DJ Storm’s Interview With Gianna DeNinno.

I’ve been asked many a time who the “hottest” woman on my blog is, and while the answer to that is always a matter of opinion… a matter my boys and I argue about weekly, one thing that doesn’t falter are the numbers.  Right now the incredible Ms. Gianna DeNinno has managed (in a little under 6 short weeks) to cruise to the top of a list of women that have been publicized on my blog for a little under a year.  Being the highest viewed woman on one of the fastest growing blogs in Bay deserves far more than a picture and a paragraph, so I decided to hit Gianna up and have talk with her about everything from her career, to her life at school, to her taste in music, to Call Of Duty, to the misconceptions people have about models.  I have to admit I had a great time getting to pick the brain of my Blog’s number 1 stunner.  Although my request for some new pictures was denied, every answer to each of my questions was an informative insight to one of the hottest girls in the urban modeling game, and solid proof that there’s a whole lot more to that booty than what meets men’s eyes.  Check the method below.

DJ Storm: So as I understand it, your in school right now, whats it like for you walking around your campus?  Do other students know you model, and what effect does your work life have on life for you at school?  You must be a campus celebrity.
Gianna DeNinno: Actually I live in Denver most of the time, travel to Atl and Mia for business and personal reasons!! I’ll say personal instead of pleasure, haha!!  I actually go to school online now, because of that very reason!!  I’ve been in college for more than four straight years now and the first three were filled with holla’s and me hearing, “Shawty!! Shawwty!!! Aye shawtty!!!  SHAWTY!!!”   Wow, I felt when I’d walk around between classes, like I was being F’d (I’ll call it) by their eyes!!  Haha…but for the most part I had lots of buddies! We’d actually pop our car doors while on campus and blast some Gucci or “Dallas swag music” and get our dougie or jerk on. I love that kind of sh*t…it’s real!! That’s enjoying life to me—catchin’ a stanky leg when the moment calls! 😉

DJS: Its super critical for everyone who really intends to be somebody to have a team behind them, including people like your managers, and your photographer, who else is on your team, and what roles do they play in your work life?
GDN: My photographer is my “modeling everything”!! He’s my photographer, web-designer, editor.  He takes care of me when I’m in Miami. Lol  I make him nervous though, he freaks out when he sees guys surround me. I’m like, “Yo chill the f*ck out dude!! Don’t have a panic attack over there!!” lol But that’s my muthaf*ckin’ homie! Think of a cross between Mr. Rogers and Eminem! Haha, he’s going to kill me for saying that, but it’s true.

DJS: A cross between Mr. Rogers and Eminem is a fierce combination.  How did you guys link up?
GDN: Through Joanna and I’s Mixed Magazine cover shoot!

DJS: Congratulations on the All Star weekend gig.  Thats gotta be super exciting, and I hear Derrick Rose knows how to party, so “Rose Pedals” should be a good time.  What other event hosting gigs have you done recently, and whats it like running around in those types of parties?
GDN: Thank you!!! Not recently!  But I have danced for Young Buck and Dorrough when they performed in Colorado last year.  Dancing is my forte’!  I was in a very well known hip hop crew back when I lived in Seattle. I was only 11 years old then! I think it’s just in my blood! 😉

DJS: When your not hosting events, what spots do you like to party at in locally?

GDN: The best you’re going to get is I’m at the gym about 6 days a week! 24 Hour, you guys will just have to figure out which one! 😉

