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Sydney Australia Is Gettin All GeeDup.


Fashion changes drastically from place to place, and touring Australia for a few weeks made me want to look into whats hot in the Land Down under.  The most striking brand I came across was Geedup, an Australian clothing company, started by two brothers. Their style is extremely reminiscent of the Cali streetwear scene, the selection of pieces is wide enough that I could wear a full outfit from them everyday for two weeks and still not have run through them all.  Check the method below.

Beach_Bucket_Cyan_Side_1_e8efbe31-8bdb-42f2-93b7-b5852cf27bbc_1024x1024 Headwear_Website39_1024x1024 navy_1024x1024 Raglan_Charcoal_1024x1024 ORGINIALS_1024x1024 born_poor_LS_front_1024x1024

Established in the summer of 2010, the group of young entrepreneur’s that founded Geedup set up shop in Darlinghurst, and Parramatta, Australia.  I hope at some point they get a location in the States, however, you don’t have to fly to Australia to get your hands on their gear.  Their online shop has a great selection as well as accessories, which you can view by clicking any of the photos in the post, or right here.  I’m making it a priority to grab a few pieces before I head out.

geedup_lighter_2_1024x1024 geedup_silver_ring_1024x1024 BLACK_TEAM_HOOD_1024x1024 sportsman3_grande MURKERS_BLACK_grande The_Originals_Package_Exclusive_1024x1024



Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless Earbuds


While the media is still covering every angle of Apple’s $3 billion acquisition of Beats, the brand built by hip hop superstar Dr. Dre continues doing what they do best – building headphones that millions of people will want to buy. Introducing the Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless Earbuds. Serving as the company’s first pair of wireless earbuds (they have already released wireless headphones), we imagine these will be a huge hit with avid gym goers and athletes everywhere. Each pair is completely wireless, and also completely sweat proof. A full charge will give you 6 hours of Bluetooth connectivity, while a quick 15 minute charge will give you enough juice for a 60 minute session. These lightweight earbuds were inspired by LeBron James, and have been packed with the power of dual-driver acoustics. These are the perfect companion to help you get back into shape this summer season.

Alexander Hamilton Vodka

1_ham-580x435 4_ham-580x771 hamiltonbottles

Steven Bonner is a talented american designer and illustrator. His latest project was to designed the bottle of the Alexander Hamilton Vodka. The Hamilton Vodka is a new brand of premium vodka based in New York. The beautiful bottle is 100% handcrafted in New York and is highly detailed and the vodka is 100% made of distilled potatoes.

Hamilton_4 Hamilton_5 hamilton_1

Le Sphinx Tattoos 25 Limited Edition J&B Whiskey Bottles


Sébastien Mathieu, owner of Le Sphinx a private tattoo room in paris has literally tattooed onto 25 bottles for whiskey brand, J&B. Presented in rough black wooden box, the individually designed bottles each took around 20 hours to be completed. The containers were fully covered with a latex material, just like the one used when tattooing – slim enough to respect the outline’s shape and strong enough to be hit multiple times by the sharp needles. A human skin color was also applied to help strengthen the overall perception of the design.

img_6_1392031715_c12ce2bbb4c4918e63a6c095778e2454 sphinx-JB-whiskey-bottles-designboom02 img_2_1392031715_caf4725d5278a9cf8ce4a48dc80f6ccb img_7_1392031715_904a6b177fe8b795a1c9674d27d8127a img_5_1392031715_90f6ecf96fc8a372f5b94d4ccf6bd50b img_10_1392031715_0deb22e8f7c27146449f6153f876b43b img_9_1392031715_03985df1551d8d565bb50e03ab92a5c3 img_8_1392031715_3451bb8d14cffbdd21dcaaafef505a88

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung-Galaxy-Gear-Note-580x557 timthumb.php Samsung-Galaxy-Gear-And-Note-3 timthumb-1.php

Smartphone is not dead, but smartwatches are here, and enters the Samsung Galaxy Gear. This brand new product made by Samsung is the up & coming technology gadget that all geeks will get. Conceived with an elegant and classy design, the gear will allow you to check your texts, calendar, pass some calls, take notes, and of course check out the time.


