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Rob Scott – Rigamortis (Freestyle).

The other day I was driving between meetings with my assistant, and Rob Scott’s ‘If I Die Young’ was playing in the car.  Before the end of the song came along, Ash would restart it, just to hear it from the top.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of that track, and Rob’s work in general, but after about the 5th time, I just decided to call Rob on the phone, and put her on blast about it, so she’d get it out of her system and let me get on with the rest of my music selection.  Today however, I got a listen to the new freestyle ‘Rigamortis’ by Mr. Scott, and I can guarantee I’ll for sure have that track on repeat, and no matter how many times anyone makes a phone call to whoever, it probably won’t get me to stop playing this track.  Check the official video below.

6 Songs You’ve Never Heard Quite Like This.

I’m a firm believer that the word “remix” is thrown around a bit too loosely.  Any person who slaps an extra verse onto the beginning or the end of a song isn’t necessarily creating a remix.  What I personally consider a remix, is more along the lines of a total re-imagining of a song.  An entirely new beat that accents different portions of the lyrics, using parts of a track to reinforce the original message, or construct an entirely new concept is something not everyone can do.  Eminem’s ‘Stan’ is a perfect example of someone taking a song, and truly making it their own, with their own message in a way not too many other could.  That being said, I’ve heard a gambit of tracks since the winter began, but 6 in particular stand out, each in their own unique way from both their originals, and from what anyone else is putting out right now.  (NOT to toot my own horn, but) myself, Rob Scott, Duckworth of Tokyo 24, Lazer Sword, and G-Eazy have all independently produced wildly inventive re-imaginings of songs from the 40’s to 2011.  The list below consists of 6 songs that in their own way, each take a song, and turns it into a new creation, be it the beat, the lyrics, reinforcing, or warping concepts, take a listen to each one.


Click the pic for more G-Eazy, and below to hear 'Runaround Sue'


Click the pic for more Lazer Swords, and click below to hear 'Stuntin Like My Daddy'


Click the pic for more... uhh... Me, and click below to hear '10 Crack Commandments'.


Click the pic for more Hudson Mohawke, and click below to hear 'Oops, (Oh My)'


Click the pic for more Rob Scott, and click below to hear 'If I Die Young'.


Click the pic for more Duckworth, and click below to hear 'Swell Arival'.

Rob Scott x The Band Perry – If I Die Young.

Hip Hop artists have been re-imagining songs from other genres for quite some time now, some are hits, others are misses.  Rob Scott recently took on this challenge on his project ‘To Be Continuted’, and passed the test with flying colors.  ‘The Band Perry’ lends its wonderfully written song to the beat of Rob Scott’s new mix of “If I Die Young” and the combination couldn’t have come out any better.  Check the official video below, and don’t hesitate to download Scott’s mixtape ‘To Be Continued‘.

Rob Scott – To Be Continued.

Rob Scott’s ‘To Be Continued’ mixtape dwells primarily on the trials and tribulations of an underground artist’s career while managing the up and downs with his relationship.  The project makes an interesting first strike by showcasing an entire interconnected trilogy of songs, as apposed to just a single.  The first 3 tracks are ‘Soprano’, ‘Pocahontas’, and ‘Hostage’. ‘Soprano’ is essentially a metaphorical song in which the words describe the duties of an actually soprano, but can also easily be perceived as love making tune.  ‘Pocahontas’ dwells on an interracial relationship, and in the video Rob gets married to a white girl.  Because of an overwhelming disapproval, no only does no one support his choice, no one attends the wedding.  At the end of ‘Pocahontas’, he catches her flirting/cheating with another guy, which leads to the last song in the trilogy.  In Hostage, which is probably the most climatic song, things take a very unexpected turn for the worst.  Check out the official trailer for all the music videos below.

Obama Spits Hott Fire.

Click the pic to watch.

