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Sweet Miss Sara Lime.

Sara Lime is an Iranian born model that is currently living in Los Angeles. Her career as a model has delivered her to such endeavors as print and jewelry modeling, live event appearances, swimsuit, lingerie, as well as Internet modeling. Expanding her modeling experience, Sara Lime has also appeared in music videos from Optimus (Pot Of Rain, and On The Grind) and a few theatre productions.

Sally Ferreira.

Many of the models already featured on the blog has a particular niche, or style that fits them best in their photos, but Sally Ferreira out of Queens, NY is hands down the most versatile model I’ve wanted to put on this blog. It doesn’t seem to matter what the concept, the photography style, or the premise of the photo, Sally Ferreira owns the photo every time. She’s appeared in SMOOTHgirl Magazine, In The House Magazine, and Bridges Magazine, just to name a few. She’s been in a slew of music videos by artists like Cassidy, Don Omar, Bun B, Keyshia Cole, Bone Thugs & Harmony, and G Unit. Sally’s been on TV with Busta Rhymes, and is the only model I know to have been in an episode of ‘Sex And The City’. (2008 “Future Samantha”). Kudos to Sally Ferreira, this 5 foot 5 Dominican seems to be all over the place all of the time.

Kaaydah Marie.

This model post has a bit more gravity than most of the other models I’ve posted up in the past.  I want to address some issues with this one.  Now, friends, fans, clients and colleagues all talk to me with the impression that I’ve got an inoperable ‘jungle fever’ tumor somewhere in my brain.  I just want to make it clear that this is very untrue.  I don’t care who you are, or what your into, there’s no denying that Kaaydah Marie is 19 types of ridiculously hot.  Kaaydah grew up in Ontario Canada and is of Jamaican and English descent. She graduated from high school at the early age of 16 and proceeded to college for DePaul University on her freshman year on a full scholarship for the 100M.  Sexy, athletic and intelligent, she has graduated from IADT Downtown Chicago in Fashion Merchandising Management Major and she is starting her Pre-Med program this year. Kaaydah definitely has many goals and luckily she models on the side for fun to share her beauty with her audience.  Kaaydah has been featured in Fabolous Feat. The Dream “Throw It In A Bag”,  SHOW Magazine, Twista “Wetter”, the cover of Damn Girl Magazine, and the Fabolous Feat. Jeremiah “It’s My Time” video.  But look out for miss Kaaydah in more shoots, videos and magazines.

Carmel Candy.

I’m not sure if I’m just on an extra European phase right now, or what the case is, but it just seems like all the women catching my attention now a days seems to be from across the Atlantic. The model known as “Carmel Candy” is no exception. This 23 year old UK beauty is a classically trained actress and also sings, dances and has a degree in Media and Performance. Shes an intelligent aspiring model with natural curves in all the right places, Candy also says that she has the personality to match. She also says that the States are in her future plans and that the market for modeling opportunities are far more abundant on this side of the pond.

Francesca Frigo.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m a huge fan of people my age who are making a name for themselves in whatever their field may be.  I peeped Francesca Frigo recently and was shocked to find out this wildly beautiful model was born in 1986.  Half Italian, and half Venezuelan Frigo was born in a small town in Venezuela and moved to florida when she was 16.  Studying fashion design and merchandising, she now works part time for a Miami TV show called PHTV, on top of modeling.  Francesca primarily focuses on print work high fashion/glamor shots, and similar concept shoots to increase her ever growing portfolio.  And as amazing as Francesca would look laid up in a night club, she has said that for right now, she’s not interested in promotional or any type of “entertainment” work.

Jennifer “Jaye” Santi

I’ve seen millions of girls, and thousands of models, but one thing that seems to be a rare asset is un-tampered beauty. When a woman can be totally natural and remain just as stunning its something to be noted, and Jaye Santi definitely fits that description. Jennifer Santiago was born in Chicago and has since relocated to Los Angeles. Aside from her modeling career, she has an AA in criminal justice and intends on joining the police force. (Hello Mrs. officer) Jaye says she enjoys the wilder side of life, and has even taken up boxing. The Latin model says she has a talent for cooking, and is currently working on a sneaker deal as well. With her many talents and incredible looks there’s no doubt that one of her various business ventures will one day make her a household name.

Jahaira Rodriguez

Name: Jahaira Rodriguez
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Height: 5′ 6″
Nationality: Brazilian/dominican
Interested in: Runway, Print Ads, Television

“I am the mother to an eight-year-old boy, whom I have successfully raised on my own. Growing up within my neighborhood things were not always easy so, I decided I had to provide a better lifestyle for my son. My son is my inspiration and my strength. He is the reason why I hope to fulfill all of my dreams and aspirations. By doing this I hope to show him that he can accomplish anything, he sets his mind to. As far as modeling goes, I am into the urban modeling scene. It is an environment and style I am familiar with and feel comfortable in. Urban modeling represents my lifestyle as well as providing a glimpse of the modeling world people are not familiar with. Modeling has always been my passion. You will always find me dressing up and taking pictures. I am very outgoing and love being in the spotlight. When I am not modeling, I am spending time with my loved ones. I also enjoy traveling. I adore the beach. I acknowledge celebrities who can relate to your everyday people and try to give back to their communities. I admire stuff like that because that takes heart to be so open about your life and yourself to people. I have been through a lot in life but I have managed to keep my head and move forward. I believe in having a dream. I believe in having a vision and turning that vision into a reality. I am multitalented and I believe in myself so I do not limit myself–soon the world will see that.

So far, I have featured in a video for Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and Ron Brows, for the song Pop Champagne. I recently did a commercial with Young Jeezy. I hope to get far in the modeling industry and prove to everyone that it does not matter where you come from but the amount of effort and hard work that you put into achieving your goals is all that is important.”

– Jahaira Rodriguez

...She's Reading this Blog.