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Yi Zip Earphones

The YI earphones concept will take care of a lot of wire-tangle-hassles in the future when they go into production. Simple thought process and application… If pants can have a zipper to hold in the essentials then why the idea can’t be used on earphones to manage them when not in use. Zip then open when you want to use them; zip them shut when you want to store them.  They come with volume control button and all.

Transformers 3 Gets A Bit “Racier”

It looks as though the Decepticons have found a new disguise for the upcoming Transformers 3 movie, scheduled for release in 2012. These wild NASCAR-impersonating robots from outer space were seen tearing up the streets of Chicago during filming for the anticipated blockbuster this past weekend. Chevrolet’s presence has been strong throughout the recent popular Hollywood recreation of the 1980′s cartoon series, most notably with Bumble Bee, the yellow and black concept Camaro and the more recent Corvette Stingray concept, both of which were sighted as well during the Chicago shoot. So it’s no surprise that all three of the NASCAR themed stunt-cars are modeled after Chevy-sponsored teams.

‘Cocktails & Condoms’ Mixing Session

As everyone has undoubtedly figured out, the release of ‘Cocktails & Condoms’ has been delayed until August 1st.  I know nothing could be an adequate substitute for the CD so many people have been waiting on, but as a gift, what I do have is a short interview and behind the scenes look at a mixing session the day before I left S.F. to spend time on the east coast.

Tron: Legacy

This blog as been running for just about 6 months, not a long time as far as blog’s go, but its long enough for one of my first posts to have a sequel.  One of my first posts was regarding the soundtrack to Tron: Legacy, and featured a first trailer for the future Disney blockbuster.  Six months later, Comic-con has come-and-gone, but yielded something even hotter than an appearance from nerd girl Olivia Munn… A second Tron: Legacy trailer.  Check the method.

Babes With Tats.

Not every woman like a guy with lots of tattoos, but I can assure you I’m deffinately a guy who likes women with lots of tattoos.  While doing some research on a new piece I want to get during the fall, I came across tons of pics of females who love ink,  I figured I’d put a few of my favorites up and see what you thought.

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Due Date

2009's "The Hangover"

I can honestly say I don’t know a SINGLE solitary person who didn’t enjoy 2009’s ‘The Hangover”, and before the film had left movie theaters I was scratching and clawing for information about a sequel.  The furthest I could get was hearing details about a movie staring Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr, directed by the same Todd Phillips.  When I got the details it was still mid 2009, and all I knew was that it had something to do with a man trying to get across the country to meet his pregnant wife.  Now that its a little bit closer to that film’s “Due Date”… I can present you with a trailer, hope you look forward to it as much as I have been.

As for the ACTUAL sequel to “The Hangover”, all I know is that the same good ol’ boys from the original film will be back, and doing their thing in a foreign country.

Who Knew Light Cost So Much?

French crystal makers Baccarat has released its latest design in collaboration with renowned Parisian lighting artist Yann Kersalé.  The Jallum lamp is made of French cut crystal, aluminum and can be recognized in the form of a glass baton with LEDs inside it.  There are four cylinders arranged on a charger cradle and can be placed individually or in groups to light up your space.  The lamp comes in two models – the Jallum Diamond Bevels and Jallum Pontil bubble effect.  The Jallum Baccarat lamp will be available for sale in September for $3,250.

Candace Cabrera

Candace Cabrera hails from Lexington, Kentucky, and was born on April 22nd, 1982.  This model and actress, aside from being Terrell Owens ex, has been on more than one TV show, was featured in Smooth Magazine, and graced the screen in quite a few music videos.  Graduating from the University of Kentucky’s College of Business, she sports quite the impressive degree in Marketing, proving that a girl CAN have good looks, and have a brain to go with it.

Lamborghini Reventon x Top Gear

As I am quite a bit of a car enthusist, it would only be logical that the British show “Top Gear” be one of my favorites.  So when I saw one of my dream cars on one of my favorite shows, I just felt the need to share it.  Check it out.

