastain, Fan Bing Bing (that’s her real name), Lupita Nyong’o, Penelope Cruz, and Diane Kruger seems to be the ultimate female team up flick. It’s not necessarily akin to “The Expendables”, because this one actually looks quite good. It does take a look at both trailers to get a full scope of the story, but the online synopsis sits simply as so. “Five women band together to stop a global organization from acquiring a weapon that could thrust the teetering world into total chaos.” However simple this wrap up may be, the film seems to have all the complexities of any wonderfully written and intriguing action film before it, and given the cast, we think should be one to look out for. If you are also intrigued by the story of the REAL Agent 355 (who died after 1780), it was the code name of a female spy during the American Revolution, part of the Culper Ring. Agent 355 was one of the first spies for the United States, but her real identity is unknown. The number, 355, could be decrypted from the system the Culper Ring used to mean “lady.” Click HERE for more, and check out the trailers for the film below.

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