The Audi Axiom Concept.

Fabulous design comes to my internet doorstep everyday, Amar Vaya, a designer who takes extra philosophical time in designing a car, one called Axiom in this case. Branded with the Audi name, the Axiom is an exercise in emphasizing the idea of “beauty” within the tradition of Audi’s idiom. What’s that mean? It means it’s gotta look like an Audi. People HAVE to know that it’s an Audi when they first peek at it.

Has Amar Vaya done it? Let’s take a look here. Vaya notes that success and progress through technology are tenants of the Audi brand, indeed that is one of the main driving forces behind them. Through this, Vaya promotes the Axiom as hope through progress, a freedom or refuge from an uncertain world as you sit inside a shell of futurism.

The second area where Vaya explores beauty through Audi is time. Through what Vaya describes as the “history, wisdom, knowledge, and legacy” of Audi especially through their design and technological advances, the Axiom describes all of this aesthetically.  Power, agility, beauty, Audi. Hotness, Vaya.

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