Don’t Call Them ‘Skirtboarders’

People may not expect it at first sight, but its very true that most of my crew spends a majority of their free time on a skateboard.  I’ve even tried to bomb a few hills myself, but if I fall on my hands, or break a wrist, I cant work… So 99% of the time, I just leave it to my boys.  But being around skateboarders on such a regular basis heightens my awareness of the skill required to look good on a board, so I’m always impressed when I spot a female tearing it up in a skate spot.  The pics below are from ‘Skateboarding’ and feature some very skilled chicks doing what they do best on a board.

    • wallace hall
    • July 10th, 2012

    i think most girls are awsome and sexy but skate girls beat them all


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