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Katarina Janeckova. A Bodybuilder, Bears, and Beautiful Paintings.

The paintings of Slovakian artist Katarina Janeckova are soused in sex. Three lovers romp around in bed; a brunette poses for naked photos in a swimming pool; a woman spanks her partner with a hairbrush. But there is one thing lacking from her provocative tableaus—men. Instead, the women couple up with brown or black bears, rendered in woozy watercolor or acrylic brushstrokes. “For me, the bear is a perfect substitute for a man,” Janeckova explains. “I paint those bears as simple, strange dark figures, because it allows you to fantasize.” It also allows the women to become the central figures in her works, and for Janeckova to present them as strong and sexually empowered. “It’s a stereotype that pretty women are usually submissive, so I like to play around that,” Katarina says. “Sometimes it’s less visible and more in my head, sometimes it’s obvious or exaggerated.” It’s most apparent in some of her recent works, which portray the massive muscles of female bodybuilders. Katarina honors their forms by depicting them on the side of a Grecian urn, or even turning a container of Muscle Milk into a flower vase. “My ideal of female beauty changed,” Katarina discusses in the following interview, along with sex, symbols and her current exhibition, How to Make a Bear Fall in Love, which is currently on view at Studio d’Arte Raffaelli in Trento, Italy.

Amazing Paint-Spill Painting.

Paintings can take many different shapes and styles, but spill paintings are among some of the oddest.  This unique style of painting simply involves dripping large amounts of paint onto a structure, and watching the natural flow of the paint create the rest.  Check out a video of this amazing art form below.

TAG Heuer\Gulf Cell Phone.

The TAG Heuer Gulf Meridiist is the brand’s latest luxury cell phone that is inspired by Michael Delaney, Steve McQueen’s character in the 1971 film “Le Mans”.  His character, Michael Delaney, drove for the Gulf team; he got behind the wheel of a speed machine that featured the iconic Gulf light blue and orange racing livery.  He also wore the original Heuer Monaco Chronograph on his wrist, and thus the legend was born.  The TAG Heuer’s Gulf Meridiist a limited edition mobile handset series of only 400 pieces, which has been splashed with Gulf’s famous corporate racing colours.

It features a soft touch black body finish, applied by a high”technology PVD surface treatment that is nearly impossible to scratch.  The rear battery cover is black rubber, lined with two stripes each in the signature Gulf colours of orange and light blue.  The classic Gulf logo is above the rear camera shutter, while the TAG Heuer logo, in signature orange, marks the bar below the front crystal sapphire screen as well as on the chiselled side keys.

The Artwork Of Adrian Borda.

There aren’t too many illustrators/painters that I’d honestly describe as stunning, but Adrian Borda’s work as just that.  Romanian artist Adrian Borda attended the Art High School in Targu-Mures before continuing the specialization in Iasi, “George Enescu” University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, painting field.  His artwork is dark, passionate, twisted, and draws the attention of the viewer in a deep way that not too many other pieces do.  And take a look at the pictures in depth, almost every time you see each piece, you’ll notice something you didn’t notice before.