DJS: So I know you have quite the following on twitter, and just like every other woman in the urban modeling industry, i’m sure you’ve had men say some outlandish sh*t to get your attention.  (Even I couldn’t help making a comment about bringing you sweets someday if were at the same party.)  But what are a few of the most ridiculous things you’ve had men say to you, either on twitter, or in a public social setting?
GDN: The one occurrence I always remember–I was at the gym doing cardio and some guy walked up to me and rubbed his hand across me. I looked at him like, “What the f*ck are you doin’?!!!!” He said, “Sorry to bother you, you’re just so sexy that I had to see if some of that sexiness could rub off on me!” lol I was so shocked, I even didn’t know what to say! Funny thing now is, we are good friends now!  My Iz! Lol  Also, many times in the club, I’ll be walking and men are always grabbing my arms. I usually just yank my arm away and keep walking, I never even see who does it. One night I did that and all of a sudden I felt liquid splash on me. I turned around and the guy was looking at me like, “What you gonna’ do?”  lol I went and told my two buddies who were with me.  I’ll say they ended it pretty well! 😉  Though I vow next time I’ll come at him first! Lol 😉

DJS: Like I said, I follow you on twitter, (What can I say, I’m a fan… as is every other male on my staff) and I see its almost every day that you hit the gym.  Do you have a personal trainer that you work with, or do you just have your own routine you follow, and if so, what is it?
GDN: Love the gym!! Been working out since I was 11. No trainer! I always felt like I could do it better.  I just do a lot of cardio, abt an hour to two hours daily and legs about 2-3 times per week! 😉 I like to keep my ass jiggly with my little middle 😉

DJS: I’ve seen the Mixed magazine featuring you and Joanna Shari, so I’m somewhat familiar with the story between you guys, but some people reading may not be.  How did she have an influence on your modeling career, and whats your relationship with Joanna Shari like right now?
GDN: Joanna is who found me!! All thanks go to her!!! I love that girl, she’s like a sister to me. I’d do anything for her. She watches out for me, my Italiana! J  We also know how to put down some food!!! haha

DJS: So I know you’ve done shoots for Mixed Magazine, As-Is ,YORaps, you’re the first lady of the Brick Squad Divas, and you’ve won the coveted Booty of the Year last year.  But all in all what’s been your top 3 favorite working experiences?  Like your favorite locations, favorite people to work with, or the most fun you’ve ever had on a shoot.

GDN: My favorite places are Georgia and Florida. I think I lived In Georgia in another life! Everything about it is familiar to me. It have this vibe, this feel, this enegy that is amazing. It feels like I was there before, real talk.  Joanna is cool, very real, nothing fake about her, so probably our Mixed Mag photoshoot, is in my top favorites. Waka is a f*cking blast!  Lol  This nigga is on some other sh*t!  He’s funny as f*ck, he keeps everything real and his energy when he performs is nothing like I’ve ever seen. He gives every song, every lyric, every dread shake his all.  He has trademarked that sh*t again! That’s my favorite artist right there.

DJS: Let me go back for a quick second, to the Booty of the Year award, because I’m sure that just sparked the interest of many readers.  Who runs the Booty of the Year contest, and how did you get involved with the competition?

GDN: Mixed Magazine! They saw me during one of our last photoshoots and said, “Yes hands down you won!”  Yaay! Thanks guys, muah!

DJS: So after taking a look at your facebook page I noticed you have info for your Call Of Duty ID.  In your spare time, are you a video game kinda girl (those are the sexiest kind), and if you are, what games are your favorite.

GDN: Unfortunately I gave my PS3 up, but Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Black Opps are my fav.  I love anything that involves shooting or racing.  Grand Theft is my sh*t too! lol  Madden go hard 😉  I also like to read a lot.  I was home schooled up until 10th grade before attending a public high school, so I’m used to teaching myself and constantly reading.  I love being smarter than everyone else 😉 hehe heee! lol!

DJS: I had a chance to take a look at your website the other day when my assistant hit you up, and I was very impressed, the entire site is dope.   Who did you have set up your website, and how involved were your in the design process?
GDN: My photographer does all my graphic work.  My old website used to be now it’s The first name just sounded as if all I had was a booty! Lol I’m an arrogant genius with an IQ of 143. Definitely not just “a booty”!  All of the graphics are not finished with the new site, but it’s coming together well. I tell my web-designer exactly how I want it. He says I’m never happy with any of it, hahaha, I just want it perfect!