True Male Friendship from Guinness


Irish brand Guinness has shown that male friendship – it’s not just to drink beer together. True friendship is tested by time, tests and actions. As a part of multi-year campaign “Made of more” Guinness created 60 seconds video where using only 20 words they were able to show the true nature of human relationships. This video has it all: competition, failure, fall, and pain, as well as dedication, loyalty, strength of the human spirit and the friendship of these men. And as a finishing touch – composition Cinematic Orchestra “To Build a Home” sounding on a background.



Porsche Design 24/7 Billiards Table

03 01

It seems that German luxury brand Porsche Design seriously engaged in the creation of items for home comfort. Recently they has released 24/7 Billiards Table. This is a top-of-the-line design made with the highest quality materials and the sleekest design. The design is clean with defined lines that create a stylish piece. The table is made of tulip-wood and aluminum with a shiny lacquer finish. The design is a minimalist design that carries the chic appeal of Porsche Design Studio products. The table is handmade in Austria so delivery can take as long as eight weeks. The table comes fully equipped for players to get their game on. A triangle, an ARAMITH Billiard ball set, a cue rack, a bridge stick and two premium cues are included in the package.

04 02

Vertu Ti Ferrari Smartphone


Vertu has expanded its Ti line with a luxury smartphone whose design was inspired by the Ferrari F12 berlinetta. A limited edition of 2,013 smartphones will be produced and sold. The new Vertu Ti Ferrari is the result of a close collaboration between the luxury phone maker and the luxury sports car brand. Ferrari has supplied some of the red and black leather used in the seats of its sports cars for the leather accents along the smartphone’s casing. Vertu, in turn, has treated and conditioned the leather to ensure it will withstand the constant handling a smartphone is subject to. The smartphone’s casing is made of diamond-like carbon (DLC), a lightweight material ten times stronger than stainless steel, which Ferrari uses to protect its motors from extreme heat and friction. The back of the device is modeled after the aerodynamic lines of the F12 berlinetta, while the position of the supercar’s headlights is echoed in the position of the phone’s camera. The Vertu Ti Ferrari’s feature set is not particularly impressive. Equipped with a 3.7-inch screen, an 8MP photo camera at the back and a 1.3MP front camera for video chats, the smartphone runs under Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and is equipped with Bluetooth, wifi and 3G+ connectivity. The start screen of the Vertu Ti Ferrari features the signature colors of the famous Italian car maker, and the Vertu for Ferrari App provides access to the latest Ferrari news from the brand’s social network pages and the automotive trade press. The on-screen clock is modeled after the F12 berlinetta’s tachometer, and the four available ringtones purr with the sound of the grand tourer’s V12 engine.

Pharrell Williams x Moncler Lunette Sunglasses Collection


Scheduled to make their official debut at the opening of the new moncler flagship store in Paris on september 26th, the ‘lunettes sunglasses collection’ by artist Pharrell Williams features three different frames made from single pieces of titanium. Each pair incorporates design similarities from the french luxury brand in different aesthetic approaches; from steampunk influences, space frames and clean traditional lines.

pharrell-moncler-lunettes-sunglasses-collection-designboom02 pharrell-moncler-lunettes-sunglasses-collection-designboom03 pharrell-moncler-lunettes-sunglasses-collection-designboom04

BaselWorld 2013 – La Ferrari Watch by Hublot

Ferrari-watch-600x450 LaFerrari_watch hublot-masterpiece-laferrari-watch-600x399 Hublot-LaFerrari-4-600x505

BaselWorld 2013 certainly saw some impressive timepieces unveiled but few could hold a candle to the  jaw-dropping Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari watch from Swiss watchmakers, Hublot. This mesmerising timepiece was the star of the show at BaselWorld and it isn’t difficult to see why when you see it in action. Hublot and Ferrari are a match made in heaven as they are two brands positively steeped in luxury and this exemplary Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari watch superbly demonstrates what happens when two luxury powerhouses come together.


