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Nikolay Biryukov

ranyabag1 ranyabag2 ranyabag3

Ranya Mordanova was cuting a striking figure in all black looks for this series shot by Nikolay Biryukov. The story is inspired by Chuck Palahniuk’s book, “Haunted”, which depicts a character named “Lady Baglady” who pretends to be homeless to escape the boredom of her wealthy life. With that influence in mind, Ranya is shown wearing the sleek styles of Alberta Ferretti, Chanel, Emilio Pucci and Dolce & Gabbana amongst others styled by Stella Gosteva in a setting of cardboard and stringed lights. Makeup was done by Marina Keri and hair by Ernesto Montenovo.

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Olivia Marie

IMG_1941newcpsm IMG_1900newcpsm IMG_1939newcpsm IMG_1931newcpsm

Olivia Marie is a beautiful model with the nationality of part Puerto Rican and part Dominican. With the amazing measurements of 32D-26-39. The great photos were taken by Julio “Caliber” Carreras.


Miss Angelina Ivy.

angelina_ivy - 04angelina_ivy - 17angelina_ivy - 08angelina_ivy - 42angelina_ivy - 20angelina_ivy - 31

Angelina Ivy is Swedish and Chilean and when she’s not modeling, she’s recording music, creating art or dancing for special events. Spending most of her time at dog beach and practicing her serve at the tennis courts are just a few of her other hobbies.  The 32H-22-38 model started with a Pin-Up style modeling background and known for appearances in Lowrider Magazine, Angelina was raised mostly in Southern CA, Ivy has also lived in Miami, Philadelphia, New Jersey and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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10 Memorable Celebrity Appearances In Super Bowl Ads


With 30 seconds of Super Bowl ad time going for as much as $4 million, companies want to get the biggest bang for their buck. One way to do that? Get yourself a celebrity endorser; then put the person in a memorable situation that people will be talking about Monday morning. Psy (promoting Wonderful Pistachios), Amy Poehler (Best Buy), Kaley Cuoco (Toyota), Dwayne Johnson (“Got Milk?”) and Tracy Morgan (MiO Fit) are among this year’s most anticipated endorsers. To set the bar high, here are ten celebrity commercial appearances from past Super Bowls that had people talking well after the confetti fell.

Betty White for Snickers

The “Golden Girls” star has been everywhere the last few years — including movie roles, hosting “Saturday Night Live,” and getting her own primetime prank series on NBC. White credits one appearance for her career revival: a Snickers commercial during the 2010 Super Bowl. “That’s what really started the little surge,” the actress told AdAge in 2010, talking about the commercial where she and fellow elder actor Abe Vigoda get into a game of pickup football.


Jay-Z for Budweiser

For Budweiser Select, the company brought in football royalty Don Shula to square off against one of rap’s biggest stars. The two played a confusing-to-follow, futuristic, holographic football game that was shown on one of Hova’s flat-screen TVs. It’s good to know that even in the future, Jay-Z is still the coolest guy in the room, and two-time Super Bowl champ Shula is as competitive as ever.


Cindy Crawford for Pepsi

In 1992, which might have been the apex of Crawford’s modeling career, Pepsi used her to perfection in its Super Bowl spot. The beauty pulled up to a dusty gas station and purchased a Pepsi as some nearby boys stopped playing to lean on a fence and ogle … the new can design.


Matthew Broderick for Honda

Some fans were horrified when they found out Broderick was reprising the titular role from the ’80s classic “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” for a car commercial, but the postgame consensus was that the ad was pretty great. Honda said they packed in two dozen tributes to “Bueller” in the extended version of the ad, and while a CR-V might not be a Ferrari 250 GT California, it’s still fun to watch a professional hooky player at work.


Megan Fox for Motorola

Megan Fox taking a bubble bath? Not a terrible start to a commercial. What made the Motorola spot even more interesting was that they had to bring in a double — for the actress’s thumbs. Fox suffers from brachydactyly, a condition that results in clubbed thumbs.


