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You Thought The Batmobile Was Dope?

With the release of Justice League in just a month’s time, the movie’s marketing is about to come into full effect. This featurette reveals the decisions Zack Snyder and his team took in selecting cars that reflect the characters of Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne.  Diana will drive an E- Class Cabriolet while Bruce will get behind the wheel of the Vision Gran Turismo – a concept car created specifically for the Gran Turismo video game. Some footage of the cast on set can also be seen.  Check the method below.

Renault’s Twin’Z Electric Car Concept


Renault unveiled a striking blue concept car by Ross Lovegrove, a British furniture and product designer, at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano furniture show. Renault says that the Twin’Z is a fun, modern, artistic take on a city car that draws inspiration from some of the Renault’s most iconic models, such as the R5 and the Twingo.  The Twin’Z is an all electric city car featuring rear-wheel drive and a rear-mounted electric motor.  The top speed is 81 mph and the vehicle has a driving range of 100 miles on a charge. The Twin’Z’s glass roof is designed in layers and incorporates an array of LEDs which form animated patterns intended to enhance the overall experience of the driver and passengers. Inside, the seats have been upholstered in a 3D woven, self-cushioning, lightweight blue textile which is both waterproof and flame resistant. The conventional dashboard has been replaced by a single tablet with a touch-screen display that controls everything from the vehicle’s heater systems to the roof. A smartphone display’s the vehicle’s speed, range-related information and the principal warning lights. Renault chose to reveal its concept car at the ‘Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano’, to prove its determination to reach out to a wider audience by targeting those who are more sensitive to design.

Renault-TwinZ-600x395 Renault-TwinZ-interior-600x399 Renault-TwinZ-concept-interior-600x337 Renault-TwinZ-wheel-600x400 TwinZ-600x337

The SF1 Mercedes Benz Concept Car.

The SF1 Mercedes Benz Concept Car was designed by Steel Drake. He recently finished the concept and has released these shots, highlighting the futuristic design and highly stylized body. Featuring a rounded top, tapered edges, a dual pipe exhaust, and a modified Benz logo.

Lexus LF-LC Concept.

Japanese luxury auto brand Lexus  finally revealed the LF-LC sports coupe concept at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.  The all-new design pushes Lexus further into sports car territory and could provide a rival for established names such as Porsche if approved for production.  With a low profile, large wheels and futuristic running lights, the LF-LC is clearly designed for ‘serious’ drivers, with quad exhaust pipes and tail lamps inspired by a jet afterburner at takeoff.  The model is currently a hybrid, Lexus says, although no performance indicators were offered with the rear-wheeled car.  Inside, Lexus has included race-inspired front seats and a racing-style steering wheel, along with twin 12.3-inch LCD displays and high-tech touchscreen surfaces to control the windows, mirrors and seat adjustments.  Lexus’s parent company Toyota also unveiled a new sports car in late November in a bid to shed its rather staid image.

The Audi Axiom Concept.

Fabulous design comes to my internet doorstep everyday, Amar Vaya, a designer who takes extra philosophical time in designing a car, one called Axiom in this case. Branded with the Audi name, the Axiom is an exercise in emphasizing the idea of “beauty” within the tradition of Audi’s idiom. What’s that mean? It means it’s gotta look like an Audi. People HAVE to know that it’s an Audi when they first peek at it.

Has Amar Vaya done it? Let’s take a look here. Vaya notes that success and progress through technology are tenants of the Audi brand, indeed that is one of the main driving forces behind them. Through this, Vaya promotes the Axiom as hope through progress, a freedom or refuge from an uncertain world as you sit inside a shell of futurism.

The second area where Vaya explores beauty through Audi is time. Through what Vaya describes as the “history, wisdom, knowledge, and legacy” of Audi especially through their design and technological advances, the Axiom describes all of this aesthetically.  Power, agility, beauty, Audi. Hotness, Vaya.