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Luxury Shoes Tribute To Marcello Mastroianni.

These extremely stylish shoes were created by the company Bauta Italia using the best leather. Each pair has a serial number printed on a metal plaque which makes it look unique. The unique style of Bauta shoes is also highlighted by the coloured internal linings, shoestrings and soles: azure-blue for the right and purple for the left.

David Guetta, Chris Brown & Lil Wayne – I Can Only Imagine (Behind The Scenes).

Check out the behind the scenes footage of David Guetta’s ‘I Can Only Imagine’ video shoot.

Artist Minh Dam.

Water color is not the easiest medium to master but the artist Minh Dam was able to make multiple master pieces in this collection . Check the method.

Game – No More Fun & Games (Sleeping Dogs Remix).

Check out The Game’s brand new video for “No More Fun and Games”, inspired by the videogame Sleeping Dogs™ and produced by Complex. Watch The Game and Sleeping Dog’s Wei Shen hit the streets in this action packed music video and pre-order the videogame at GameStop for a chance to win the custom painted bike featured in this video.

The Miller Boom Box.

Take a look at the creative packaging of Miller beer. To attract attention to and to make Miller the preferred brand among other six packs in the summer when beer consumption spikes. Miller is closely linked with music in Turkey. It has been organizing Miller Music Factory, a contest to discover fresh talents at the Miller Freshtival, a music festival. This is why we have chosen music as a theme for our six pack. We have designed two sided boxes, one side looks like a speaker and the other is the cassette player. This way when three boxes are brought together side by side, they form a boom box. Design was created by advertising agency Manajans/JWT, Istanbul, Turkey.

Chris Brown – I Don’t Like (Drake Diss).

Did you think the Chris Brown and Drake drama was finished? Of course it isn’t. Chris Brown hops on Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like,” and drops some lyrical darts at his fellow light-skinned antagonist. Although Breezy makes it clear that he has no problems at all with the other members of YMCMB, he makes it crystal clear his beef is with Drake and it is over Rihanna.

“A f-ck ni**a, that’s that sh-t I don’t like/They throwin’ bottles, I’m throwin’ models just ’cause I give a Itchbay long pipe,” raps Breezy. “I be singin’, he be singin’, so it’s on, fight/ But hold up, I ain’t give a ni**a no green light/ This head up, my bread up, one on one, what you scared, bruh?/ Matter fact, take care bruh, you a pu**y ni**a/ My ni**a Tunechi, yeah that ni**a nice/ Shout out to Nicki, man, that A$$ tight/ Them eyebrows, man, them sh-ts is yikes/ OVO, you overdosed, screamin’ YOLO no, I live twice.”

New BMW i8 Concept SPYDER.

BMW has unveiled their i8 Concept Spyder. It’s absolutely incredible. They say the i8 represents a vision of the future where intelligent thinking, advanced materials and innovative construction techniques fuse together to create a high performance roadster that is outstandingly efficient and environmentally aware. It possesses, they claim, the performance of a sports car with the consumption of a city car. It doesn’t look too shabby either. Strictly a two-seater it boasts on-board equipment including a pair of electric scooters, housed under a transparent tailgate. It makes 406 ft of torque, which pushes it from 0-62 mph in 5.0 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph. Plus it can do 20 miles of 4-wheel-drive on the battery alone.

The Luxury 35th Street Home By Lazar Design.

The luxury 35th Street Home by Lazar Design/Build on Manhattan Beach, California is Steve Lazar’s recent project is a contemporary home he designed for his family.  While ascending a series of Mangaris wood steps, one walks alongside a river of water flowing over riverbed stones that lead to the entrance of the home.  The entire three-story structure is comprised of stained and polished Mangaris wood, and the immediate impression is that the visitor has just arrived at an island resort.  Inspiration from the islands is apparent throughout his design, as this home would be just as comfortable in Maui as it is in Manhattan Beach.  It is well poised to take advantage of coastal breezes from all direction.

Stepping up to the living room, a panoramic view of the shoreline is visible through sliding-glass pocket doors.  Contemporary furniture, spaciously placed, adorns the living spaces, creating a fresh, breathing environment.  Accents of blue and green appear throughout the home, evoking the seaside surroundings. The spacious kitchen is comprised of stainless steel appliances with blue/green reflective mosaic tile.  A dining room adjoins the kitchen area, and clean custom cabinetry with stainless steel finishes reveal more of Lazar’s attention to craftsmanship.

“Spiro Lamp” By Remedios Simón.

Remedios Simón has designed the Spiro lamp for the Spanish lighting brand LZF. Spiro Lamp is named after its structural design; delicate concentric wood modules, through which light flows. This new way of shaping the Polywood veneer opens new possibilities to incorporate these circular mini structures into various configurations which are readily adaptable for the contract market. The first of these is the handcrafted circular suspension lamp, ideal to bring light and warmth to every room in your home. The variations in colour between the inside and the outside of the lamp and the two combinable diameters can be matched to create countless possibilities which will enhance the designs created by and for architects and designers.

Tyler, The Creater & Domo Genesis – Sam Is Dead.