David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, and Jay Leno for “The Late Show with David Letterman”

Somehow kept under wraps until it hit the air was a 2010 meeting that improbably saw late-night rivals Letterman and Leno on the same couch as daytime queen Winfrey. Letterman and Leno’s feud goes back to the early ’90s when the two competed for the “Tonight Show” hosting gig, but it reheated when Letterman sided with Conan O’Brien in an ugly feud over NBC late-night positioning. But Letterman invited Winfrey (who had joined him in a 2007 ad) and Leno, and under a veil of secrecy that included Leno wearing a fake mustache in Manhattan, they pulled off the surreptitious taping and surprised America.


Michael J. Fox for Diet Pepsi

Pepsi used Michael J. Fox for a series of commercials in the ’80s, but the 1987 entry might be the best. Fox went to get his attractive new neighbor a soda, only to find that he had foolishly put an empty 2-liter bottle back in the fridge. This led to a madcap trek down a fire escape and across traffic in the pouring rain, with Fox finding that his quest wasn’t over just yet.


Britney Spears for Pepsi

In 2002, Pepsi wanted to showcase its generations of fans, so they had Spears — at the peak of her popularity — step into ads set in 1958 and the intervening years up to the present. The black-and-white spot of Spears singing and dancing in a soda fountain kicked off the night of commercials.


Justin Timberlake for Pepsi

In 2008, Pepsi got another former Mouseketeer in an ad, using the singer/actor/beloved “Saturday Night Live” host to promote Pepsi Stuff. The spot found Timberlake being pulled across town by a mysterious force and incorporated a whole lot of physical comedy and cameos by Andy Samberg and Tony Romo.


Eminem and Clint Eastwood for Chrysler

Chrysler went for a combination of grit and class in 2010 with “Imported from Detroit,” as Eminem drove through the Motor City, eventually joining a gospel choir onstage as they sang the opening notes of “Lose Yourself.” Two years later, Chrysler again had a unique take, this time with Eastwood discussing how it was halftime in America. The Eastwood ad generated a lot of interest, angering Karl Rove and spawning an “SNL” parody.

2014 Lexus IS






Highly anticipate 2014 Lexus IS is going to make its debut at Detroit Auto Show this month. We’ve got Silhouette of this model. This four door sedan has a executive class sleek design with curves. Looks like a revised model of Lexus LF-LC, this car features bespoke finished grill with Lexus signatures, aerodynamics-friendly front bumper, lowered suspension and the leather trimmed interior.


2014-Lexus-IS-7 2014-Lexus-IS-6 2014-Lexus-IS-8 2014-Lexus-IS-3 2014-Lexus-IS-4 2014-Lexus-IS-2 2014-Lexus-IS-1

2013 Is The Lamborghini Gallardo’s Last Year.


Lamborghini has announced that it is to cease production of its V10 Gallardo. But the Italian company has a replacement waiting in the wings that it is set to unveil in 2013.  Credited with reviving the brand after it was sold to the Volkswagen Group in 1998, the Gallardo went on sale in 2003 and over the past 10 years had become the most popular Lamborghini of all time, racking up over 10,000 sales to date.  However, while it can still compete with Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren in terms of looks and brute force power, it was starting to struggle to keep up in terms of technology and driver aids.  Still, its departure will leave a hole in Lamborghini’s lineup as well as marking the end of an era for the brand. Supercar fans will be keen to see the debut of the much anticipated replacement — and how it compares.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Brazilian fashion model Alessandra Ambrosio has unveiled Victoria’s Secret’s latest Fantasy Bra, this year worth 2.5 million dollars. The push-up ‘Floral Fantasy’ bra features gems handset by Long Island, New York’s London Jewelers, and includes amethysts, sapphires, rubies and diamonds, as well as a removable 20-carat white diamond in the center.

Mansory Carbonado Lamborghini Aventador‎.

