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Let Me Love You (Remix) Ne-Yo Ft. French Montana


This is off of last year’s hit “R.E.D” Album. Grammy winning Ne-Yo shoots the video in club with French Montana for the remix to his hit single, “Let Me Love You.”

Will.I.Am & Britney Spears ft. Authentic – Scream & Shout (Bruno’s Remix)


One of the Bay Area’s premiere top 40’s radio stations, Wild 94.9 has a very specific version of “2 Reasons” from Trey Songz.  In the 94.9 version, Trey shouts out the entire bay and the radio station, giving him and the station a unique form of credibility.  I personally loved this concept, (and his flow on the altered version of the song) and decided to take a crack at the concept myself.  Authentic the #Rocksta and I have been working together for a few months, and I knew his flow would be a perfect addition to the monster hit from Will.I.Am and Britney Spears.  Check the method below.

Bruno’s, the San Francisco nightclub that Authentic shouts out in the track has hosted me for about half a year now.  The club itself is a wonderful spot with an incredible amount of diversity in the music and with its crowd.  Bruno’s is located on 2389 Mission Street in the city, and features 3 rooms on 2 floors all with different brands of music.  If you ever come to the club on a night when ‘DJ Storm’ is posted on the billboard outside, you’ll be sure to hear Authentic’s version of the track.


Authentic ft. Clayton William – Caught Up Remix (Official Video).


Breathing new life into a song can be accomplished many different ways.  The most common way is the remix, but over time remixes just tire out a song even more, or give you something that makes you long for the original.  Fortunately thanks to the brilliant minds behind ‘Caught Up’, it’s remix surpasses it’s already noteworthy original.  With a new beat from Rich Morfin, the Authentic & Clayton William track has an entirely new appeal and proves that not everyone has forgotten what a good remix is supposed to sound like.

The video it self was direct and cut together by Wills Joseph, and features a spirited mish-mash of different moments in the life of Authentic.  Clayton William, Rich Morfin, and many other make appearances throughout the video.  The song itself can be found on Authentic’s upcoming release ‘The Book Of Travy’, being released on 12/21/12 at

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 2.29.08 PM

Clique (Live Remix) – DJ Enferno


Although I don’t normally sport too many other DJ’s on this site… (for obvious reasons), you have to recognize skill and talent when you see it.  Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Big Sean’s massive hit Clique is a brilliant song on its own, but sometimes a DJ remix is never a bad thing.  DJ Enferno has a masterful live remix that he uploaded online not too long ago, and the video is beyond note-worthy.  Check the method below.

DJ Storm & DJ Sarah Togah – Call Me Maybe Remix.


Its always good to get together with friends in the same profession as you to exchange ideas, and get a fresh perspective on your craft.  With my good friend DJ Sarah Togah, we don’t do any of that, we just sit around and talk about ignorant and/or unnecessary mashups that would make us laugh.  During a long phone conversation, we came up with the idea of mixing the two styles of music that we get stereotyped against the most, and what came out was one of the funniest remixes to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” in existence. Check the method below.

Jim Jones feat. Lil Wayne & T.W.O. – 60 Rackz (Remix)

Jim Jones connects with Lil Wayne and T.W.O for the official video for the remix to ’60 Rackz’. While the audio featured a verse from Camron, he is nowhere to be found in the visual. Watch the video below.

Juicy J feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz – Bandz Make Her Dance (Remix).

The endlessly lovable Three 6 Mafia walking id Juicy J recently recruited a couple of big stars, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, for the remix of his gleefully dumb strip-club anthem “Bandz A Make Her Dance.” And while that remix’s video isn’t exactly a great music video, it does have the following things: A creeped-out skull-face effect, living CGI lion statues, conspicuous online-porn product placement, and multiple Project Pat cameos. So, I mean, too many can’t really be mad at it. J.R. Saint directs.