Terry Richardson Stars in New Valentino Campaign


Famous fashion photographer Terry Richardson has shot a new advertising campaign for the Italian luxury brand founded by Valentino Garavani. Often controversial photographer Terry Richardson has flexed his fashion muscles with some new (semi) self-portraits for Valentino.


Counterbalanced Turntable by Hammacher Schlemmer


Listening to records is old school cool. Vinyl is still in circulation so having a means to play them is important. The sound quality might not be that great so investing in a newer design might be best. Gadget brand Hammacher Schlemmer put out a Counterbalanced Turntable that delivers crisp, clear sound. Equipped with all kinds of high tech mechanisms including dual counter-rotating decks that spin counter-clockwise to cancel out unwanted noise and twin plinths that can’t transfer sound. This design won the Best Sound High Fidelity Award by Munich High End which is the biggest high-end award to be had.

Mita Sneakers x Reebok Classic Leather 30th Anniversary


Continuing on their celebration of the Reebok Classic Leather‘s 30th Anniversary, the brand has collaborated with Tokyo retailer mita Sneakers. This sneaker is a colorful combination of materials and tones, meshing pig suede, sky blue chambray, terry, and glow-in-the-dark on one nicely executed silhouette. Behind this is Shigeyuki Kunii, creative director at mita Sneakers, who is responsible for the innovative design process with which mita approaches its collaborations.

PepsiCo Ends Deal With Lil Wayne Due to “Offensive” Lyrics


Looks like DEWeezy, The high-profile, multimillion-dollar partnership between PepsiCo and Lil Wayne ended with an announcement issued by the makers of the popular Mountain Dew soft drink.  Recently made a crude reference to civil rights hero Emmett Till in the song “Karate Chop.” As a result, PepsiCo pulled the plug on the Mountain Dew promotional campaign known as “DEWeezy,” which launched in March 2012 with a highly publicized Lil Wayne performance at South by Southwest.


The statement issued by PepsiCo said that Wayne’s “offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand,” reported the Associated Press. Meanwhile, a rep from the rapper’s camp said the split was due to “creative differences” and they parted on amicable terms. In the song, Lil Wayne says he wants to beat up a woman’s sexual organ “like Emmett Till.”  Till was an African-American boy who was murdered in Mississippi in 1955 at the age of 14, after he allegedly whistled at a white woman. He was severely beaten and had his eyes gouged out before being shot in the head. His body was disposed of in a river, where he was weighted down with a cotton gin fan tied to his neck with barbed wire. The two white men accused of committing the crime were the woman’s husband and his brother, but they were acquitted by an all-white jury. The trial and Till’s open-casket funeral became a flashpoint in the civil rights movement.  The Till family reportedly called for a meeting with PepsiCo and Wayne this week. The rap star sent the Till family a letter saying he would not refer to Emmett Till in an offensive manner.


Karl Lagerfeld Store

timthumb-1.php timthumb.php Karl-Lagerfeld-Store-Portrait Karl-Lagerfeld-Store-Upstair timthumb-2.php timthumb-1.php timthumb.php

Karl Lagerfeld opened his first store in Paris. Known for his work at Chanel, it’s for his own brand Karl that the designer, adopted by french culture created this store in Saint Germain Des Près. The hip neighborhood has now his very own place to shop for some premium fashion.

Karl-Lagerfeld-Store-Main Karl-Lagerfeld-Store-

Agent Provocateur Spring 2013 Lingerie Campaign

Crystal-Renn-for-Agent-Provocateur Agent-Provocateur-Spring-2013-campaign Crystal-Renn

Lingerie brand Agent Provocateur has teamed up with photographer Olivier Zahm and American model Crystal Renn for a new pop-art inspired advertising campaign. Zahm is perhaps best known for founding avant-garde style magazine Purple, but he is also famous in fashion circles for his sexy, slick photography. Crystal Renn lounges over a Mercedes 450SL and plays with a toy car in the shots, which were produced in London, and focus on the brand’s “retro glamour sensibility” according to creative director Sarah Shotton.


