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The Nolitan Hotel.

New York based practice Grzywinski+Pons collaborated with Veracity Development to complete ‘The Nolitan’, located in the Grace Nolita neighborhood of New York City.  Set to open its doors to the public on August 1, 2011, this will be the area’s first boutique hotel.  The venue will hybrid luxury and domestic comfort prioritizing access to the immediate surroundings to present an authentic local experience along with modern accommodations, amenities and food.  In addition to the conventional reservation, a personalized profile will give employees ample time to prepare for individual needs before their arrival. with only fifty five rooms, the limited capacity ensures a personalized stay for all guests.  A variety of room arrangements provides visitors with the fitting option to acclimate quickly and venture into the neighborhood with rentable bicycles and skateboards.  A glass facade at ground level along with several balconies ensures a constant visual connection to the urban landscape.  Floor to ceiling windows ensures unobstructed views of the skyline with channel glass to maintain privacy.  A comfortable lounge area with a contemporary library welcomes guests in the lobby.  The landscaped rooftop becomes a year round destination for residents and guests with shaded terraces and outdoor fireplace.
Edmond Li, owner of Veracity Development has stated:

‘With the Nolitan Hotel, I hope to share this place with citizens of the world, while creating a hub for the neighborhood that year-round residents can enjoy.  The Nolitan Hotel is both a luxury boutique property and a neighborhood place where everyone will feel at home.’