E-40 ft. Problem, Young Jeezy, Chris Brown, French Montana & Red Cafe – Function (Coast To Coast Remix)

The term “out of sight, out of mind” is something that people don’t understand the gravity of.  If there’s a war in some corner of a foreign country not as many people are aware of it as if it was on your TV screen or iPad screen every day.  Such is the way I feel about music in the Bay Area.  Coming from the Tri State area, anything that was big on the radio there, was big on the radio everywhere.  Moving out to the Bay was the first time I realized that alot of good music goes undiscovered, and I still to this day, 7 years later, haven’t figured out why.  Songs like ‘Up’ from Love Rance, and ‘Function’ from E40, Problem, & IAMSU, are tracks that have the same vibe as Drake’s ‘The Motto’, but took so much time to be heard by the entire country.  But every so often, a track like ‘Tell Me When To Go’ travels across the entire U.S. and gives Northern California a little bit of the massive shine it deserves.  Needless to say when I saw the video of the remix of ‘Function’ for the first time, I was glad that a track from the Bay was getting the attention songs from other regions get all the time.  Check the method.

Nicki Minaj ft. Rick Ross & Cam’Ron – I Am Your Leader.

It’s no secret that Nicki Minaj’s “I Am Your Leader” is one of her most racy tracks to date and correspondingly the video for the song which also features Rick Ross and Cam’ron isn’t going to be on the Disney Channel any time soon.  The set for the video is a psychedelic, fluorescent-fueled house that looks pretty much exactly the way we’d imagine Minaj’s abode to look like and it sees her hanging in a pink living room before it segues into her pampering herself in a bubble bath as she spits her rhymes — all while dangling her sequined boots over the edge of the tub.

Mike Tompkins A Capella Dubstep.

Now this is not the first time we’ve seen an attempt at covering dubstep through the medium of a cappella. But, seriously, wow.  This truly impressive double cover of Skrillex’s remix of “Cinema” and Santigold’s “Disparate Youth” was performed by one Mike Tompkins, who uses nothing but his voice to create the unique rendition and who has earned a major triple-rainbow salute of excellence from The Feed.

Redman – Drank In My Cup (Freestyle).

I’m obviously a huge fan of music in general, and music that comes from my home state of New Jersey, I’m especially fond of.  Just when we all thought the freestyles on Kirko Bangz popular track were over, Redman comes out of nowhere and drops his own rendition. Guess we can expect a new album soon, and I’m ready to hear it.

Game – No More Fun & Games (Sleeping Dogs Remix).

Check out The Game’s brand new video for “No More Fun and Games”, inspired by the videogame Sleeping Dogs™ and produced by Complex. Watch The Game and Sleeping Dog’s Wei Shen hit the streets in this action packed music video and pre-order the videogame at GameStop for a chance to win the custom painted bike featured in this video.

No Church In The Wild.

Instead of kaleidoscopic wizardry and flashy, Aziz Ansari-approved sports cars, the bleakly shot, Romain Gavras-directed video focuses on a violent yet somehow vaguely boring uprising in the streets of Prague. Dissatisfied youth, aggressive police, burning cars — you get the idea.  While watching it, I was secretly wishing that one of the rioters would take off his bandana and reveal himself to be Jay or ‘Ye, ready to spice things up a bit. Alas, prayers fell on deaf ears, and five minutes later, the video ends with… more rioting.  I’m not saying we have to see famous people in every music video, but when a project is basically built on megastar wattage like the Throne is, it wouldn’t hurt.  Check the method.

A-Trak & Dillon Francis – “Money Makin'” (Official Video).

“Money Makin'” is the new collab from A-Trak and Dillon Francis, out now on Fool’s Gold.

DJ Drama feat. Future & Drake – We In This Bitch 1.5.

DJ Drama is known for putting out tracks from some of the hottest artists in Hip Hop.  Take a listen to his newest release “We In This B*tch 1.5” by clicking the player below.

Hong Kong’s Take On The ‘Ironman’.

Different people have their own personal takes on style and design.  In Hong Kong, a group of designers came together to create some new and inventive looks for Ironman.  These figure designers really went all out on their designs.  Check the method.

Eva Simons – I Don’t Like You (Official Video).

Check out the official video for Eva Simons’ new single “I Don’t Like You”. This track has recently started getting a lot of airplay, so make sure to download it where you can… DJ’s put in your sets.

Rihanna – Where Have You Been (Official Video/BTS)

“Remember the beginning of the “Black Or White” video, where Michael Jackson is dancing on the African veldt? Well, that’s pretty much Rihanna’s video for the Talk That Talk club-jam “Where Have You Been,” except that Rihanna’s video is (obviously) way, way sexier, and it sadly doesn’t feature an airborne George Wendt.

