Astonishing Stretchable Paper Sculptures Appear to Be Made of Stone

At first glance the sculptures constructed by artist Li Hongbo appear to be chiseled out of stone, but once manipulated and pulled, they reveal the use of a different medium. Once the viewer uncovers that the sculpture can not only move, but stretch, spread, twist, bend, and contract, the pieces exhibit a much greater impact.

Hongbo first developed an interest in paper when he worked in the book publishing business. He recognized the vitalness of paper in the design of a book, analyzing the characteristics and durability of the different types. He adopted the “paper gourd” method, which is commonly recognized from paper lanterns.

Once Hongbo discovered connecting paper, endless possibilities unfurled. He adopted a layering process, which takes months to complete, and carefully considers the depth, width, mass, and center of each piece to ensure a balanced construction. Cutting, chiseling, and sanding each piece as if it were made of stone, Hongbo’s paper 3D sculptures are more than meet’s the eye.

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