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Ilya Blinov’s Amazing Fashion Photography.

Ilya Blinov is an incredibly talented photographer based in Russia.  From fashion, portraits, beauty, and commercials he has been working as fashion stylist for about 10 years in Milan, Italy and Moscow, Russia. This former tutor of Fashion Styling courses at British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, he works to find a delicate beauty and vivid expressions.  You can see much more of his work here.

Lily Ermak

Lilia Ermak, or as she’s more popularly known, Lily Ermak, is a stunning case of the internet or the universe plopping down evidence that the feminine physique is something to be worshipped. We actually know very little about this 8th Wonder of the World other than she resides in Russia, and is (unfortunately for us) married. She described herself as “Young mother, wife, model, blogger.”

Check her out below.


The Disruption In Ukraine Yields Some Beautiful Photography.

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With friction between Russia and the Ukrainian approaching a climax, media attention is focusing more on places like Crimea and Kiev.  Ukraine is in turmoil after its bloodiest week in decades. Days of deadly clashes between anti-government protesters and police have culminated in parliament voting to oust President Viktor Yanukovych.

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The protests broke out after President Yanukovych’s government rejected a far-reaching accord with the European Union in November 2013 in favor of stronger ties with Russia. Thousands of people, outraged that a long-standing aspiration for integration with Europe had been ditched overnight, poured into central Kiev for peaceful protests. They have occupied Independence Square, known as Maidan, ever since.

1d8cac6a1432027aa61909aa2099ff44 80509af485c58ff40f1ad3d9e10f8be0 854748f043a4f60f0e02591d7c531986Photographer Barbaros Kayan from Istanbul Turkey captures some wonderfully revealing images of the people in the midst of this conflict.  Kayan has to be saluted for producing not just portraits of masked men, soldiers, but for bringing an incredible type of beauty to a worldly conflict so ugly.  ca93c6f01bd404d57623b990f39c8878 75bb0750331759af3518b06edc2a9021 c0731997e0e9ad3313248f15fba366ff 6bacb114936a98a31c7446e4f896efcb a9ab7d2c4b86c94a5e49b8f567963560 f0cb1ba2dd178ddeb102d955c7b1200d


Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya In Moscow

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If you’re gonna travel to Russia on some kind of crazy, Winter Olympics-inspired, find-yourself journey, jot down Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya as a place to stay. Russian studio Arch Group took an old 4-story building in Moscow (not far from the Kremlin), and filled it with these stylish portable sleeping capsules to create a hostel-like hotel with a unique twist. These mobile modules hold one or two people and are equipped simply with beds, LED reading lamps, and electric outlets. Showers and toilets are located on each floor, and the Sleepbox lobby features a reception area, information zone, and individual lockers. If claustrophobia sets in, there’s a few standard size rooms to stay in as well.


Tamed the Storm

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Tamed the Storm is a creative photo project that was created by Sonia and Mark Whitesnow from Kirov, Russia.

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Beautiful Art Photos from Aleksey&Marina

Created by talanted art duet from Petersburg, Russia –Aleksey&Marina – that consist of photographer Aleksey Kozlov and designer Marina Khlebnikova. They specialize on art photos and aren’t limited with particular topics. In their portfolio you could find photos of animals, landscapes, and even art nude. Interesting ideas and compositions, sweet girls and talanted processing.

White And White Wall Clock.

This wall clock “White & White”  was created by designer Vadim Kibardin from Russia. The White & White Clock is a modern 3D interpretation of the traditional digital clock. Nothing else, simply time. In dark hours the light sensitive sensor changes the brightness of the digits to a less intense white. All of the digits are part of a single unit, and as the title suggests, it switches between two shades of white.

Marat Dupri: The Russian Daredevil.

These are the dizzying pictures of Dubai taken from on top of the tallest skyscrapers in the world by a daredevil Russian teenager.  Student Marat Dupri has made it it his mission to scale the highest buildings he can find before dangling precariously over their edges to take his extraordinary shots.  The fearless 19-year-old, who only bought his first camera just two years ago, started by sneaking past guards and climbing on to the roofs of Moscow landmarks, before setting his sights even higher – on Dubai’s towering structures.

Mr Dupri then travelled from Russia to Dubai after being enticed by the extravagant high-rise buildings. There, the teenager and his friends enthusiastically climbed the buildings until they had captured these amazing images.  The student said:

‘When I’m on the roof I have a feeling that the whole world is by my feet. All my problems and trouble are left somewhere down.  The height exhilarates me. It gives me energy and fills with enthusiasm to make new and great shots.  I had always been interested in photography and a couple of years ago, I bought my first proper camera.  I wanted to try and get the most spectacular pictures I could – pictures like no-one else had taken before.  I began by taking pictures from my own roof, but soon I wanted to get bigger and better pictures.  So I went with my friend to the top of a 33-storey building. It was about 120 metres high and we went right out to the edge and I started taking pictures.  It was such a thrill, we couldn’t wait to do it again.  I’ve taken a lot of the photos by sneaking past guards and getting access to structures illegally.  But I think the risks are worth it to take such amazing pictures.’


