Another Look At Jessica Castillo.

About a year ago I came across a talented, sultry, sexy, interesting, and intensely well proportioned UK model by the name of Jessica Castillo, and as I usually do, I voted with the rest of the males on my staff and threw up a post on her.  Then a few months later I was lucky enough to get in contact with her for an interview that blew the blog up, and that was about all there was to it.  But it seems like this blossoming model has moved by leaps and bounds in the last year.  She’s catching more eyes than ever, with bookings from Dubai to Miami she’s blasting forward with her modeling career and her generous proportions.  Ms. Castillo’s got a new Facebook fan page up, and a gang of new pictures (some with that damn cherry tattoo I can’t get enough of).  Before I sign off with my usual “check the method”, I have to apologize to the guys who are undoubtedly disappointed by the censorship of the photos immediately above and below this text.  I know I’ll get at least 3 emails asking where guys can find photos of Jessica wearing less than she already is, but in the interest of not pissing off my sponsors, I can’t put them up here.  BUT if you’re dying to see them that bad, hit Jess up on twitter at @Jessi_Castillo and ask her for them yourself… you might just be lucky enough to see what I did.  Check the method.

I’m sorry, I’m just obsessed with that cherry tattoo.

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