The Space Yacht.

We’ve talked about a few spaceship-looking yacht concepts here before, but this one from John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs takes the cake. Why? Well, because it’s not a concept (it’s actually being built in China for a couple from Hong Kong).  Dubbed Adastra, this super-yacht comes from 5 long years of design work. When it’s completed it will stretch 139-ft and cruise along at about 22.5 knots. There will be room for about 9 passengers and crew of up to 6. Pushing this spacecraft through the sea will be a 1150hp Caterpillar C18 engine along with smaller, 110hp engines on the outer hulls.

The interior features everything you would expect to find in a yacht of this caliber, a dining area, bathroom, sunbed, lounge, bar and bedrooms. With all that luxury onboard engineers have gone to great lengths to make sure the boat remains light enough for low fuel consumption. For instance, things like cabinetry have been built with honeycomb style wood rather than solid pieces and many of the yacht’s components are made of carbon fiber.

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