Cam’Ron & Vado Are ‘Up In Here’

It seems Killa Cam and Vado have been banging out collaboration after collaboration recently, and there doesn’t look to be any sign of a slow down in the near future.  Click the pic below to listen to “Up In Here” by Cam’Ron ft. Vado.

Click the pic to listen.

80’s Arcade Trunk

Luxury cabinet/luggage/bag maker Pinel & Pinel has added an Arcade 80s Trunk on wheels to its collection.  It features a 1080p LCD screen and over 60 classic games including Space Invaders, Pac-Man and 1942.  There are two existing versions of the arcade/jukebox. One is classic and the other is a GT version, but both come with chrome wheels and a sleek look.

This high-end gaming cabinet can be dressed in deluxe materials like leather available in 51 colors, crocodile, and shagreen.

The trunk also has an iPhone/iPod dock so you can listen to your MP3s on the described ‘very high definition sound system’.  There is no information on the pricing yet but given the luxurious trimmings, this arcade cabinet ain’t coming cheap.

Kamakura Snow Festival

Its been quite some time since I visited Japan, but the next time I go, I’d love to visit Yokote, Akita-Ken, for the recent Kamakura Snow Festival. The Kamakura tradition dates back over 400 years when small snow houses were made for the Gods and filled with food and Sake. The tradition carries on today with people from all over Japan and other countries coming to see the kamakura made by local villagers and children.


One again, the homie Grafh comes through with what I believe to be another great banger.  (Then again, I love any track that shots out the DJs.)  Click the pic below to hear “Go DJ”

Click the pic to listen.

Brittany Jeffers

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of great photography, I’ve worked with dozens of photographers all around the world, who all have different strong points.  Since I’ve started working with Brittany Jeffers I’ve noticed her amazing attention to detail, and mastery of many a different lense.  All her photos come out with amazing clarity and depth, so please believe there will be some more work between myself and Brittany Jeffers in the very near future.  Until then, click any of the pics to see more of her work.


In the middle of the lobby of the Radisson SAS Hotel in Berlin stands a AquaDom standing 25 meters tall and is the largest cylindrical aquarium ever built. It’s filled with about 900,000 liters of seawater and has 2600 fish of 56 species.

Lupe Fiasco – B.M.F.

When Rick Ross’s latest single B.M.F. came around, I was certain B.M.F. just stood for “Big Muh-F*cker”, but I’ve come to learn that the term actually refers to a “Black Mafia Family”.  Lupe Fiasco has also put his own spin on the acronym by laying down the freestyle “Building Minds Faster.  Click the pic below to take a listen.

Click here to listen.

Gucci ‘S.E.’ Heritage Glasses

The House of Gucci has come out with a new collection of “heritage” aviator sunglasses.  The three new models (unisex 1627/S, men’s 1622/S, and women’s 3108/S) all feature the red and green Gucci stripe and “G” logo on both temples.  The sunglasses come with a special edition leather case and carrying pouch and the case has a wide signature stripe while the pouch has a matching strap.

Kid Cudi Will Kick Your Ass.

During a recent Ohio concert, Kid Cudi showed a stage crasher what happens when you mess up a Cudi performance. Check the video below to see the ‘Kid named Cudi’ beat down the kid who shouldn’t have run on stage.

Rick Ross ‘Teflon Don’ Record Release Party.

This week while touring the east coast, I got an amazing opportunity to attend Rick Ross’s official record release party for ‘Teflon Don’ that dropped July 20th.  My homeboy Carlo P brought me out to New York’s infamous Club Amnesia to enjoy a VIP night of drinks, good people, and music by Funk Master Flex, and Rick Ross himself.  Click any of the pics to see more from that night courtesy of “All The”

Rob Scott

Rob Scott is a versatile Brooklyn artist who’s many talents consist of singing, rapping, and acting. Throughout his career Rob Scott has performed with Will Smith at the 1998 Grammy Awards, done voice overs for Nickelodeon TV shows Dora the Explorer and Little Bear, and made appearances in ‘As The World Turns’ and ‘SNL’. As he grew older and, Rob’s main focus turned toward music and he plans to continue a very successful career in the music industry. After listening to Mike Posner’s track “Cooler Than Me” I was very impressed by Rob Scott’s re-imagining of the song titled “Never Gonna Get Me”, which featured a very unique style of singing, and demonstrated a versatile rap flow.  To hear more of Rob Scott, click here, and click the pic below to download the song “Never Gonna Get Me”.

