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Could ‘The Martian’ Happen In Real Life?


With martian movies smashing the box office and NASA’s recent announcement to put permanent residents on Mars the big news, space colonization seems like all the rage right now. Following the trend, Exo Planet is a narrative that tells a story that tells of out-of-this-world concepts ranging from base stations to astronaut suits and even vehicles. Beyond that, Exo Planet goes on to detail a mission for a crew of 8 to execute interplanetary travel, architecture using 3D printing, and systems for renewable energy.

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Jay Sean Ft. Rick Ross – Mars


Jay Sean has released the song ‘Mars’ featuring MMG’s Rick Ross. The track will come from his second Cash Money LP, which is set to drop on June 25 and is called ‘Neon’. Jay told Rap-Up TV of the offering: “The album is the best piece of work I’ve done to date, without a doubt in the last 10 years… It’s just all of the great genres that I love and I grew up on in one. The songwriting and production on this album is superb. It really took us a long time to get it right, but I’m so proud of it.”

Space Pictures Taken Last Month


With its high-powered lenses, the Hubble Space Telescope captured this image of the spiral galaxy Messier 77, a large group of stars 45 million light-years from Earth. The colors of the spiral in this image released March 28 reveal that new stars were formed in the red and blue areas. The overall glow indicates that the entire system is rich with ionized gas.


After it docked with the International Space Station last month to deliver supplies, the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft successfully detached from the station to return to Earth, as pictured in this image taken March 26. SpaceX was the first private company to successfully link a spacecraft with the ISS, which is collectively run by a coalition of countries.


Gullies on the surface of Mars, likely formed by defrosting carbon dioxide, offer clues about its past and about the presence of water that may have once run over the red planet. NASA scientists use a high-resolution camera, called the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to capture detailed images.


As it passed over the Indian Ocean on March 11, NASA’s Aqua satellite snapped this photo of clouds moving from northwest to southeast. The Aqua satellite was launched in 2002 as part of an ambitious effort to study Earth’s water cycle. As it circles the planet, the satellite observes oceans, cloud layers, and ice, as well as soil moisture and atmospheric vapor.


NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this image on March 16 as a solar prominence broke apart several thousand miles above the surface of the sun. The image, captured in ultraviolet light, shows a cloud of particles that hovered near the eruption before fading away into space. Guided by the sun’s magnetic field lines, solar prominences can hover over the surface of the sun for days or weeks before erupting. The eruptions can take minutes to hours.

The Pop Up Shop 2011.

On a recent venture down to The City Of Angels, I was asked to DJ a gig called the Pop Up Shop.  The Pop Up Shop was a brilliant joint venture between ‘Team Iso’, ‘Rockit Scientists’, ‘Class Villians’, ‘Phreedom’, ‘Boomtho!’ and a whole host of other amazing brands to display their latest and greatest works at the Dream Factory.  Not to be confused with the Fantasy Factory, the Dream Factory is a one of a kind art gallery on Main Street in downtown LA.  I spun the all day event as all the brands and their representers were out in full effect.

Now, this is the part that will undoubtedly cause me to get a whole host of angry emails about how I cut people out, and forgot about this person and that person, but I don’t care.  All the brands that were in the house worked their hardest to come through with the best product they had to offer.  Every size of every color-way or every look and every style of every piece were award worthy, hands down.  And that being said, I have to be honest, I was a bit busy doing my job to get the background on every single brand in the building (there were quite a few), but below are a few peeks at some of the material from ‘Rockit Scientists’, ‘Team Iso’, ‘Class Villains’, and ‘Boomtho!’.  Check the method.

All in all the event was a blast, and I have to try and shoot out everyone who helped everything run as smoothly as it did, starting with my amazing assistant Ashley F., who not only held it down at the event, but also managed to take all the photos in this post.  Shouts to Keoni, Brittany, Louis V, Lil Ryan, and the whole Team Iso crew.  Nico Santana, Reg Slvstr, DT, and everyone else involved with the Rockit Scientists.  All of NhT, and every other performer who hit the stage to perform during the evening.  And shouts to all and everyone who came through to support their brands, and most of all, anyone who bought something at the gallery.  (You helped us get paid… so THANK YOU).  By the end of the night, everyone was like family (on my twitter, you can see us all grubbing at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffels on Pico), and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Hit me up in a comment if you want the details on the next one, or any of the brands pictured in this post.