The Disruption In Ukraine Yields Some Beautiful Photography.

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With friction between Russia and the Ukrainian approaching a climax, media attention is focusing more on places like Crimea and Kiev.  Ukraine is in turmoil after its bloodiest week in decades. Days of deadly clashes between anti-government protesters and police have culminated in parliament voting to oust President Viktor Yanukovych.

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The protests broke out after President Yanukovych’s government rejected a far-reaching accord with the European Union in November 2013 in favor of stronger ties with Russia. Thousands of people, outraged that a long-standing aspiration for integration with Europe had been ditched overnight, poured into central Kiev for peaceful protests. They have occupied Independence Square, known as Maidan, ever since.

1d8cac6a1432027aa61909aa2099ff44 80509af485c58ff40f1ad3d9e10f8be0 854748f043a4f60f0e02591d7c531986Photographer Barbaros Kayan from Istanbul Turkey captures some wonderfully revealing images of the people in the midst of this conflict.  Kayan has to be saluted for producing not just portraits of masked men, soldiers, but for bringing an incredible type of beauty to a worldly conflict so ugly.  ca93c6f01bd404d57623b990f39c8878 75bb0750331759af3518b06edc2a9021 c0731997e0e9ad3313248f15fba366ff 6bacb114936a98a31c7446e4f896efcb a9ab7d2c4b86c94a5e49b8f567963560 f0cb1ba2dd178ddeb102d955c7b1200d


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