Le Sphinx Tattoos 25 Limited Edition J&B Whiskey Bottles


Sébastien Mathieu, owner of Le Sphinx a private tattoo room in paris has literally tattooed onto 25 bottles for whiskey brand, J&B. Presented in rough black wooden box, the individually designed bottles each took around 20 hours to be completed. The containers were fully covered with a latex material, just like the one used when tattooing – slim enough to respect the outline’s shape and strong enough to be hit multiple times by the sharp needles. A human skin color was also applied to help strengthen the overall perception of the design.

img_6_1392031715_c12ce2bbb4c4918e63a6c095778e2454 sphinx-JB-whiskey-bottles-designboom02 img_2_1392031715_caf4725d5278a9cf8ce4a48dc80f6ccb img_7_1392031715_904a6b177fe8b795a1c9674d27d8127a img_5_1392031715_90f6ecf96fc8a372f5b94d4ccf6bd50b img_10_1392031715_0deb22e8f7c27146449f6153f876b43b img_9_1392031715_03985df1551d8d565bb50e03ab92a5c3 img_8_1392031715_3451bb8d14cffbdd21dcaaafef505a88

  1. February 11th, 2014

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