As hard as my team and I work on scouring the interwebs for new source material for this blog, I’ll be the first to admit that we can’t catch EVERYTHING.  Sometimes there are articles, skits, photos, and happenings that simple elude our eyes and ears, but luckily I have other sources that help out without knowing.  I came onto Facebook after spinning a beach party on Cinco De Mayo, and saw a post from my boy Rob Scott about President Obama’s original speech after catching Osama Bin Laden.  Click the pic to watch this hilarious video, and shout outs again to Rob Scott for putting this video on my radar

5 Strong Ent.

Now its no secret that its my job to make a good party, and I don’t normally shout other DJ’s but the crew over at 5 strong is quite praiseworthy. (If you couldn’t tell by the video above… they go hard). 5 Strong consists of 5 DJs, all with differing styles on the wheels of steel. 5 Strong is responsible for some of the hottest parties in New York City and New Jersey and works with artists like Rob Scott. But if your not in the tri-state area, fear not. They also have guest spots in Atlanta, Miami, and L.A. The team is sponsored by I had the distinct pleasure of rockin’ with DJ Rob Ru of 5 Strong this past new years eve in New York City, and we’re planning nothing but madness for 2011.

DJ Rob Ru

Are You New Years Eve In New York City?

So, no matter where you reside, New Years Eve is fast approaching, if you happen to be in the Tri-State area, I’m here to inform all who don’t already have plans that “The Cottage” in NYC will be off the chain this year.  Hot 97’s DJ Rob Ru, DJ Express will be holding down the tables, and the world famous Rob Scott will be performing.  Just know I will be there, and acting a DAMN fool all night long.  So come see us.

Rob Scott’s Studio Session.

Vote for Rob Scott to perform at Z100’S Jingleball 2010

Thank You To My Supporters.

I know not all my fans are as eager to show their love for my work as the chick who emailed me this picture, but I still want to take the time to thank everyone who’s made the success of this blog possible so far.  I’ve never felt like, on the journey that is my career, that I’ve gotten to where I am alone, and this blog is a reflection of that.  I wanna give a huge thank you to all the promotional companies that shoot me info about their events, especially my people at Above Ground, Set4Life, F.A.2.E., and Pete’s Tavern.  I have to shout all the lovely models like Brit Bliss, Csilla Ray, Tammy Torres, and Jenna Luv who’s pictures bring hundreds of guys to the blog,  And I can’t forget artists like Rob Scott, C.I. Bang, Cassfly, G.O.V., and Tokyo 24 who use this blog as an avenue to put out their newest tracks, or the photographers and illustrators like Lauren Johnson, Brittany Jeffers, Michael Tudor, or Rodney Young who’s work always becomes the centerpiece whenever its up.  All of the random stories and subjects that go up are found be either myself or my assistant, and are painstakingly filtered through every single day.  (literally).  I’m glad all the work is paying off, so my final thank you has to go to all the viewers, the hundreds of subscribers, and all the people who put up with my posting stories on their Facebook pages all day long.  Thanks so much.

More to come…

Rob Scott – Can’t Be Friends


Rob Scott


A few weeks ago I shouted out the winner of the “Dream Big, Hustle Hard” showcase Rob Scott, and as I’ve said before, I’m a true Rob Scott fan, so I was juiced when I saw the video for his song “Can’t Be Friends”.  The video, released by MS Productions, is wonderfully shot, and features excellent black and white shots to compliment the track and the overall vibe of the song.  Check the method below, and click here to see more videos from Rob.

Dream Big, Hustle Hard.

Rob Scott & Carlo P

Its only every so often you see an artist with the potential to take over the world before he’s started, but Rob Scott is a name that some may not have heard, but will be familiar with very soon. A couple of my boys accompanied Rob Scott to Miami for the “Dream Big, Hustle Hard” Showcase, and were not the least bit suprised when he swept the competition. Check the video below. Shout outs to Rob Ru, Jose B., Carlo P., and Rob Scott, and don’t forget to listen for Rob’s music on ‘Cocktails & Condoms’.

Rob Scott

Rob Scott is a versatile Brooklyn artist who’s many talents consist of singing, rapping, and acting. Throughout his career Rob Scott has performed with Will Smith at the 1998 Grammy Awards, done voice overs for Nickelodeon TV shows Dora the Explorer and Little Bear, and made appearances in ‘As The World Turns’ and ‘SNL’. As he grew older and, Rob’s main focus turned toward music and he plans to continue a very successful career in the music industry. After listening to Mike Posner’s track “Cooler Than Me” I was very impressed by Rob Scott’s re-imagining of the song titled “Never Gonna Get Me”, which featured a very unique style of singing, and demonstrated a versatile rap flow.  To hear more of Rob Scott, click here, and click the pic below to download the song “Never Gonna Get Me”.

Click the pic to download "Never Gonna Get Me"