DJ Storm Presents: KJ – ‘Practice Round’

Click the pic to listen.

I’ve worked with ton’s of artists on different projects from all around the globe, but its always refreshing to find great talent when you weren’t looking for it.  The female emcee KJ represents just that, a lyrical smack in the face, just when you thought it was a good day.  Click the pic to take a listen to the freestyle track “Practice Round” to hear KJ prove her skills without even trying.  To learn more about KJ, just read below.

 Born in the Bay Area in Hayward, California, K.J. grew up with a musician family. Raised by her mother in a single parent home, she was brought up in the C.O.G.I.C. church learning to play many instruments by ear. Her love of music flows through her bloodstream as music is the architecture in her heart. She fell in love with Hip-Hop at age 12, when listening to artists like Da Brat, MC Lyte and Southern California’s own Snoop Dogg. Being inspired by the sound of a beat K.J. she began to compose songs from the heart and tell stories from a woman’s perspective. Representing the Female MC’s throughout high school upgrading to local music competitions and performances. Moving to Ohio to receive her second degree K.J. was discovered by producer William “Dino” Perry and 3rd Eye Enterprise. K.J.’s music brings a hype, crunk and different style to ordinary music. While very hardworking and full of potential energy K.J. is the “Hyphy” new sound for all to hear. Third Eye Enterprise is an inspiration to K.J. to keep pursuing the music and make it “feel good” for the people.

  1. May 30th, 2011

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