Blackbird Mercedes | Tron

merc_tron2 merc_tron merc_tron3

This is a design exercise that pays homage to Mercedes-Benz’s racing history. The streamlined body is supposed to evoke airplanes, speed and movement. Designer Peter Vardai’s goal was to create a plan that reinforces the emotions toward Mercedes and refers the the brand’s tradition and future. His concept consisted of the feeling for speed and freedom. He wanted to represent the speed and motion in on subject by basing this project on an airplane’s dinamic and streamlined shape [while having a Tron like future feel to it]. The black and silver are strongly connected to the branding, while the sporty shape refers to the Mercede’s success in auto racing.
merc_tron4 merc_tron6

Stylish Speaker BALLO

05 03 02 01

Check out this creative speaker for your phone. The speaker BALLO for Hong Kong based brand OYO – Objects You Obsess provides massive sound for this tiny device. It comes with a built-in rechargeable Lithium battery and is compatible with most audio devices. The 3.5mm jack is a regular plug for headphones. When pluged-in, the speaker turns on automatically. The design follows principles of minimalistic design. A colorful belt fuses two hemispheres. It protects the speaker and increases the bass tones when lying on a surface. The BALLO speaker is available in ten different colors. Its polycarbonate case makes it robust and perfectly portable.

07 04

Wildfox Couture Recreates “Clueless” Spring 2013

Wildfox-Couture-Recreates-“Clueless”-For-Its-SpringSummer-2013-Lookbook-1 Wildfox-Couture-Recreates-“Clueless”-For-Its-SpringSummer-2013-Lookbook-2 Wildfox-Couture-Recreates-“Clueless”-For-Its-SpringSummer-2013-Lookbook-3

First, Rihanna brought the cult classic Clueless back to life by wearing that Cher Horowitz’s little red dress and now famous brand Wildfox Couture recreates the film’s wardrobe for its Spring 2013 lookbook. The ’90s are back! For its Spring 2013 catalogue Wildfox Coutures taps models Fatima Siad, Olivia Greenfield and Tanya Katysheva. Inspired by the iconic ’90s flick “Clueless”, the Californian label use the three models to impersonate Cher (Alicia Silverstone), Dionne (Stacey Dash) and Tai (the late, great Brittany Murphy). From the Rodeo Drive to the tennis courts, the lookbook take us to a journey through the movie.

Wildfox-Couture-Recreates-“Clueless”-For-Its-SpringSummer-2013-Lookbook-4 Wildfox-Couture-Recreates-“Clueless”-For-Its-SpringSummer-2013-Lookbook-7 Wildfox-Couture-Recreates-“Clueless”-For-Its-SpringSummer-2013-Lookbook-9

The color-saturated images were shot by The Cobrasnake – Mark Hunter – and show the girls wearing cropped knits, flirty berets, fun graphic tees and playful silhouettes. The Wildfox Spring/Summer 2013 collection, “We’re the Kids in America,” is a modern line with plenty of comfy t-shirts, maxi dresses, floral prints and ’90s graphics, furry backpack, that iconic yellow-skirt suit, macrame beanies, and gym-class sports bras.

I have always wanted to express something creatively that is more than just fashion, it’s a feeling, a lifestyle, it’s about being a girl. It’s capturing a moment. I think I felt it first when I was about 12 around when Clueless came out and I was so in love with the characters, I didn’t just love the clothes, I loved the girls who wore the clothes – which made me want to wear them even more. – Said designer Kimberley Gordon.

Wildfox-Couture-Recreates-“Clueless”-For-Its-SpringSummer-2013-Lookbook-10 Wildfox-Couture-Recreates-“Clueless”-For-Its-SpringSummer-2013-Lookbook-11 Wildfox-Couture-Recreates-“Clueless”-For-Its-SpringSummer-2013-Lookbook-16 Wildfox-Couture-Recreates-“Clueless”-For-Its-SpringSummer-2013-Lookbook-17 Wildfox-Couture-Recreates-“Clueless”-For-Its-SpringSummer-2013-Lookbook-21 Wildfox-Couture-Recreates-“Clueless”-For-Its-SpringSummer-2013-Lookbook-22 Wildfox-Couture-Recreates-“Clueless”-For-Its-SpringSummer-2013-Lookbook-23

Omega Seamaster James Bond 50th Anniversary Watch.

