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Check out these beautiful photos that were taken as a long exposure study of a place known as waterland, Lake Tourlida, Mesologgi in Greece.

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Long Exposure Airplane Photography.

Terence Chang has compiled an absolutely stunning collection of long exposure photos of aircraft taking off at the San Francisco International Airport. The method is Beautiful.

Long Exposure Photos of Spinning Records.


Towards the end of every shift at work, there’s a time period named “Last Call”, where I ask my assistant to go grab me as many drinks as she can carry, so we have something to sip on while we break down our equipment and prepare to leave.  There have been a few times, where as a result in the sudden boost of alcohol, things get a little blurry… including the records I spin.  However, I was unaware that there are photographers out there that capture this effect and make stunning Chromatic RPM pictures using long exposure.  I stumbled across a series of said photos yesterday, and have been trying to decide which record I’d like to buy the most.  (Photos by Paul Octavious)

The Theme From Unforgiven

The Story Of Johnny Appleseed

The Beatles

The Versatile - Burl Ives

Lunasea - Fire Fall

Lichtfaktor Light Show.

Photographic tricks have always amazed me, and playing with lights in dimly lit areas always has an interesting effect.  The good folks over at Lichtfaktor have perfected this technique and use to to create a dazzling array of images and videos.  Check out some of their work.