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Banana Pool table – Cleon Daniel

Banana-Pool-Cleon-Daniel-580x462 Banana-Pool-Cleon-Daniel-31-580x387

Creating this Banana shaped pool table, Cleon Daniel leaves behind traditional design and infant a new design piece by combining two known and unrelated objects.


Jonty Hurwitz – Anamorphic Sculptures

Jonty-Hurwitz-Anamorphic-sculptures Jonty-Hurwitz-Anamorphic-sculptures-Hand Jonty-Hurwitz-Anamorphic-sculptures-Hand-2

When art meets mathematics, it can gives some quite amazing projects. And thats how these anamorphic sculptures were created. Conceived by London artist Jonty Hurwitz, these sculpture look pretty much like nothing you can imagine. But when you look at them through the reflection of a cylinder, you discover great pieces of art forming hands, objects & animals.

Jonty-Hurwitz-Anamorphic-sculptures-Frog-2 Jonty-Hurwitz-Anamorphic-sculptures-Frog-4 Jonty-Hurwitz-Anamorphic-sculptures-Frog-3

Hat and Cap Lamps by YOO Mars Hwasung

Everyday objects used in unexpected ways always add some originality to interior. And Hat Lamp by YOO Mars Hwasungis an excellent example. You can easily understand where did designer get his inspiration. In addition to this elegant lamp here is Cap Lamp. It’s a desk lamp with a baseball cap shade. YOO Mars Hwasung is definitely taking the ordinary and developing intriguing creations.

Got Wood?

As technology continues its meteoric rise, gadgets are becoming an ever more important part of our day to day lives. Designers occasionally grow tired of sleek plastic and modern alloy finishes and like to return to the nostalgia of yesteryear. Modern gadgets in a well finished casing of good old fashioned wood can give the item unique appeal and the conflict of the modern device and its wooden outer creates a truly interesting object. Below are some of the coolest wooden gadgets we have seen.

The Secret Stashes of Yiting Cheng.

The title of this post may seem like the name of some whimsical children’s book, but its quite the contrary.  Designer Yiting Cheng must live around some pretty shifty folks to come up with some of the techniques for hiding everyday objects.  From desks, to glasses of milk, to book shelves, Cheng has designed a series of everyday objects that you can use to hide things in plain sight.  Very useful if you spend time around people who love to snoop through your stuff.