The LYNK Collection.

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Wearable technology should make life easier, not more complicated. It should complement your fashion sense, not compromise it. It should create envy while providing you with essential customizable information at a glance. It should balance the rational with the emotional.  The LYNK Collection by LUNATIK simplifies the inevitable link between your life and technology. It represents singular focus to bring minimal, simple and intuitive design that is accessible to all. It is smartwear for the rest of us.


While everyone else is peddling the expected, they seek out unseen connections between people, technology and lifestyles.  An obsessed about everything they create, and exceeding user expectations is what drives LUNATIK.  Founded in 2010, the crowd-funded game-changer, LUNATIK was created by award-winning design entrepreneur Scott Wilson and his Chicago-based product and brand incubation firm, MINIMAL.

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  1. February 12th, 2014

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