Mansory has reworked the Lamborghini Aventador into a limited production model named the Carbonado, after the black diamonds found in Africa and Brazil.  The Carbonado is coming with a lot of carbon fiber accessories, including new carbon fiber panels applied over its body and over its engine hood.  Interior is given the special leather treatment on the seats and dashboard, a newly designed airbag sports steering wheel made out of real carbon fiber and non-slip aluminum pedals.  Other modifications from the standard supercar include a new high performance exhaust, which with a re-mapped ECU lifts the power output to 743 bhp.  According to the German tuner, the model can now accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds before reaching a top speed of 355 km/h.  Mansory’s special edition Lamborghini will be produced in a limited run of six units.

An Electric Ferarri?

The Ferrari Millenio, as the name might allude, is a futuristic super-car concept that features a complex combination of materials and technologies that we can hope will become a serious reality before the end of the next millennium. The two-seater includes a buckypaper reinforced body that is stronger than steel and lighter than carbon fiber as well as dual electric engines that can be recharged via solar panels or through an inductive power transfer system.

Gucci Flora.

Shot by fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø, the Flora by Gucci ‘The Garden’ Spring 2012 campaign stars Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw.  The Garden Collection features five colorful fragrances named Gorgeous Gardenia, Gracious Tuberose, Glamorous Magnolia, Generous Violet and Glorious Mandarin.  Abbey Lee wears lightweight chiffon gowns in various hues corresponding to the five colorful fragrances in the collection.  Packaged in Gucci’s classic hexagonal bottles, the fragrances are available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette, except Generous Violet and Glorious Mandarin that will be available exclusively at Gucci stores as 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

DJ Storm’s Interview With Sarah Jane Swag.

Models come in all different styles, shapes, sizes, and heights, but what really makes a model stand out is her ability to personify any character, embody any fashion, or portray any emotion.   I personally don’t think I’ve seen anyone do this in such a wide variety of ways as Sarah J. Swag, and her massive portfolio confirms my suspicions.  Luckily for me, not only is Ms. Swag close to my team professionally, she also happens to be a friend for years.  So catching up with her for an interview was as effortless as her taking an amazing picture.

DJ Storm: So, although you’ve been in San Francisco for the last few years, do you think growing up in Texas influences your modeling decisions?

Sarah Jane Swag: In Texas there is a lot of big hair and a lot of beauty contest. It is also very competitive of how you look when you are around town or just going out. Being around that for so long made me want to look good and always have my hair and make-up done. Then when I went to Sweeden I learned they are all about the street fashion and the latest fashion. I really liked that and picked up on keeping tabs on the latest trends. One of my favorite influences as a child was the 90’s hip hop videos that were on t.v., I could not get enough of them.

DJS: So you said that you watched a lot of 90’s Hip Hop videos, who did you listen to back in the days, and what were some of your favorite videos?

SJS: So considering that I was a little girl when listening and watching these videos, I was inspired by Jay Lo, Ashanti, Alia, Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child… I was really into watching MTV back then. Also I was really into their fashion and their attitude. With the 90s videos and MTV I found that I could relate to them cuz I wanted to look pretty and be feminine the way that they were.

DJS: Do you think absorbing that style has influenced the way you style yourself in photo shoots now?

SJS: I didn’t mimic there clothing styles but unless I did a throw back shoot I could. It was more of there presents of there being feminine and bringing it to the table. It was more about their attitude and how they presented themselves.

DJS: So out of all the photographers you’ve worked with in the last 2 years, what concepts are the most memorable to you.

SJS: Well I don’t wanna pick favs but thankfully it has always been a diverse experience for me.. I’d have to say the most memorable photo shoot was when I had to pose like I was in a Versace ad. I was fully clothed and classy looking while my prop was a live nude male model. It was a different approach to any shoot I had been in especially since there were people watching as I sat on a naked man. There was also a time where I was body painted to look like Harley from Batman and I had to become her character. Those were the ones at major extremes that really stuck out to me but every photo shoot has been a great experience for me and I appreciate working with each and every photographer.

DJS: Do you have any concepts in the future that you would be excited about taking on, or any future shoots planned that we should be looking out for.