Den Yakovlev.

As a victim of a crappy tattoo, (its a sh*tty half sleeve on my left side I got done in high school, so) I know what it’s like to look for quality in a tattoo artist.  Russian artist Den Yakovlev has tattooed so many people with realistic and detailed body art. His sleeve work is simply stunning to behold.  Check the method below.

The World’s 50 Best Bars.

Drinks International, based out of the UK, has published its version of the World’s 50 Best Restaurant awards, with the World’s 50 Best Bars list.  From secretive speakeasies that require walking through phone booths, wardrobes and hidden, unmarked doors, editors and bar professionals around the world selected their picks for the best bars around the world.  While New York and London dominate the top 10 list, watering holes from 16 countries are represented along the way, including bars from France, Spain, Denmark, Spain, Japan, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.  About 100 of the world’s top bar professionals contributed to the list, including the Playboy Club’s Salvatore Calabrese, King Cocktail Dale DeGroff, Esquire’s David Wondrich in the US and diamond ice-carver Hidetsugu Ueno.

Here are the top 50 bars in the world, according to a panel of 100 bar professionals and Drinks International.

1. PDT, New York
2. Connaught, London
3. Artesian, London
4. Death & Co, New York
5. Milk & Honey, London
6. American Bar at the Savoy, London
7. 69 Colebrooke Row, London
8. Drink, Boston US
9. Harry’s New York Bar, Paris
10. Black Pearl, Melbourne, Australia
11. Pegu Club, NY
12. Dry Martini Bar, Barcelona
13. Eau De Vie, Sydney
14. Bramble, Edinburgh
15. Employees Only, New York
16. La Capilla Bar, Mexico
17. Merchant Hotel, Belfast
18. Nightjar, London
19. Smuggler’s Cove, San Francisco
20. Buddha Bar, Paris
21. Skyview Bar, Dubai
22. The Varnish, Los Angeles
23. Tippling Club, Singapore
24. Milk & Honey, New York
25. 878 Bar, Buenos Aires
26. Der Raum, Melbourne
27. Callooh Callay, London
28. Clover Club, New York
29. Door74, Amsterdam
30. Tommy’s, San Francisco
31. Floridita, Havana
32. City Space, Moscow
33. Matterhorn, Wellington, NZ
34. High Five Bar, Tokyo
35. Le Lion, Hamburg
36. LAB, London
37. Boadas, Barcelona
38. Dutch Kills, New York
39. Worship St Whistling Shop, London
40. BarAgricole, San Francisco
41. Papa Doble, Montpellier
42. Quo Vadis, London
43. Lounge Bohemia, London
44. Mayahuel, New York
45. Mutis, Barcelona
46. Ruby, Copenhagen
47. Rules, London
48. Hemingway Bar, Paris
49. Zuma, Dubai
50. Star Bar, Tokyo

The Orda Cave.

Russian divers working on Orda Cave Awareness Project have revealed a set of unseen pictures of the world’s longest underwater cave.  Located near Orda village in Perm region, Ural, Orda Cave is also the biggest underwater gypsum crystal cave in the world and second in Eurasia in terms of volumes of its galleries that stretch up to five kilometers. Famous underwater photographer, journalist and dive-instructor Victor Lyagushkin led the team of cave divers and took stunning images of the cave at less than zero degree temperature.  “There is extremely low water temperature, about 3C and 20C below zero on surface. Under these circumstances shooting became very challenging,” Lyagushkin said.  The location of the cave in Ural region, which is known for rich mineral deposits in Russia, may be linked to the gypsum content in Orda Cave, which has transparent water because of the mineral.  A water wonder, a natural wonder and a natural monument of Russia, Orda Cave has been the focus of cave excursions recently.  Here are a few unique pictures of Orda Cave taken by Victor Lyagushkin during numerous expeditions.

The Red Square Yacht.

The Red Square Dunya Yacht is inspired by the Red Square in Moscow. It is 72 meters long, knows how to combine modernity and elegance. With up to 12 guests and crew, with 3 red teak decks and all the amenities of rigor, it unfortunately still no official price.

Victoria M.

Normally the models I come across are established across the world, the hip hop community, or the internet.  Stumbling across the lovely Victoria M, however, proves that you can be stunning while being international in quite a different way.  Born in Siberia (Russia, for those of you who may be less worldly) she has since found herself on the beaches of Miami and has been enjoying it for a little over 5 years.  Her sultry looks, and curvaceous body doesn’t necessarily reflect the style of European fashion community, so when Victoria wound up on South Beach, the masses suggested she try the modeling field, and thank God she did.  

Victoria has danced every style down to stripping, and is extremely athletic.  Being gorgeous is far from her only asset, she claims to be very athletic, a sports fan, and was also an avid swimmer and theater actress in her yester-years.  Her all natural body has her being looked at for Event Promotion, Go-go Dancing, Music Promotion/Music Video work, Glamor, Runway, Print, Fitness, Victoria even says she wouldn’t mind being one of the women who struts around the ring at an MMA fight.  So enjoy the photos, Vicky M is definitely on her way to making waves in the urban modeling industry.