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Android Wear


Rather than build the physical smartwatch itself, the folks at Google have decided to build software to help power the hardware. The search giant calls this new technology Android Wear. While it is applicable to more than just watches, the wrist watch will be the first target for the new software. Android Wear allows you to interact with your device in a meaningful way – traffic reports on the way to work, taxi cabs within the local area, weather when you wake up in the morning, and fitness tracking among other things. Of course normal smartphone functions like music player, text messages, email, and the likes will also be controlled through Android Wear devices, all by using either your voice or the touchscreen interface. Google has already revealed that they have teamed up with some of the biggest smartphone makers in the game on the first round of wearables – brands like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Asus.

10 Internet Drinking Games

ddd1e3207d330e92be6853027c57d09c78886d01d62c5e85f549581673a373cf 9ed5f430ee09a88c1a1ea474d76a2679 67cbfd50c50d5b04d2f31641e2d904e5 93e2fe27b891e3243b9ffab9736966c6If you ever want to drink and be on the internet, here are a few great ways to be interactive by using different social medias that popular today, looking up something, or making a game with sending emails out to people. Have fun.

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Another Look At Jessica Castillo.

About a year ago I came across a talented, sultry, sexy, interesting, and intensely well proportioned UK model by the name of Jessica Castillo, and as I usually do, I voted with the rest of the males on my staff and threw up a post on her.  Then a few months later I was lucky enough to get in contact with her for an interview that blew the blog up, and that was about all there was to it.  But it seems like this blossoming model has moved by leaps and bounds in the last year.  She’s catching more eyes than ever, with bookings from Dubai to Miami she’s blasting forward with her modeling career and her generous proportions.  Ms. Castillo’s got a new Facebook fan page up, and a gang of new pictures (some with that damn cherry tattoo I can’t get enough of).  Before I sign off with my usual “check the method”, I have to apologize to the guys who are undoubtedly disappointed by the censorship of the photos immediately above and below this text.  I know I’ll get at least 3 emails asking where guys can find photos of Jessica wearing less than she already is, but in the interest of not pissing off my sponsors, I can’t put them up here.  BUT if you’re dying to see them that bad, hit Jess up on twitter at @Jessi_Castillo and ask her for them yourself… you might just be lucky enough to see what I did.  Check the method.

I’m sorry, I’m just obsessed with that cherry tattoo.

Melany Doucette.

I first caught wind of Ms. Melany Doucette when I saw a photograph on a friends computer a year or so ago that just made my jaw drop.  Not only was it an incredible picture of her, but for some reason, the pose (and the way Melany fills it) make it one of the best photos I’ve ever seen of any urban model to date.  She moved from Boston to M.I.A. in September 2008 to pursue her modeling career, (and to enjoy the great weather and nightlife).  By her pictures alone, you can tell that she’s quite the beach goer.  This 34/27/41 beauty has been seen in ads for Jeans City USA, she’s been a spokesmodel for BioDefense Corporation, a runway model for Carolina Brasil bikini fashion show, and has graced the pages of Deanes List magazine, Urban Ink magazine, Black Men Magazine, and Girls of Lowrider Magazine to name a few.  Check out more of her photos below, along with the the picture I mentioned in the beginning of this post (its the last one down at the bottom.)  Check her out.

The Baddest.

Sweet Miss Sara Lime.

Sara Lime is an Iranian born model that is currently living in Los Angeles. Her career as a model has delivered her to such endeavors as print and jewelry modeling, live event appearances, swimsuit, lingerie, as well as Internet modeling. Expanding her modeling experience, Sara Lime has also appeared in music videos from Optimus (Pot Of Rain, and On The Grind) and a few theatre productions.

Emails Can Make You Crazy (Bridgestone).

Anyone who lives their life at a professional level knows full well that writing emails is an essential part of everyday life in the work place.  (And if you mess up and send the wrong one to the wrong person, it can be disastrous.)  But seeing a Bridgestone commercial for the first time reminded me about how paranoid people can get over it.  The first time I saw it was during the Super Bowl, but after seeing it last night again for the 40th time, it was too funny for me not to put up.

Sally Ferreira.

Many of the models already featured on the blog has a particular niche, or style that fits them best in their photos, but Sally Ferreira out of Queens, NY is hands down the most versatile model I’ve wanted to put on this blog. It doesn’t seem to matter what the concept, the photography style, or the premise of the photo, Sally Ferreira owns the photo every time. She’s appeared in SMOOTHgirl Magazine, In The House Magazine, and Bridges Magazine, just to name a few. She’s been in a slew of music videos by artists like Cassidy, Don Omar, Bun B, Keyshia Cole, Bone Thugs & Harmony, and G Unit. Sally’s been on TV with Busta Rhymes, and is the only model I know to have been in an episode of ‘Sex And The City’. (2008 “Future Samantha”). Kudos to Sally Ferreira, this 5 foot 5 Dominican seems to be all over the place all of the time.