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Vertical Glass House In Shanghai


The Vertical Glass House in Shanghai by Chinese firm Atelier FCJZ, the entire house has glass floors instead of windows, so one can peer directly into the downstairs bathroom from the upstairs dining room. Concrete walls are paired with wooden formwork, and each glass floor fits into a pair of narrow horizontal openings in the walls. Extra lighting along these slots generate stripes of light on the building’s façade at night. Designed by Yung Ho Chang as an urban housing prototype for a competition in 1991, the concept was taken to reality as part of the West Bund Biennale of Architecture and Contemporary Art. The Vertical Glass House now serves as a guesthouse for visiting artists and architects.

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Shanghai Hotel Creates World Largest Ball Pit


The Kerry Hotel in Shanghai broke the record for the world’s largest ball pit and filled a swimming pool with 1 million pink and green balls. The world-record stunt was for a good cause: raising awareness for breast cancer prevention. Three hundred of the guests were cancer survivors from the Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club.

ballpit04-600x399 ballpit01-600x399

Luxury Songjiang Hotel under Waterfall in China


Atkins has won an international competition to design a five-star resort hotel set within a beautiful water-filled quarry in the Songjiang district close to Shanghai in China. Its stunning concept designs inspired by the natural water and landscape features of the quarry captured the imagination of judges to quash competition from two other international firms. The innovative design of 400-bed resort hotel stands two levels higher that the rock face of the 100 meter deep quarry and includes underwater public areas and guestrooms. It will incorporate conference facilities for up to 1,000 people, a banqueting centre, restaurants, cafes and sports facilities. Sustainability is integral to the design ranging from using green roofing for the structures above the ground level to geothermal energy extraction. An aquatic theme runs through the design both visually and functionality. Two underwater levels will house a restaurant and guestrooms facing a ten-meter deep aquarium. The lowest level of the hotel will contain a leisure complex with a swimming pool and water-based sports. An extreme sports centers for activities such as rock climbing and bungee jumping will be cantilevered over the quarry and accessed by special lifts from the water level of the hotel.

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Nike Zoom Hyperflight Premium “China” Pack


Nike has unveiled its full lineup of Zoom Hyperflights paying homage to China’s three largest cities: Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The “China” pack offers three distinctive designs, with “Beijing: Lion” featuring a golden-copper synthetic upper and intricate weave patterns. The “Shanghai: Shark” references the famed port city with a silver-tone upper and aqua accents. ” Guangzhou: Tiger” features an orange and black tiger-stripe pattern inspired by the city’s dominance as a trade and manufacturing hub. The pack has already launched in China and will launch globally in early August.

The Shanghai Botanical Garden.


Never thought I’d say I love an abandoned quarry. But through a massive six-year restoration, replanting and re-imagining process, the Quarry Garden in Shanghai Botanical Garden, in the Songjiang District, in Shanghai, China, has become not just a thing of beauty and wonder but a successful travel attraction. An abandoned quarry has indeed been turned into something beautiful.


The Quarry Garden has also earned the American Society of Landscape Architecture 2012 Honor Award.  Its easy to fall in love with the tranquility and eerie otherworldliness that comes from the ongoing process of a destroyed natural environment returning back to nature but in a completely new, transformed guise.


Beyond Infinity.

‘Beyond Infinity’, a multisensory installation by French artist and theorist Serge Salat, interweaves mirrors, light, music, and fractal art in an architecture that conflates visitors’ perceptions of space. Sponsored by Buick cars and usable during the events as a vehicle showroom, the work is installed at Shanghai’s Westgate Mall from September 16th through 18th, 2011.  Measuring 12.45 by 10.8 meters at a height of 3.8 meters, the structure is completely closed, composed of a steel infrastructure with honeycomb aluminum panels covered in mirrors. internally, the space is designed around the trigram of the Yi King, utilizing spatial techniques traditional of Suzhou gardens as a means of framing the visitor experience as a ‘mystical journey’ through abstracted Chinese courtyards.  Painted wooden grids and steps lend additional structure, while the fractal objects are composed of wooden frames covered with punched aluminum anodized panels.

The World’s Major Cities… Then And Now.

Everyone knows that as time goes on, people grow, places change, and entire civilizations evolve, but seeing these types of changes in photographs really make the point hit home.  This collection of large cities from all over the world proves that better than just the thought.  From the city I reside in (San Francisco) to the Upsala Glacier in Argentina, you can see right before your eyes how much change has hit certain places.

Absolut: Blank.