SJS: So I really am excited to be working on a collaborated shoot with Arie Rose. I have never been in a shoot with her but I have worked with her before and it was a great experience. We plan on working with multiple photographers at once as we do the shoot together, this shoot should be very exciting for everyone involved. Also I am going to Europe this summer and plan to do some networking over there with some European photographers.

DJS: So you spoke about going to Europe a lot in your youth, how often did you go, and what did you do over there

SJS: I’ve been there every summer since I was 3 until I was 18 and then I moved to SF. I have been back once or twice since then but only for a short amount of time. My family will be there this summer and it is my first time back in 2 years. I am really excited cause my family is going to take me around and I can value what I see there this time, where as in the past as a child I took it granted the places where my family took me or I just wanted to stay in the car or back home. Now I can enjoy it as an adult and indulge in the European life.

DJS: So what are your future plans in terms of your career, and what are some of your goals for modeling?

SJS: So recently I am starting to get into the music video realm. Like I have mentioned before as a child I watched a lot of 90s hip hop videos that were on t.v. and that is was what inspired me to become a model. Both of my parents are musicians and that was also another huge influence upon me to go in the music direction. While photography has been great to me, in the long run being in the videos is what I would like to do. I may start as a video assistant. But I could also see myself being in videos where I act, move, and dance. I feel that in the future this would be a great expansion for me to work towards. I have been blessed to be able to work with so many photographers already and if it can continue I’d be more and happy and see what comes my way and for networking and connections. This is something that makes me happy and if I can continue to keep doing modeling that would be great. Later on in life I want to set an example that other models can look up to and let everyone know that they can make a difference. I plan on taking what ever comes my way and so far I like the direction that I am going.

This girl ask me the other day, “How do you model if you are not 6ft tall or curvy or super skinny?”.  I told her to be unique. I’m unique in my own way and I express it. I also told her that another key factor to being a model is to be comfortable in your body weather your male for female. Photography has made me happy and it makes me feel good. Over the years it has made me comfortable with who I am and I hope to pass that message along to anyone else who is modeling or not. Do what makes you happy even if you don’t fit what people think are the standards for modeling. You don’t have to more your life style and yourself to what you think people want to see. Be yourself, be unique.

Sarah Jane & DJ Storm

Bianca Balti And Dolce & Gabbana’s New Sunglasses Line.

After releasing some teaser photos in February, Dolce & Gabbana has now unveiled the advertising film for its new line of eyewear – frames and sunglasses.  Directed by Luca Finotti and photographed by Giampaolo Sgura, this new campaign features Italian model Bianca Balti, who appears in a retro look with strong 1950s influences.

The Matt-Silk collection by Dolce & Gabbana uses classic shapes and colors like cherry red, taupe, cerluean blue as well as lipstick pink, earth brown and jet black.  In the words of the brand, the collection is “cool, pretty and perfectly in tune with this season’s main trend: Fifties.”

The spokesmodel for this new line, Bianca Balti, was also featured in the design duo’s 2012 spring/summer jewelry collection.

Grafh – Let It Go.

Troubles on your mind? Grafh is here to let all those issues go away for 3 1/2 minutes with his new visual from his The Rule EP.  Check the method below.

Mariela Figueroa & The Austrian Crystals Contest.

With the amount of talent coming out of my home town of South Plainfield, NJ now a days, it’s hard to keep up with everyone who’s doing their thing.  But I caught wind of the “Austrian Crystals” Model Contest recently, and wasn’t surprised that the clear winner was from S.P.  Ms. Mariela Figueroa has a beautiful portfolio of work, and really stands out from the crowd in this contest.  Click the pic below if you have a Facebook page, and click “Like” to Vote.  You can also get a little back by supporting Mariela, you get $20 free on any jewelry of your choice, with your purchase of $50 & up from Check the method, make your vote count.

Click the pic to vote for Mariela

Toni Burnett & Danielle Lo.

