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Pop Culture Bros Connecting with Other Bros

leanardo-neo hellboy-devil-may-dry oug-voldamorty beeker-chewbacca terminator-walle dexter-labratory-dexter-morgan sonic-captain-planet

Created by an artist known only as Paper Beats Scissors, this collection of  illustrations depicts the single moment when two different characters from pop culture meet and give each other an empathetic fist bump due to a similarly depressing trait that they both share. For instance, when the Dark Knight and Harry Potter meet for the first time, they fist bump the fact that they are both orphans. There are a huge amount of characters included within the series from film, television, video games, comic books, animation and technology.

hulk-kermit obsolete-tech Hobbes-fight-club harry-potter-batman stormtrooper-goomba galactus-garfield wolverine-stich freakazoid-tron earthworm-jim-iron-man

Hong Yi Plays with her Food

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Almost every day for one month, Malaysian artist/architect Hong Yi created a fun illustration made with food. Her parameters were simple: the image had to be comprised entirely of food and the only backdrop could be a white plate. With that in mind Yi set out to create landscapes, animals, homages to pop culture, and even a multi-frame telling of the three little pigs.

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Street Fighter Motion Sculptures | 2013


For Dan the Ad Man – an Ireland-based video director and art director — the desire to learn CINEMA 4D and Vray in his spare time lead to an inventive, pop-culture influenced dimensional short film. Building on the characters within the iconic Street Fighter 2 video game, Dan was able to render dimensional executions of each character into a video that is set to sampled Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 in-game sound effects. Blending his personal passion in the world of 4D graphics with the nostalgia of one of his favorite video games, the Street Fighter Motion Sculptures video renderings represent the colors, moves and shapes of a variety of the game’s characters.

Sneakersnstuff x Reebok Insta Pump Fury “Legal Issues”

sneakersnstuff-x-reebok-insta-pump-fury-legal-issues-1 sneakersnstuff-x-reebok-insta-pump-fury-legal-issues-2 sneakersnstuff-x-reebok-insta-pump-fury-legal-issues-3

As a part of their ongoing relationship with Reebok per the recently launched Reebok Certified Network, Swedish retailer Sneakersnstuff teamed up with the footwear giant to outfit a rendition of the Insta Pump Fury. This particular version, called the “Legal Issues,” references a certain pop culture phenomenon that carries certain trademark barriers. Regardless, the brand did well to outfit the Pump Fury with plush materials around its upper, bound within a white/black leather foot-cage. The shoe also features Sneakersnstuff branding around the heel tab.


Fab Ciraolo Pop Culture Illustrations.

Fab Ciraolo was born in October 8th of 1980 in Santiago, Chile.  He studied Graphic Design and Illustration and is currently a Freelance Illustrator and painter in his free time, In a constant search for new techniques, he is working in hand made illustrations with digital coloring, texture, and patterns works.  The process of creating one of his magnificent portraits consists of processing photos and adding different patterns, collage images and textures… and a little bit of vintage good taste.

Pop Culture… Live.

Madeon performs Pop Culture live in Nantes, France back in July 2011.  Awesome-sauce.

How To Love.

Hugh and the Bunnies.

Hugh and the Bunnies. Sometimes you just have to love everyone you can.

Love is something that most people search for, some can do without, and others don’t even try to find.  After a very lengthy conversation with my sister about a few things in my personal life, I got to thinking about love in my life, and how my idea of this may be a bit different from others.  Luckily for me, I found a visual representation of different types of love that steps outside the typical mold of pink hearts and flowers.  Sardinian-born designer Barbara Pala’s “Me + You” series looks at iconic loves from the entertainment world with a fashionable eye.  Some cards step outside the normal boundaries of monogamy, begging the question: what is love REALLY?

Forest and Jenny

Forest and Jenny, Some love goes the distance

Hans and Leah's love is classic.

Kanye West loves himself.

Kurt and Courtney know love can kill.

John And Yoko, the definition of a love song.

Bert and Earnie. It can't be gay if its on childrens television.