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Who’s Your Local Preacher?

The word “colorful” is a massive understatement when considering the collection you just scrolled through.  “Cyber Sound” is one of the newest art additions to ‘Local Preacher’s photography collection, and as aligned with the rest of his work, it is AMAZING.  As a DJ, it’s incredible to see the tools I use being so eloquently portrayed in such amazing photos.  Shouts to ‘Local Preacher’ and his amazing ability to use lighting to exemplify the intricacies of the gear myself, and everyone else who does what I do in his work.

Shortcut S Photoshop Keyboard


Photoshop shortcuts were created to help make your life easier. The problem is with so many of them, it often has the exact opposite effect. Product designer Sorin Neica is looking to solve this problem with the unveiling of his Shortcut-S Photoshop Keyboard. This USB enabled keyboard features 319 keys, giving you the ability to use PS shortcuts with ease. Of the 319 total keys, there are 299 preset commands alongside 20 fully customizable keys for your own personal shortcuts. The keyboard sports a colorful, friendly design that is not only stylish, but is also extremely intuitive. There are over 372 functions, filters and tools built into the plug-and-play device, and the best of it all – it works on both PC and Macs.

Shortcut-S-Photoshop-Keyboard-2 Shortcut-S-Photoshop-Keyboard-3

The ROLI Seaboard.


The Seaboard is a radically new musical instrument that re-imagines the piano keyboard as a soft, continuous surface. In realizing this powerful concept as a refined product, we have brought together years of innovation on several fronts. The Seaboard’s polyphonic pitch bend, vibrato and per-note dynamic changes are all available at your fingertips, marrying the intuitiveness of a traditional instrument with the versatility of digital technology.

“Analog to Digital” Series

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Check out the Digital Media, Part of the “Analog to Digital” Series. This series includes pictures of Daniel Johns, Johhny Depp, Abdul Kalam, Bono, Bruce Willis, Eric Clapton, Kristen Stewart, Star Wars Vader Mask, Pierre omidyar, Mapplethorpe, Robocop, Steve Jobs, Tyra Banks, Will Ferrel, and Woody Allen.

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The Omni Keyboard.

One of my favorite design studio Art lebedev is back with an update to their Optimus range of keyboards. This time around we have the Optimus Populyaris & Optimus Mini Six. While the Populyaris is a compact keyboard that configures with very many options (like English, Russian, Photoshop etc.), the mini six is an auxiliary device with six customizable keys that can be assigned any function, including displaying information related or non-related to the current program in use. Mini Six is perfect as a Tools panel, remote control, or an indicator with static or animated graphics.

Got Wood?

As technology continues its meteoric rise, gadgets are becoming an ever more important part of our day to day lives. Designers occasionally grow tired of sleek plastic and modern alloy finishes and like to return to the nostalgia of yesteryear. Modern gadgets in a well finished casing of good old fashioned wood can give the item unique appeal and the conflict of the modern device and its wooden outer creates a truly interesting object. Below are some of the coolest wooden gadgets we have seen.