At a certain age, boys start to do things like sneak peeks at lingerie catalogs, and hunt down old playboy magazines just to get a glimpse of women in a way they’ve never seen before.  This child-like fascination goes away with time, (and experience) but I’ve found two models who seem to have brought it back for me.  The first, Toni Burnett (above), is of Guynese heritage and currently resides in the Washington D.C. area.  Although her work is simply stunning, and she seems to capture the camera in a way that not many models can, her true strength comes from her business savvy.  Being a strong woman of color definitely ads to the repertoire that makes Ms. Burnett fascinating and unique.  Hailing from an entirely different set of regions is Ms. Danielle Lo (below).  German, Irish, English, Chinese, and Austrian is quite a potent mix for such a diversified model.  Danielle has been modeling for over 6 years, and has traveled to more places than a Geography teacher can point out on a map.  Her photos always reflect an uncanny knowledge, and total love of what she does.  Ms. Lo’s winning personality and love of just making the people around her happy, reinforce her own personal motto:  “Looks may draw a person in, but it’s your wit and charm that will keep them around”


A Swagged Out Weekend.

3 video shoots in 4 days is enough to tire any working model out, especially over St. Patrick’s day weekend when everyone is partying.  From ATNT, to Nate ‘BeatStreets’ Haden, to Jay Cee and R.O.D., Sarah Jane Swag will be popping up in all sorts of music videos and short films in the near future, all of which were shot this past weekend.  As her manager, I had the pleasure of accompanying Ms. Swag to all the shoots, and chilling with the various crews behind the scenes as she worked.  The professional photos in the set are courtesy of Geoff Taylor, and a special thanks goes out to Mark Kozen, Quincy Gohlar, and my assistant Ashley F.

Another Look At Jessica Castillo.

About a year ago I came across a talented, sultry, sexy, interesting, and intensely well proportioned UK model by the name of Jessica Castillo, and as I usually do, I voted with the rest of the males on my staff and threw up a post on her.  Then a few months later I was lucky enough to get in contact with her for an interview that blew the blog up, and that was about all there was to it.  But it seems like this blossoming model has moved by leaps and bounds in the last year.  She’s catching more eyes than ever, with bookings from Dubai to Miami she’s blasting forward with her modeling career and her generous proportions.  Ms. Castillo’s got a new Facebook fan page up, and a gang of new pictures (some with that damn cherry tattoo I can’t get enough of).  Before I sign off with my usual “check the method”, I have to apologize to the guys who are undoubtedly disappointed by the censorship of the photos immediately above and below this text.  I know I’ll get at least 3 emails asking where guys can find photos of Jessica wearing less than she already is, but in the interest of not pissing off my sponsors, I can’t put them up here.  BUT if you’re dying to see them that bad, hit Jess up on twitter at @Jessi_Castillo and ask her for them yourself… you might just be lucky enough to see what I did.  Check the method.

I’m sorry, I’m just obsessed with that cherry tattoo.

Kate Moss Is The New Mango Spring 2012 Campaign Model.

Kate Moss has been revealed as the face of Mango’s Spring 2012 campaign, appearing in print and television campaigns captured by Terry Richardson.  While the Barcelona-based retailer had opted for actresses including Scarlett Johansson and Penélope Cruz to front collections in recent years, Moss’s appointment marks a move further into the realm of high fashion for the brand.  Kate Moss attended a photocall January 24 at Mango’s London flagship store in Oxford Street ahead of the collection launch.

A television commercial starring Moss called ‘Spy Game’ will also go live across 40 countries including the UK, France and Germany early March.  The fashionista’s previous high street collaborations include modeling and designing her own fashion lines for British retailer Topshop.  “Kate Moss was chosen as the image of Mango because she is a world-famous fashion icon, making her one of the most sought-after models in the fashion world.”


The McFancy.

A few hours ago, I put up some work from the Access Agency about the McMobile concept.  I don’t know why everyone I received emails from about how amazing the concept was, BUT, I found some other interesting twists on the Mickey-D’s franchise by the Access Agency.  The McFancy concept takes the fast food giant, and puts quite a regal spin on things.  Check the method below.

The 2013 Nissan GTR.