In the video, Riri plays some sort of desert warrior princess, and she looks extremely good, which is sort of the point of a video like this one.”  If that isn’t enough for you, take a look at the behind the scenes of “Where Have You Been,” the singer showcases some sick dance moves. Watch the singer’s rigourous routine courtesy of choreographer, Hi-Hat.

Throwback Video: Tweet – Oops Oh My.

Tweet’s video for her first single “Oops (Oh My),” featuring Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott. Nothing wrong with a little self love. “Oh my…”

Young Gunz vs. Wale & Big Sean.

Every so often, I get bored and decide to make a basic mashup, just to play in my car, or toy around with on my phone when I’m bored.  I don’t typically release generic “someone’s lyrics over someone else’s beat” tracks, but when a good friend of mine heard a random mix I finished about a month ago, he wouldn’t stop bugging me till I dropped it.  So for your listening pleasure, I’ve assembled a basic mashup of Young Gunz ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ and ‘Slight Work’ from Wale ft. Big Sean.  You can download it here, or just take a listen below.

Loop Lab – The Online Music Producers Tool.

Looplabs is the web’s premiere online music mixing application and platform. Since 2000 they have connected millions of web users from around the world to the art of music mixing through our extremely intuitive and easy-to use software interfaces. Loop Lab developed successful online music campaigns for Bacardi DJ, Lebron James/Sprite, ESPN, Microsoft, Sony/PSP, Calvin Klein, Miller Brewing, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Dodge, Toyota, Maverick Records and many more. They’re technology has been used to help launch the BacardiDJ program, empowered Sony PSP users to customize and remix in-game soundtracks, enabled fans to create the soundtrack to the Lebron James Sublymonal Sprite TV spot, created music from sounds from a MINI, recut ESPN highlight reels and learn about IPR by creating ringtones with Microsoft. The site has received top Interactive awards and been featured on TechTV, Cre@te Online and live at MacWorld where Steve Jobs used it during the launch of Safari to illustrate the robust power of the new Browser for Mac OSX.

Here's a special one...

The Phantom Storm Movement – Infinite Climb.

The Project X podcast series was an amazing idea, sparked by an amazing movie, shut down by an amazingly stupid group of kids from Texas.  After a shooting at a party inspired by the movie, advice was taken to change the name to decrease association with an incident neither myself nor Jeff Phantom were involved with.  However, we’re still making podcasts, filled with new music for the people.  After a 3 week hiatus, I returned to the podcast tables and got back with Jeff to help produce “Infinite Climb”.  Chocked full of House, Electro, Mashups, ‘Infinite Climb’ is for sure a recording to replay.  And please don’t mind the Kelly Clarkson in the intro, we were just having fun with the fact that I’d been gone for three weeks.  Check the method.

Rihanna, Busta Rhymes & Reek Da Villain – Birthday Cake (Remix).

Since his Busta Rhymes merge into the YMCMB fold, he’s been putting out banger after banger.  His newest collab with Reek Da Villain is on the ever growing “Birthday Cake” track from Rihanna.  Considering how much of a stir the version with Chris Brown made, I’m not sure if this cut will be more refreshing to people’s ears, or if folks will stick to what’s already on the radio.

E-40 ft. YG, Problem & IamSU – Function (Official Video).

As a person originally from the east, when you go to a different area of the country, and get really immersed in their style of music, it can be a little hard to get used to.  When I landed in the Bay Area in 2005, it was the height of the “Hyphy Movement”, and they music I’d hear was like alien music, but over time I got used to it and even found some favorite songs.  The point of that entire little trip down memory land I just took is to make the point that no matter how used to Bay music I am now, I would have loved the song ‘Function’ regardless.  There’s just something about the energy of this song that transcends the place it was made and makes it just a fun song to listen to.  Check out the official video below.

Tyga – Rack City Remix (Official Video).

Rack City was such a recognizable track, that a remix was only the logical step in keeping the banger alive on the airwaves.  This time around, YMCMB’s Tyga teamed up with Wale, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill and T.I. to deliver a remix worthy of radio spins I’m positive it’ll attain.  Check out the official video below.