Odd Future rapper Tyler the Creator may have been born long after the Vietnam War was over, but that doesn’t mean he can’t use it to set the scene for his band’s new viral music video for the song “Sam is Dead.”  Evoking everything from Wes Anderson’s Rushmore to a title screen that looks straight out of a Robert Rodriguez movie, the song features mellow production set against scenes of death and a mass grave that isn’t exactly explained. From a guy who is known for disjointed but compelling songwriting and wild live shows, it seems appropriate. It also makes sense that Tyler directed the video—he recently tweeted he wants to move out of rapping and into film scoring and production.  Tyler the Creator creating movies? We can’t wait for the feature-length—weird, spooky storyline and all.

Solar Battery Charger Concept.

Within the channel, the batteries are continuously charged and because they are loaded from the top and retrieved from the bottom, this effectively sorts them from the least to the fullest charged without any conscious effort. No need to sort, store, and keep track of your batteries. It’s like having a dispenser in the home that provides an endless supply of AA batteries. Via a unique vertical configuration, sorting and storage is integrated, automatic, and effortless. All the user has to do each time is to drop in a depleted battery from the top, and retrieve a fully charged one from below.

Concrete Business Cards By Murmure.

Made of concrete these business cards will not leave you indifferent. Playing with the notion of scales, Murmure created a set of business cards made of concrete. This material, so characteristic of our environment, was enhanced by using the smallest and most refined communication support. The refinement and the technique required for the typography highlight the harshness and the roughness of the used material.

Forrest & Bob Underwear Campaign.

For creating this beautiful ad campaign for new underwear collection Forrest & Bob invited famous fashion photographer Henrik Adamsen and supermodel Sarah Grünewald. The following stunning nude photos are result of combination a sexy model, an amazing photographer and a simple range of lingerie.

“Larger Than Life” Series for Louis Vuitton.

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton recently partnered with Paris-based photographer Vincent Bousserez to create this whimsical set of photos. Bousserez thought up an innovative way to emphasize the luxury brand’s product features like zippers, clasps, buckles and detailed stitching. With “Larger than Life,” the photographer created a series where miniature people are seen polishing sunglasses, climbing up onto bag zippers, or playing golf under the LV logo. As Louis Vuitton states, it’s “a fantasy daily life where golf players enjoy a night session on a monogram course or a couple who walk down a quite unexpected aisle.”

Dupli Casa By J.Mayer H.

This clean gorgeous house called Dupli Casa that was originally built in 1984. Over the years it has had many extensions and modifications. The new building echoes the “family archeology” by duplication and rotation. Lifted up, it creates a semi-public space on ground level between two layers of discretion. The spatial configuration of the villa performs a sophisticated connection between inside and outside and offers spectacular views onto the old town of Marbach and the German national literature archive on the other side of the Neckar valley.

Paper Prada.

Paper Prada is an artistic expression of fashion and  illustration  unveiling an excellent presentation of Prada Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Maintained in a candy pastel palette both the illustrator concept and Prada’s clothing cover the fascinations of 1950′s silhouettes with the feminine twist.  This wonderful editorial was captured by Marc Da Cunha Lopes with captivating styling of Delphine Roche and Julie Allard.  The vintage inspired illustration was composed by the  talented fashion illustrator Coco Brun who is also a creative mind of Forget Me Not  and  EdelScope  friend. The presentations of her inventive work including beautiful collections of scarves you may find several times on the pages of EdelScope.

The GREATEST Walmart Advertisement In History.

A while back, one of my best friends and I were driving around a shopping center, and I wanted to stop to grab a few things.  The only store open was Walmart, and oddly, she refused to step foot into Walmart.  After sever seconds of poking and prodding, I just let it go, and didn’t hassle her about going in, but it always made me wonder what certain people had against the store chain.  Last night that question was answered when a friend of mine showed me Mr. Ghetto’s video titled “Walmart” a.k.a. “Wally World”.  The video has cause a storm of controversy already, and is a viral nightmare all over the web.  Just be warned before you watch, it’s quite…. um… graphic.

Skrillex In South America.

Skrillex recently posted a video of his tour from South America. It shows some behind the scenes before shows, during shows & after parties. Also look out for special guests Red Foo & Diplo to name a few. After the jump check out the track listing from the video.


1) Diplo – Express yourself (ft.Nicky Da B)
2) Dillon Francis & Kill The Noise – Dill The Noise
3) Dream – This isn’t House
4) Tribalistas – Ja Sei Namorar
5) Zedd – Shave It (501 Remix)
6) Orbital – Halcyon on & on
7) Madeon – Icarus
8) M Machine – Faces
9) Ali Love – Diminishing Returns (Alvin Risk Remix)

Smirnoff Caipiroska Bottle.

To launch the new formula of the flavors of Smirnoff Caipiroska, the Brazilian drink that is popular worldwide, design agency JWT created bottles with the texture of the fruit for the flavors lemon, passion fruit and berries and a diagonal perforation, so that consumers could feel the unique experience of peeling a drink made of fruit. And they even sent the bottles in wooden crates to a select mailing list, just like the fruits are transported in large produce markets in Brazil.

