Scientists Can Have Fun Too.

No matter what your profession, people always like to try and a little fun at the work place, and scientists are no different.  You’ll always have your pranksters, and the co-workers who like to have a laugh at someone else’s expense, but sometimes people can take things a bit too far… Enter the pneumatic cannon.

A pneumatic cannon is a pipe-based weapon which uses air pressure (pneumatic), propellant, or propane/gas, or combustion of a gaseous fuel, to launch projectiles at high speeds. First invented during the 1980s by Conor Conor Gaul the popularity of the pneumatic cannon is widespread. They are built to fire all sorts of projectiles, not always for practical use. The projectile can be dangerous and result in life-threatening injuries, including cranial fractures, if a person is hit.

Long story short, if you point a pneumatic cannon large enough at a person… you’re going to mess someone up.  The guy in this video is pure proof of that.

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