Click the pic to download "Never Gonna Get Me"

DJ Storm’s Top 5 Funniest Commercials

So, my boy Charlie and I had a long discussion about the top 5 commercials we crack up at every time we see them.  Some of them are recent while others have aged quite a bit.  But regardless of the date they were released, they all cater to my sense of humor in such a way that puts them in my top 5.  (Note: The names I’ve put are not the actual names of the commercials, just the way I remember them.)


4. Your Man Could Smell Like He’s Black.

3. All That Language

2. Black, Black, Black, Black, Black Odor… For 16 HOURS.

1. The Greatest Commercial Ever.

Welcome To ‘The Town’.

As much as I enjoy living in the Bay, and many of my closest friends live in, or are from Oakland, CA… This is NOT about “the town”.  This town, is a movie featuring Ben Affleck, about a group of Boston bank robbers that make John Dillenger from ‘Public Enemies’ look like the squishy red thing from “Yo Gabba Gabba”.  Click the pic below to check out the bad-ass trailer, courtesy of

Click the pic to watch the trailer

Change Your Colors

The brand Technomarine has in my opinion, one of the brands I always knew I’d own the entire collection of one day.  With the new multi-colored watches from Technomarine, I may not need to.  With just one watch you can pick and choose the color for any occasion, anytime you want.

Have You Met ‘Milo’?


Even though I sometimes go by the nickname “Tony Stark”, I have always wanted a “Jarvis”.  (The autonomous interactive computer that controls whatever electronics I need it to, and communicates with me like a real person with a unique personality.)  Even though Jarvis may be far in the future, Milo is not.  He will answer your questions and if you make fun of him he blushes and walks away.  In fact Milo is just like any other boy his age only with one important difference – he is a computer program.  The four-year-old has been unveiled by Microsoft as the world’s first real virtual character who is convincing enough to be considered ‘human’.  The player’s voice commands and physical movements are picked up by an infra-red sensor which works with artificial intelligence to interpret the player’s intonation and meaning, and respond accordingly.

On demonstrations his conversation is utterly believable and he replies to questions just like a real four-year-old.  At one point he throws the player a pair of goggles, and so enthralled is she that she bends down to pick them up, even though there is nothing to grab.  When asked if he has finished his school project, Milo sulks off with his head down, not looking at the camera to show that he has been chastised.  Microsoft claims the game marks a major shift away from joystick-based entertainment and brings Science Fiction into life.  And whilst the demonstrations are astonishing, one problem the company has to get over is just how creepy it is.  Milo is being designed for use by millions of people and that the more people play the game the smarter he will get – which sounds like a recipe for creating a Lawnmower Man-style nightmare.  ‘Milo’ is a story-telling game about a little boy who’s unhappy because his family has moved from London to New England in America and his parents are too busy to listen to what’s on his mind.

Dita Von Teese x Perrier

Its not too often I consider putting ‘Water’ and ‘Sexy’ in the same sentence, but since I had a chance to peep the new Perrier ads featuring Dita Von Teese, its been happening quite a bit.

Dita Von Teese

For those of you unfamiliar with Dita, she’s an American Burlesque artist, model, and actress.  She began performing burlesque in 1993, and seems to have a fetish for large martini glasses which she makes the signature feature in her shows. Fascinated by 1940s Hollywood cinema, Von Teese is noted for her glamorous appearance and classic retro style, largely inspired by Betty Grable, and pin-up model Bettie Page.

New Perrier Package Design

She has appeared on the covers of fetish magazines and has been featured in Playboy, as well as mainstream fashion magazines. She also has done catwalk modelling and appeared in numerous music videos.  But look no farther than just below to check her awesome collab with Perrier.