Kinetic Sculpture from BMW

Company BMW in conjunction with the design studio ART+COM decided to expand our understanding of “sculpture” and presented to the audience something unbelievable – “Kinetic Sculpture” created from numerous small metal balls floating in the air and grouping into various forms. It consists of exactly 714 metal spheres connected with a thin steel wires. Each wire in its turn is connected with an individual motor, which causes the ball in motion. Wires holding the ball are almost invisible, and it seems that spheres are floating in the air by themselves! Eyewitnesses say that’s unforgettable spectacle. Initially balls move randomly, and then begin to group into forms in which can be guessed shapes of BMW cars of various years: BMW 327, BMW 1500, BMW Z4 coupe concept and Mille Miglia.

The Heart Beat Watch.

How healthy is your heart? Well even if you hate amazing beats, and even if you’ve got some sort of terrible heart condition, you can glance with glee at this fabulous watch by Seahope: the “Heart Beat Watch” It’s got so many LED lights on it you wont know what to do with yourself. Perhaps tell the watch where to start? You’ve got LEDs spiking in all the right places. Your heart will soon be prone to swoon over it.  The series of LED lights on this watch are meant to mimic an EKG spiking right at the right time. There is no real electrocardiogram system on this watch, but father time might know where his heart is when you’ve got it on your wrist. One minute is then shown on the sub LED screen below.

Two modes can be chosen.

1. Normal LED watch mode, which lights up on your command, only for a moment so as to save power.

2. Always on, which of course is for when you want to constantly stare at the time all day, which is approximately the amount of time the watch stays charged if you run it non-stop.

And, AND, you know how most watches, when they run out of power, you’ve got to buy a whole new battery for? Not this one. This one charges via USB.

Samuel L. Jackson – Beez In The Trap.

Millions of Nicki Minaj fans all over the world not only love and adore her music, but are enthused by the way she dresses.  The pink wigs, the crazy costume-esque attire, and the wild and crazy accessories all add to Minaj’s swagger.  But it’s rare to see someone who would wouldn’t expect taking on Nicki’s pink wig, and singing one of her songs… Much less Samuel L Jackson, one of the most gangster mother f*ckers of all time.

The Audi Spectacle.

Audi, a brand exuding an attitude of self confidence and progressive thinking, and associated with the latest technology and innovative design, is a perfect brand to pioneer this entirely original ACCESS/TCH concept, a new breed of “billboard.”  It’s a display of four life-size Audi cars, suspended inside the silver rings of a massive Audi symbol attached to an iconic bridge structure or in front of landmark spaces — the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Tower Bridge, Venice.

The rings rotate around, light-up at night, and move up and down the bridge. Against the backdrop of spectacular urban architecture, the Audi installation reflects Audi’s continuous challenging of the status quo, its capacity to innovate, and its ability to avoid the bland and the ordinary.  But what will create valuable media attention and social media buzz is not just the actual final display, but the entire anticipation, the process of creation, the engineering feat of the installation and the spectacular launch event.

The manufacturing and transportation of the gigantic rings, the installation of the rings, the hoisting of the vehicles, the first test of the lights, the rehearsals of the launch…  By the time the installation is complete, and the unveiling event is about to start, the news about it will have reached those in the know.

PR — locally and globally — plus participation and rallies by dealers, and other in-town and on-site activities and happenings leading up to the unveiling, will add to the echo effect of this one-of-a-kind promotion.  The anticipation, excitement and buzz will culminate in an epic night-time launch event that we envision including a live symphony orchestra playing on a barge right under the suspended rings or on the bridge itself, a fireworks presentation or a LED light show above the bridge, and the ultimate unveiling of the rings.

Mix Master Mike: A Serato Icon.

Just incase you may not be up on DJ culture, and who’s who in our world… (or your a DJ who just lives under a f*ckin rock), Mix Master Mike is, and has always been one of the best in the game.  Mix Master Mike is an American turntablist and contributing member of the Beastie Boys.

Mike is undoubtedly one of the greatest DJs of all time, but also one of the most talented turntablists of this era. A beat conductor who plays the turntable, a DJ to inspire and challenge the best of the best.  It’s no surprise he became a Serato Icon.

San Francisco’s EOQ Party, Hosted By Fabolous.

The EOQ Party is the Bay Area’s official end of quarter celebration for young professionals and entrepreneurs. This quarterly party brings together world-class entertainment with San Francisco’s finest venues and the Bay Areas freshest young industry movers and shakers. This quarter, we are bringing out one of the the Bay’s most sought-after DJs, DJ D-Sharp, to keep the bottles popping and the people moving. Calling all Googlers, Facebookers, Genentechers, New Grads, Old Grads and everybody in between – here’s a toast to success, and another fiscal quarter closer towards promotion.

  •  Two Full Bars
  • Go-Go Dancers
  •  Nathan Kwok Photography
  • VIP Exclusive Upstairs Lounge Bottle Service
  • $10 before 11:00PM with guest-list – RSVP here
  • Special Guests Appearances