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Me In My Place – Caitlin


Hello Caitlin.  Originally from Seattle, she now resides in Brooklyn, NY.  Yes she is adorable and cute, and even better, she likes Mexican food and dive bars. Other favorites include little bridges tucked away in quiet corners of city parks and reading poetry-says it’s good for the brain…  Dislikes waking up early and talking on the telephone.  The site Me In My Place certainly knows how to pick them, and whenever my team finds a girl that doesn’t fit the usual mold of this blog, but is still quite appetizing, MIMP seems to do the trick.

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Ms. Jillian.

Once again I’m straying away from the typical video girls after coming across another beautiful “girl next door” on ‘Me In My Place’.  Jillian seems to be quite the star on the ‘MIMP’ site, amassing more fan mail than any of the other women combined.  Be it the superior lighting, or the skill of the photographer, there’s just something about Jillian’s pictures that are mesmerizing.  (Although the bio’s on these girls may be somewhat sparse…)  Props to the guys at ‘MIMP’ for finding some of the best women in NY.

Meredith In Her Place.

On the trail for new models to post, I found myself once again scrolling through the beauties at “MeInMyPlace”.  Kudos to those men btw.  But one of their recent subjects Meredith had caught my eye because I recognized her from Inked Magazine (and we all know I love tattoos).   The guys at MIMP say she is quiet, but not to let that fool you.  Gorgeous and some of the wildest tattoos I’ve ever seen, I’m sure tons of viewers have already asked her what her next tattoo will be.

Xian Mikol Quon.

Every so often I (or someone on my team) come across an amazing woman, who fits the credentials to be put up on this blog.  Some come from expected sources, and other just kind of float into my inbox, but when my assistant put me onto a site named “Me In My Place” I was quite astounded.  The wonder of “Me In My Place” is summed up most perfectly by their own little quote “Real girls in their own place. Not too crazy and just a pinch of naughty….”.   Xian Quon fits this description to the T.  Her photos are simple yet provocative, and seem to draw the eye of everyone without needing to be overly explicit, or blatantly sexual.  All I know about Xian personally is that she currently resides in L.A.  But if you feel the unyielding need to hit her up directly, you can find Xian on Twitter.