After I put up the Absolut SF post, tons of people have been asking me about other Absolut collabs, and I haven’t been able to answer any questions…. Until now.  The Absolut Art Collection Tour is about to make its final stop in Shanghai after touring across Asia Pacific over the past few months.  The Absolut Art Collection, a celebration of art, creativity and popular culture, includes works by Andy Warhol, Francesco Clemente, Rosemarie Trockel, Béatrice Cussol and Angus Fairhurst, to name a few.  This will be the last chance to see the collection before it returns to Sweden. The exhibition will run from July 14th to 30th in Longmen Art Projects Shanghai.  To end the tour, the Shanghai exhibition will unveil the ABSOLUT BLANK campaign, a global creative movement that encourages artists and fans to create unique artwork from the “blank”.

Here, Absolut boldly turned its iconic bottle into a blank canvas to inspire artists throughout the world to collaborate and fill it with creativity.  Absolut brought together artists from a variety of disciplines and watched the journey from pure white canvas to exceptional pieces of art.  The Shanghai exhibition will feature the ABSOLUT BLANK collaboration between rising Chinese artist, Lu Xinjian and the multi-talented Musician/Producer, B6.  The two teamed up to create the “ABSOLUTELY A-MAZED” installation from just a blank map of Shanghai’s city streets.

The combination of both artists unique styles and inspiration from the ABSOLUT BLANK concept led to the creation of an artwork filled with colour, structure and sound that captures the inimitable energy of Shanghai.  A series of activities will be held throughout the exhibition period under the theme “It all starts with an ABSOLUT BLANK” including workshops led by artist Mr. Lu and Musician/Producer B6, where art students and ABSOLUT fans will have the opportunity to create art and music scratch.

BMW 6 Series Coupe.

BMW has unveiled the production version of the 6 Series coupe ahead of the car’s debut at Auto Shanghai 2011.  To be released in 2012, this car has a 4.4 litre, twin turbocharged V8 engine. It goes from 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds.  Designed to be the ultimate “dream car,” the coupe features a “shark nose” front-end with bi-xenon headlights and a forward-slanting grille.  Pricing information hasn’t been released, but the redesigned model will go on sale in the United States this fall.

Hotel Indigo Shanghai

First and foremost I want to apologise for my recent absence.  The issue doesn’t deserve an entire post, or that much of anyones time, but long story short, the DMCA felt the need to restrict my access to my own site because of the content in a post regarding a musician whose material they are responsible for.  So I just wanted to take this time to say f*ck the DMCA.  Moving right along.

InterContinental has confirmed that it is to launch boutique Hotel Indigo brand in Asia-Pacific, opening the first property in Shanghai by the end of the year.  The new Hotel Indigo Shanghai on the Bund will sit alongside luxury properties such as Fairmont’s Peace Hotel and the Peninsula Shanghai, although it’s set to offer travelers an altogether different style of service — and likely a different price range.  The 184-room property eschews the grandness favoured by its competitors for the more distinctive, design-led approach common to Hotel Indigo, which prides itself on reflecting the culture, character and history of its neighbourhoods.

Despite also designing the neighboring Peace Hotel, Hirsch Bedner Associates opted for a very different look and feel for Hotel Indigo, building a gallery space featuring illuminated sculpture installations into the hotel’s lobby area. The rooms are designed to evoke Shanghai’s history, featuring eclectic furnishings that incorporate historic elements with bright, contemporary functionality.  Guests can relax in the hotel’s outdoor swimming pool or enjoy the view of downtown Shanghai and the Huangpu River from the rooftop restaurant and bar.  The Shanghai Hotel Indigo marks the brand’s entry into Asia, but it won’t be too long before other Asia-Pacific regions boast their own properties — openings are scheduled in Xiamen, Taipei, Hong Kong and Bangkok over the next three years.

United Kingdom Pavilion

The theme at this year’s World’s Fair is “Better City, Better Life”, and the U.K. Pavilion is far from that, but still drawing lots of attention. While most pavilions present their country’s cultural history and progressive urban ideas in an effort to convey a clear sense of national values and identity, the United Kingdom Pavilion seems to just say, “You know who we are, and you know that we’re fly” Expo visitors are luckily the ones who get to benefit from the UK’s nice new attitude.

More sculpture than building, the UK Pavilion, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, comprises 60,000 transparent acrylic rods, each 7.5 meters long, piercing a wooden frame. By day, the rods bring light to the interior, but at night they glow from LEDs. The ends of the rods contain seeds from the Germplasm Bank of Wild Species at the Kunming Institute of Botany, which gives the pavilion its nickname, the “Seed Cathedral.” When a breeze comes off the Huangpu River, it animates the pavilion, setting the translucent tentacles in slow motion. Inside, waving walls of rods surround a central island of yet more rods emerging from the floor. A few exhibits hanging onto slanted roofs over the exterior walkways seem designed to stay out of the way of the building’s idealized main form.