To celebrate fifty years of James Bond films, Omega is releasing a special update of  their Seamaster Diver 300m James Bond watch.  The watch offers Omega’s caliber 2507 co-axial movement, with the winding rotor designed to look like a bullet. It’s also inscribed with ’50 years of James Bond.’  The James Bond 50th Anniversary watch has been created in two sizes, 41 mm and  36 mm. The 36mm case size has a diamond index at the 7 o’clock position.  The 41 mm version is being produced in a limited edition of 11’007 pieces and the 36 mm version in a limited edition of 3’007 pieces.  No mention of price as yet, but as both a classic watch and a limited edition, this is unlikely be one of the cheaper watches on the market.  Interestingly, 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film series — though fifty years ago Bond was not wearing an Omega at all.  The classic timepiece has been worn by 007 in every adventure since GoldenEye, when it replaced the Rolex Submariner.

The Pop Up Shop 2011.

On a recent venture down to The City Of Angels, I was asked to DJ a gig called the Pop Up Shop.  The Pop Up Shop was a brilliant joint venture between ‘Team Iso’, ‘Rockit Scientists’, ‘Class Villians’, ‘Phreedom’, ‘Boomtho!’ and a whole host of other amazing brands to display their latest and greatest works at the Dream Factory.  Not to be confused with the Fantasy Factory, the Dream Factory is a one of a kind art gallery on Main Street in downtown LA.  I spun the all day event as all the brands and their representers were out in full effect.

Now, this is the part that will undoubtedly cause me to get a whole host of angry emails about how I cut people out, and forgot about this person and that person, but I don’t care.  All the brands that were in the house worked their hardest to come through with the best product they had to offer.  Every size of every color-way or every look and every style of every piece were award worthy, hands down.  And that being said, I have to be honest, I was a bit busy doing my job to get the background on every single brand in the building (there were quite a few), but below are a few peeks at some of the material from ‘Rockit Scientists’, ‘Team Iso’, ‘Class Villains’, and ‘Boomtho!’.  Check the method.

All in all the event was a blast, and I have to try and shoot out everyone who helped everything run as smoothly as it did, starting with my amazing assistant Ashley F., who not only held it down at the event, but also managed to take all the photos in this post.  Shouts to Keoni, Brittany, Louis V, Lil Ryan, and the whole Team Iso crew.  Nico Santana, Reg Slvstr, DT, and everyone else involved with the Rockit Scientists.  All of NhT, and every other performer who hit the stage to perform during the evening.  And shouts to all and everyone who came through to support their brands, and most of all, anyone who bought something at the gallery.  (You helped us get paid… so THANK YOU).  By the end of the night, everyone was like family (on my twitter, you can see us all grubbing at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffels on Pico), and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Hit me up in a comment if you want the details on the next one, or any of the brands pictured in this post.

I Didn’t Know Japan Make Whisky.

Japan‘s top whisky distiller has started accepting orders for a limited run of a whisky that has been aged in oak barrels for more than 50 years.  Shipments of the Yamazaki Single Malt 50-Year-Old Whisky will begin on Dec 13, in response to orders taken at department stores and liquor shops across Japan.  Suntory said it is only producing 150 bottles, but added that demand had already been strong and that it is considering another similar release in the future.  Whisky is enjoying a renaissance in Japan, in part because of the newfound popularity of the highball among a new generation of drinkers, but also because of the growing reputations of Japanese distillers.  Suntory, for example, took the top prizes in the International Spirits Challenge, held in London in November 2010, with its 1984 Single Malt winning both the best whisky in the competition and the Supreme Champion Spirit award.  With the release of its 50-year-old vintage whisky, Suntory is aiming to promote interest among connoisseurs.  The company said the drink had been matured in barrels of Japanese oak that has helped to create a fragrance and flavor that are unique.  Reddish-amber in color, the taste is both mellow and strong, reminiscent of rich, ripe fruit, while the aftertaste is sweet and faintly smoky.  Each 700-milliliter bottle will be priced at Y1 million (€9,511).