Nissan keeps adding more to its flagship GT-R sports car to help keep competing alongside its rivals. A new update for the 2012 model year in Europe pegs the engine output at an impressive 542-hp, over the previous year’s 530-hp number. Billed as a 2012 model year car overseas, this improvement, along with a slew of others, is expected to debut on a US-spec version for 2013. (US-Spec models will come officially rated at 545-hp).

Along with the improved engine output of 550 PS (542-hp) and 632 Nm (466 lb-ft), Nissan also claims improved efficiency and an enhanced transmission “feel” thanks to a new shift fork arm, a firmer flywheel housing bearing and a new differential oil.

A stiffer body structure now promises improved rigidity, while Nissan has also developed a new asymmetric suspension, with a stiffer spring rate on the left side and an imbalanced wheel load (when stationary), for right-hand drive versions. This new arrangement is designed to compensate for RHD models where the car is weighted to the right side thanks to both the location of the propeller shaft and the driver.  In addition, Nissan has announced a new track version of the GT-R for right-hand drive markets, like Japan and the UK.

Anishya Sue Reyes.

Anishya Sue Reyes hails from Dorado, Puerto Rico and currently resides in Orlando.  This very outgoing, optimistic, open minded fun model is finishing off school, majoring in Psychology, and plans to move to Miami (then Spain).  She’s worked with companies like Budweiser, Swisher Sweets,DonQ rum, HIN, Dub for promotional gigs.  She also boasts a very impressive video resume, appearing with artist such as Baby Rasta y Gringo, Treal, Dj Prostyle, Jadakiss, Pitbull etc.  Check her out.

The A.P.C. 2012 Spring Pre-Collection.

A few days ago, I got a look at French brand A.P.C’s 2012 spring pre-collection of garments. Featuring a signature aesthetic, the line once again confirms one of the fashion world’s most consistent performers. Amongst the standout items are the slip-on shoes, mid-cut boots, bomber jacket and knitwear. The collection can be purchased at the A.P.C. store. Here’s to warmer weather.

Ashley Richter.

Ashley Richter is a born and raised Floridian. A few years ago she started college with intentions on attending law school. At that same time in her life she found her talents in front of the camera.  After her first couple years of doing print work she was asked to act in a small film.  Richter’s confidence pushed her right through the role and broadened her career into the acting world.

“I wont settle for less than what I deserve. I am a dedicated future law student who is currently finishing my degree while I work on obtaining an internship with a federal organization.  I am a model and actress who loves being in front of a camera where I have learned to express my inner self. And most important I am a daughter, sister, relative, and friend in which I try to love, care, and be the best at. So from here I can only say I plan on improving the roles I already have.”

She stands at 5 foot 7, and boasts a sexy 34/24/25 profile.  Although Ashley has appeared in Black Men Magazine, Opus Magazine, and even getting a spot as a model in a Nike collection, I’m personally quite interested to see her in more films.

Heidi Dupre.

The ever so lovely Heidi Dupre is a model living in LA.  She is an aspiring singer who has actually recorded a few songs.  When she’s not working, she enjoys traveling reading, and fashion shows.  But she’s not all about relaxation.  Her resume hold some pretty impressive projects including being a Lowrider Cover model for August 2008, she’s been seen in Streetlow Magazine (issue 52), and a slew of other magazines.  She’s danced on Telemundo, and been on Playboy Radio.

Nicole Zavla.

Everyone who’s read the posts on this blog about models knows I’m infatuated with people in my age range who are going out of their way to do big things… and I’m a sucker for a Jersey girl.  That being said, even if I wasn’t in love with models from my home state, Nicole Zavala would still be headed towards the top of the list.  Hailing from the Garden State, she spends much of her time in New York, and has been modeling since 14.   The lovely Ms. Zavla is Hispanic Colombian & Puerto Rican.  Her looks and body aren’t the only impressive things about her.  She boasts a resume that consists of videos with Lloyd Banks, Jadakiss, Red Cafe, Ron Browz, and others.  After you take a look her photos, check her out on twitter @neebabyx3.