DJS: I know you’re down with Flocka, but what other types of music do you like to listen to when your at home chillin?  Who are some of your favorite artists out right now?
GDN: I listen to a lot of Waka, Gucci, Jeezy, OJ the Juice, T.I., and Rick Ross.  But I think Wak and Gucci have the illest beats. That’s what I be bumpin’ in my car! Got two 15’s! 😉 …On some rare days I listen to some Indie music, like Colbe Calait, The Fray, One Republic, Coldplay etc. It feeds your soul. It’s real.  I have many sides 😉 But hip hop is what I grew up to. I can fall asleep to it. Serious.

DJS: If you had the opportunity to work with any artist, either in print, or in music videos, who are the top 5 people in the music industry you’d want to work with and why?
GDN: Eminem music video, Gucci music video, Waka photoshoot, New Boys or Cali Swag music video, T.I. music video.  Eminem has a very powerful energy with aggression, a lot of passion, he’s amazing. Gucci is just Gucci, haha!!!  Wak’s appeal is undenying! New Boys or Cali Swag cause I’d love to dance for them and T.I. is a classic of mine and I’m sure many others.

DJS: I happen to know a few young ladies that are very interested in getting into the same type of modeling that you dominate, they have the look, and the desire, but if you could give hints to women out there that in a few years want to be where you are now, what would you tell them?
GDN: Don’t give up. Keep doing little things here and there, keep pushing.  Pretty soon you go out and someone yells your name or ask, “Are you her!!!?” and you think, “D*mn this is really paying off!” This industry is like a Wall Street job, you have thousands, even millions of applicants you’re competing with.  Your resumes has to be different than every other, if you want to stand out.  You have to possess something no one else does.  You’re lucky to even get in for an interview, so if you do, you better go hard in the paint my n*gga’, cause you only have one first impression. You can either be an applicant, a temp, an employee, or the boss. It’s up to you.

DJS: In your line of work, I’m sure you get to travel a lot, but what are some of the locations that you’d want to shoot in the most?  And what are some concepts that you’d like to do for shoots in the future?
GDN: I am in love with the Jamaican culture. I think it’s very grounded and raw—that’s beautiful.  I’d love to shoot there and in downtown New York. …Can’t tell you concepts, you’ll have to wait and see! 😉

DJS: One thing I know local readers would want to know is, have you ever done any work in the Bay Area, and what would it take to get you to come out this way?

GDN: I mostly just fly out there for photoshoots right now…Give me a good business prop and I’m sure you can get me to come out that way! 😉

DJS: I know a lot of times people think models aren’t the smartest of people and that some girls do favors to get ahead. What can you tell me about that?

GDN: I witness a lot of attractive girls who are uneducated/“act stupid” not sure if they think it’s cute or if they are just really that way.  I also believe with attraction you don’t have to work so hard to get your way, but proving yourself is a job in itself. I am a full time student, never partied in high school, kind of just do my own thing and mind my business.  People believe because I pose in lingerie that I do other things.  Nah don’t get it twisted! To be clear, I’d never do porn or ever will, EVER and I’d never do those acts for money. My values are strong, they’ve been tested a lot in this industry.  I know myself and I’m proud of that.  Because I model I get put into this very degrading category sometimes.  I say, “I don’t need to do any of this!!”  I do it because I want to.  I was originally going to school to be a doctor; last year I switched over to Business and Communications. Once again I don’t need to do any of this, I do it while I look youthful and enjoy it while it lasts! J  And when it comes to favors… I hear some models do favors to get on covers, etc. …I say Ya’ll can keep your f*ckin magazine!! …I’ll keep my values. Muah! 😉

Well it was nice chatting with you DJ Storm, but I have to hit the grind again! Tell my fans they can follow me at or my and for bookings,  …Love my fans!! Muah! Ciao!!! 😉

    • pail
    • February 12th, 2011

    Very nice multo bene


    • Yung B.E.
    • February 16th, 2011

    Storm, where the HELL you be findin these girls?! homegirl is BAD as fuck, and she seem like cool peoplez too. shoot her my number!


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