My Boy Mr. McEntee

It may have seemed like I watched the Super Bowl just for the movie trailers, but I am bit of a football head.  And with my roomate playing Madden like it’s going off to the war in a week, I’m constantly seeing dropped passes interceptions and fumbles.  So after hearing football plays being called for hours when I was working from home I decided to look up some good football videos on Youtube, and Mr. Johnny McEntee from UConn popped right up. I’m no stranger to creating trick shot videos.  I know it takes time, constant re-tries, a million takes, just to get one shot and make it look effortless.  But that being said, Johnny McEntee’s trick shot video is one of a kind.  From the football court, to the parking lots, to the basketball court McEntee doesn’t cease to amaze with his trick shots, and prove that he’s got a damn good arm.  Check the method below.

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