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Tyga Ft. Rick Ross – Dope (Official Video)


Tyga released an official music video for his song “Dope” featuring Rick Ross on his VEVO YouTube channel. The video is just over five minutes long and it features a high speed car chase. The video begins with Tyga walking up to a parked car and shooting the driver. Tyga then gets into his own car and drives away. Right as he drives away cops begin to follow him and a high speed chase around the city begins. The rest of the “Dope” music video switches between scenes of the car chase and Tyga rapping inside a mansion with Rick Ross. The song “Dope” is the lead single from Tyga’s upcoming third studio album, “Hotel California”.

Chris Brown – Real Hip Hop Sh*t (#4).

Chris Brown is a man of many talents, singer, dancer, boxer, etc.  But this recent series of videos titled ‘Real Hip Hop Sh*t’ is displaying his talents as a rapper.  He’s got the skill, and after hanging with veterans like Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, T-Pain or Pitbull its only logical that he’s good.  Check out the video for ‘Real Hip Hop Sh*t’ below.

Method Man Rapping For Sour Patch Kids.

When I saw a post appear on my twitter timeline which shared that new Method Man track featuring the Sour Patch kids, I was obviously intrigued. I mean… What?! I hit play and spent the next 3 minutes both smiling like a 4 year old and trying to figure out why Meth was rapping about Sour Patch Kids.

The ‘Look At Me Now’ Karmin Cover.

I’m an avid ‘Tosh.0′ fan, and I love some of the segments he posts up like “Asians doing Christopher Walkin impressions” or the subsequent “White girls doing Bill Cosby impressions”, but recently I’ve seen a rash of “White girls doing covers of Look At Me Now”.  For whatever odd reason, girls all over the place have taken to trying to spit either the Busta Rhymes’ verse, or the entire song, but one girl in particular has nailed it.  During a studio session I was prompted to look up a video of “Karmin” performing the track originally by Chris Brown, Busta Buss, and Lil Tunchi (Lil Wayne), and I was quite impressed, especially by the adaptation of the chorus.  Check the method below.

The Rapping Weatherman

There haven’t been too many news casts that have been totally hilarious (on purpose), but when I heard about the rapping weatherman on Fox News, I had to take a look.  I have no way of knowing who wrote his lyrics, but although his delivery is a bit hap-hazzard at times, there are some points where he does spit some impressive lines.  Check the method, and keep in mind this is all totally real.